B2B Marketing Agency: Helping You Make the Right Decisions

Using LinkedIn for a business

B2B Marketing Agency: Helping You Make the Right Decisions

No matter whether you’re a fintech company or one that works in construction, there’s one thing you all have in common. A need for marketing. As a B2B marketing agency, we know that in order to stay afloat, every business out there needs to keep developing and evolving the way they work. Well, marketing and PR is just one of many ways you can develop your business in order to stimulate growth. After all, isn’t that what we all want?

At VerriBerri, we have been responsible for helping many companies achieve their dreams of expansion. The work that we do goes far beyond posting a few pictures on social media. We work around the clock to understand our clients before taking on a project. Getting to grips with what you do and coming onboard with your brands values plays a big part in what we do next. From here, we develop a completely tailormade and bespoke package that’s unique to your individual business. This allows us to consider the above attributes whilst allowing for other factors such as budget. In the short term, we provide a service constructed to boost your recognition, memorability, and visibility; even in the most saturated of markets. In the long term, we work collaboratively with you to grow your brand both internally and externally.  

Understanding Your Consumer Behaviour

As a B2B marketing agency, we know all there is to know when it comes down to consumer behaviour. Of course, you’re not going to be successful in boosting sales unless you understand what makes a customer buy from you in the first place. Whilst the following attributes may be general, we have an in-depth insight into each sector spanning the B2B market. For more targeted advice on your own audience, get in touch.

1.    ROI Driven

Almost every businessperson is driven by one thing. ROI. Naturally, B2B consumers will shop around for their best option when it comes to what they get back. This means, in order to appeal to this audience, you need to be offering a competitive price. Alternatively, you need to be subsidising your good or service by making it far better quality than that of your competitors. This is very different to B2C markets where purchasing is driven by short-term desire. 

2.    Purchasing Times

When the general public buy products or services, the decision is usually made quite quickly. We see what we want and we have to have it. This is very different to how things are done when it comes to B2B markets.


The purchasing time for these kinds of consumers is often far longer than that of B2C audiences. Often, this is down to a range of things. Like we mentioned just now, ROI has its part to play. Shopping around for alternatives makes the process much longer. In addition to this however, there is also often a hierarchical structure a decision needs to go through first. For instance, to get permission to buy something, one staff member may need approval from their manager. If this staff member also needs permission, this lengthens the time it takes for someone to make a purchase and so on. 

3.    Emotional vs. Emotionless

As well as being driven by ROI, B2B consumer behaviour is also a lot less emotional than B2C. Unless a company really has a need for something, they won’t buy it. For example, what would be the point in purchasing more paper if you already have 5 packs available to you? You just wouldn’t do it. This means that when marketing to this kind of audience, you need to make them feel like what you’re offering is rational. This way, you’re going to secure far more sales than if you took a more emotional approach. 

What Are My Options?

Our B2B marketing agency is a full service firm offering a range of different marketing techniques. Naturally, the more of these you employ, the better ROI you’ll see. Despite this, let’s cover in more detail the exact methods you’ll gain the best outcomes from. These are where you should focus your attention first. 

Building a Virtual Identity

In this day and age, everyone is using social media. 66% of the UK population in fact. With this statistic in front of you, you’d be silly to overlook the importance of having a virtual identity.

LinkedIn is a platform built specifically to aid businesses in networking with other companies. Currently, the outlet is said to have over 760 million users. Hopefully, this helps you to see just how crucial it is that you have a presence on this site. Posting regularly here will work wonders for your reputation. Showcasing your work helps to build yourselves a professional and expert feel. This will help you in wowing potential customers. As well as this, LinkedIn can also be used for business development in other ways. For instance, headhunting and recruitment, outreach and also customer service.

In addition to LinkedIn, Twitter is also a platform we recommend for our B2B clients. If you have little knowledge of social media, you may think Twitter and business is a weird mix. This is however, where you’re wrong. Yes, Twitter is known for being a place of sharing GIF’s and memes. Despite this, it also has a very corporate side to it also. 

Reaching Your Audience Through Journalists

I need a PR agency

PR is an area that often receives scepticism from our clients. This is usually due to them having bad past experiences with other agencies. Journalists are known for being flaky. Frequently, they’re changing an angle that they plan on taking and this leads to articles not being published. Whilst other companies may not make up for lost leads, this is where our B2B marketing agency stands out. We put a guarantee on our PR work. This means that if we promise a certain number of articles, we will always strive to achieve this. What’s more, we won’t stop until we get there.

Depending on your industry, you’re likely to benefit from mainstream media and industry specific working in tandem. Reaching a huge audience like that of The Guardian for example, will expose your brand to far more people. Similarly, targeting more specific business publications like Forbes or Business Insider could just bring more business your way.

Optimising Your Site for Google

Although in previous times, we may have reached for a business directory, searching for companies these days is made easier by the internet. SEO is all about making your brand more discoverable. In order to do this however, you first need to have a good understanding of the algorithm. 

We won’t bore you with the ins and outs but SEO is a very complicated process. This means that it’s always advisable to bring in the experts to help. Although the concept is difficult to wrap your head around, knowing why you need it is simple. When we search for something online, 99% of the time, we choose one of the first few options we see. This means that the other websites don’t even get a look in. Obviously, this is negative if you’re one of the businesses showing below the 3rd position. Ideally, you want your business to be the first organic result when people search for keywords relating to your brand. The more you optimise your site, the more traffic you’ll see. If your website has been designed properly, this traffic should then convert into more sales. 

Contact Our B2B Marketing Agency

If you’re hungry for growth in 2021, why not consider working with our B2B marketing agency? We’re good at what we do and have many awards to showcase our talent. For more information on how we could benefit your company, why not get in touch? To do so, simply click here or call the team on 01376 386 850.