B2B Marketing Solutions: Knowing Your Audience and Getting the Most Out of Marketing

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B2B Marketing Solutions: Knowing Your Audience and Getting the Most Out of Marketing

Based in Essex, VerriBerri is an award-winning agency offering B2B marketing solutions. We work alongside a variety of professional brands, helping them secure a successful future. During our 12 years of service, we have helped a vast selection of industries including the finance, healthcare, and legal sectors, amongst others. No matter your expertise, we are confident we will deliver remarkable results.

Key Consumer Behaviour Traits You Need to Know

  • Less emotional purchasing. Unlike B2C markets, businesses usually make purchases because there is a need, not because they are influenced by trend.
  • Longer purchasing times. B2C consumers are usually much more impulsive. In contrast, B2B markets usually incur much longer purchasing lead times. This is usually due to a hierarchy of decision makers and more considered procurement.
  • Driven by ROI. Every business needs to turn over a profit if they want to succeed. It’s for this reason that their decisions are usually driven by what will give them the best ROI, not what they like. 

How Our Marketing Agency Can Help

When it comes to B2B marketing solutions, many businesses are missing a trick. Lots of our clients come to us believing marketing is only good for one thing – visibility. Whilst it is amazing for giving your brand recognition a boost, most marketing methods boast an array of benefits. When you work with a marketing agency like ours, we know all of the best ways to get the most out of your marketing efforts. Read on to hear how we can help your business flourish.

Building Your Reputation Through Graphic Design

When businesses come face to face with your company, the first thing they see is your branding. Your logo, key colours and messaging say a lot about your ethos and what your company does. In fact, it is often your branding that persuades people to go one step further by visiting your website or social media profiles.

When you work alongside a specialist team, we are able to create designs that speak volumes for your business. They say an image speaks a thousand words and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to branding, creating graphics or designing business cards, you want these to shine a light on your skill. We ensure professionalism at every step. 

Developing New Business Through LinkedIn 

How to implement a successful PR campaign

As many of you will already know, LinkedIn is a social networking site built specifically for businesses. It offers the perfect place to showcase your skills and establish yourselves as experts. What people tend to forget, however, is how LinkedIn can also be great for new business development too.

Outreach is a technique that many businesses employ and can go a long way in generating new custom. Connecting and communicating with businesses who you think may benefit from your product/service will help boost your sales. In addition, LinkedIn also has a great recruitment feature that makes finding new employees much simpler. Moreover, you can even use the site for headhunting.

As specialists in B2B marketing solutions, it’s our job to offer you support with your social media wherever you need it. We can assist in pinpointing which platforms you may benefit from using and can then implement these into your strategy. Our content team is always bursting with ideas and would be delighted to help you in producing material. Whatever it is that you need help with, we’ve got you covered.

Showcasing Your Skill Through PR

As much as PR can be great for emotive storytelling, it can also be a powerful tool for asserting dominance in your market. Through both industry and mainstream press, you are able to promote yourselves as professional and reliable. Furthermore, media coverage places you right in front of your audience, boosting your overall memorability. 

With our unrivalled experience, we know the PR landscape like the back of our hands. Within this, we also recognise that businesses are sometimes discouraged from PR due to journalists. It’s no secret that they can sometimes be unreliable, and this can end up wasting a lot of your time. It’s for this reason specifically that you need us behind your communications project. With our PR guarantee, we promise to always replace any leads that are lost. What’s more, we’re the only marketing agency in the UK to offer such a policy. 

In addition to PR, we’re also experts when it comes to crisis management. Should you find yourselves in hot water, we have the ability to disperse and control the situation. Failing this, we can help manage and minimise the fallout. 

Supporting Your Sales Through Website Development and SEO

Arguably, two of the most important B2B marketing solutions are web development and SEO. The two work in tandem and without one, quite frankly, it’s pointless having the other.

Search engine optimisation is a process that cannot be done without experience. In order to carry out SEO properly, you need to know the Google algorithm inside and out. Something that’s difficult to do without knowing what’s actually featured in it. Despite the difficulties involved, SEO is crucial if you want your website to be discoverable to new customers. When your site undergoes this process, you benefit from ranking better on the SERP, resulting in more sales. 

marketing for businesses

Your website is where people find out more about your business and buy your product or service. When individuals visit your site, they want to see that you’re knowledgeable, professional and elite. If you fail to do this, you could just loose an entire sale. In contrast, you also need the information on your website to be easily digestible. For instance, you may be in the fintech industry but that doesn’t mean your clients will understand your products. Most of the time, these consumers come to you with a problem and know you can fix it. Working alongside a professional team not only means a fresh outlook but also, we can help you explain things more clearly for your clients

All in all, SEO is responsible for bringing more people to your site. However, your website itself then needs to be able to convert this traffic to sales.

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If you need effective and efficient B2B marketing solutions look no further. Our team at VerriBerri are extremely dedicated to providing the same award-winning service that we always do. To find out more about us and to reach a member of our team, click here.