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B2B Marketing Specialists

At VerriBerri, we are B2B marketing specialists, helping organisations in every sector, from all over the world. Our 12 years of experience means that we are able to take on any challenge that is thrown at us.

Based in Maldon, Essex, our team work hard to maintain our multi-award-winning status. As ‘Best Marketing & PR Agency’ for 2 years running, you can be confident that we will deliver high-calibre results. If you’re after a team who can get stuck straight in, you’ve come to the right place!

Why Is Marketing Important?

It’s safe to say that the pandemic was an event that nobody saw coming. With so much free time on all of our hands (and multiple redundancies), individuals were finally given the opportunity to consider what they really want from their lives. For many, this journey led to the creation of their own business. Whilst a certain level of competition is healthy for every brand, this huge influx of new companies could cause an issue down the line. If competition wasn’t rife for your organisation before, it certainly is going to be now.

Does your business look different after COVID? Marketing is a great way to secure the longevity of your brand. If this isn’t something you’re already putting time into, you need to be.

Knowing Your Consumers

As a B2B company ourselves, we are incredibly familiar with this consumer group. We have a deep and detailed understanding of their purchasing behaviour and the core steps in their decision-making process. This gives us a head start when it comes to constructing a strategy that is both effective, and lucrative.


A key thing to note when getting to know your consumers is why they buy in the first place. When it comes to B2C audiences, their purchases are typically driven by short term desire. Their buying habits are also influenced by their peers, a friend or family member, for example. When it comes to B2B customers, however, purchases are usually made because there is a real need for this good or service. These consumers are also often driven by ROI.

In addition, the decision-making process is often a lot longer than that of a B2C consumer too. This is often because of the businesses hierarchical structure. More often than not, someone within an organisation will need to seek approval from their peers before purchasing a good or service. Something else to bear in mind when creating your strategy.

Nurturing Your Online Presence

The number of people using social media is a figure that grows year on year. Whether you like it or not, your business needs to be utilising social networking sites. This is a great way to ensure your organisation is always working at full capacity. As B2B marketing specialists, we know exactly what potential and existing customers want to hear. What’s more, we know where to find them too!

When it comes to marketing your brand online, it’s vital you choose the right platforms. As a B2B company, you’re most likely going to find the most value on LinkedIn and Twitter. Both of these sites attract decision makers – exactly the people you need to target. Make sure you are delegating time each week to network nurturing. 

Boosting Your Ranking On the SERP

When it comes to winning over a business’s custom, you need to be able to demonstrate your brands credibility. This consumer group can and will shop around for the best of the bunch, so it’s important you stand out as elites.

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an umbrella term embodying SEO and PPC. Both of these techniques can be tricky to wrap your head around unless you have years of hands-on experience. Regardless, when implemented, SEM can be very lucrative. These techniques are highly effective when it comes to driving traffic to your site and helping you to get ahead in your market. 

Improving Public Perception

Public perception is incredibly important and something that every brand should be nurturing. Press is one of the best ways to withhold a positive image so it’s vital you’re dedicating time here.

As a B2B brand, you’re most likely going to want to target industry specific publications first. You may also find mainstream platforms useful too, Forbes, for example. These opportunities are a great way to build exposure and improve your brands image. What’s more, this will allow you to reach both new and existing customers. 

Why You Need Help from B2B Marketing Specialists

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Don’t get us wrong, marketing certainly has its many advantages. Like anything, however, it does have its negatives too. As a whole, marketing can be a lengthy task. From start to finish, marketing projects require a lot of dedication which can quickly become taxing if you’re trying to run a business on top of this. If free time is something you’re running low on, you definitely need to consider outsourcing to B2B marketing specialists.

In addition, if you want your campaigns to produce results quickly, you need to know what you’re doing. Certain techniques are more technical than others and require years of experience. SEO, for example. Similarly, PR requires already existing relationships within the journalism industry. When you work with VerriBerri, we can hit the ground running with your campaign.

Get In Touch with Our B2B Marketing Specialists

At VerriBerri, we are an integrated firm, providing support to our clients in every area. Our knowledge spans SEM, social media, PR, event management and graphic design, meaning that we can produce well-rounded campaigns. Our team are good at what they do and always go above and beyond to deliver more than is expected of us.

If you would like to know more about working alongside our B2B marketing specialists, we would love to hear from you. Our philosophy is simple, if you’re passionate about going far and making your brand a success, we are too! To get in touch with a member of our team, call us today on 01376 386 850. You can also click here!