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B2B Marketing Agency

B2B Marketing Agency

Here at our B2B marketing agency, we are specialists when it comes to bringing more attention to your brand. Having worked with hundreds of corporate businesses over 11 years; we have an abundance of knowledge in creating marketing strategies that work. What’s more, we’ve won multiple awards for our hard efforts and quality results. 

What is B2B Marketing?

Marketing in general is a way for people to bring forward more awareness for their brand. It’s a way for you to boost your sales whilst building up a reputation with the general public.  B2B marketing is the same. However, you simply aim your strategies towards other businesses rather than the vast majority. The traditional methods still stand, they just need to be slightly more tailored.

Types of B2B Marketing

Despite the slightly more niche market, there are still lots of different approaches you can take. So many that it can actually become a bit overwhelming. Let’s explore some of these further:

Social Media Management

To dispel any myths about social media, not every platform is too informal for business to business marketing. Our B2B marketing agency have seen a massive success when it comes to marketing more corporate brands in this way. Whilst your main focus should be on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can also still utilise the benefits of Facebook and Instagram depending on the type of business you are.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that LinkedIn was created purely for professional networking. Whether you’re posting a job or connecting with other companies, it is perfect for promoting your business. Similarly, Twitter can also be used for B2B marketing. Whilst it’s sometimes known for its humorous and unprofessional nature, Twitter is a very versatile platform and it really does have two different sides to it. On one hand it can be used for finding funny memes and creating discussions. However, it also has a very corporate side to it as well making it perfect for businesses in every industry.

Search Engine Optimisation

Talking about SEO is often where people get lost, so I urge you to pay extra close attention here. If you’re wanting your business to get to the forefront of your industry, you need to be working on your websites SEO.

SEO relates to how far on the SERP you appear when someone searches for topics relating to what you do. These are known as ‘keywords.’ Improving your ranking to the highest position possible using key phrases is a great way for you to get ahead of your competitors. It’s 2020 and when we need a company to help with something, the first thing we do is Google it. Don’t hold yourself back by not being on the first page of results. 

Improving your SEO however is an entirely different ball game. There are both on-site and off-site factors to consider and it can become quite technical. From content creation to meta descriptions and improving loading speed all the way to back-linking, it can quickly become time consuming.

Public Relations

PR is often a hit and miss strategy. Lots of clients have come to us having had bad previous experiences with other agencies. Unfortunately, no matter how good your PR pitch is, if the press isn’t willing to publish it, it won’t work. This is where our B2B marketing agency is different. To our knowledge, we are the only PR firm within the UK to guarantee our results. We believe in honesty and refuse to make promises we can’t maintain. Not only would this be unfair to you, but it would also put unrealistic expectations on our staff. Both of which we are completely against. 

There are lots of routes you can take with PR however, you’re going to need to consider the most appropriate one for your audience. When tendering for tentative PR opportunities; you should be considering corporate publications such as Forbes or The Financial Times. Alternatively, it may be appropriate for you to consider influencers who cross into your industry. A common misconception that is often made is that you can only use influencers if your product is a beauty of lifestyle item. However, what people tend to forget is there are millions of micro and macro influencers out there for you to choose from. They are varied and cover an expanse of topics. 

Graphic Design

Whether you need branding or rebranding, website creation or design, we can do it all. First impressions matter and coming across well is even more important when your target audience is other businesses. When carried out properly, graphic design in all capacities can really help your business to excel in a range of ways. 

In a corporate setting, the last thing you want is to be scribbling your contact details down on a scrap piece of paper. Not only will this make you look lack lustre, but it could damage your reputation. One area of graphic design you may want to consider is getting yourself some business cards made up. Business cards are a great way of making you look competent and an expert in what you do, and they can help make a great first impression. Our B2B marketing agency know what works and we’re more than happy to help with any area of your graphic design. 

Why You Need an Agency

marketing for businesses

There is a plethora of reasons you may choose to take on a B2B marketing agency to handle your marketing strategy for you. It might just be that you simply don’t have enough time or maybe, you’re just not very enlightened in the ins and outs of marketing. Alternatively, if you’re not creative, it can be incredibly difficult to come up with refreshing ideas for content. Whether this is for social media or your blog, your ideas need to be authentic and interesting enough to gain engagement. 

Contact the VerriBerri Team

The reality is, no matter how established you are as a brand or who your target market is, you’re going to need marketing if you want to do well. If you’re passionate about your business, we are too. Our team would love to work alongside yourselves in your quest for growth and better brand recognition. For more information on how we can help, get in touch today by clicking here.