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B2B marketing

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So why is B2B marketing so important?

All companies rely on their customers and clients to keep the business running. Simply put – without them there is no trade to speak of.

B2b marketing and PR agency

Attracting new clientele is one of the biggest challenges your company will face. Therefore, you must have an effective marketing plan, something many businesses underestimate. Without marketing, many will remain unaware of your business. Once you are on the radar, naturally this translates into sales.

No one is going to walk into your office and ask to buy your services or products unless they know what it is you do. We all need marketing but so many people don’t understand what it is and many confuse marketing with advertising. Whilst advertising is important it only represents a solitary aspect of the marketing process.

Marketing also consists of community involvement, distribution, customer support, PR, strategy, online presence, product pricing, promotions, sales, web, and research.

A B2B marketing strategy that provides your business with the best chance is a strong mix of different forms of marketing. The heart of your business lies in marketing so you must make sure what you do is successful. 

Don’t forget about your current customers either – keep them informed, make sure you value them and above all be consistent.

Have you ever wondered which marketing strategy will ensure you get your name out there?

B2C and B2B businesses generally operate completely differently to each other. This can mean that their marketing strategies vary. We haven’t even started to differentiate between brand culture and the many different types of product or service available.

In light of this I have listed a few options that could be of some use to you and the success of your business:

–       Social Media: In today’s society, social media is undoubtedly the way to go in terms of promoting your business. It is a very inexpensive and effective source of marketing intelligence, and can be used by marketers to track any problems and different market opportunities that may occur.

–       Website: Even if you have a physical store, it is critical that you consider making a regularly updated site, blog or an informative profile on sites like Twitter or Facebook. Not only does this ensure that you’ll be getting your name heard by a worldwide audience, you will also be drawing in potential new customers.

–       Blogs: These are a successful way to get your company’s name discovered, as they are an easy way for people to share their reviews and opinions on a product, brand or service. They have an extremely powerful effect on the overall outcome of your business.

–       Physical marketing devices: Posters, leaflets, and advertisements in magazines are a way to increase traffic and boost low seasons.

–       Branding: This is so people can recognise you instantly. Consider the golden arches, the Starbucks Logo or other brands which you are bombarded with consistently. Branding is important to get right because it should both denote and connote what your business does. Logos and colours should be ‘clean’ and concise with a specific purpose.

VerriBerri specialise in bespoke B2B marketing strategies. All our plans are specifically built around you and your business.

Developing a campaign and the associated thought provoking strategy that ensures success can be challenging when working with B2B marketing. As with any results driven campaign, you will need to create a plan that shows you are an expert whilst showing your personality. In some settings that can prove extremely difficult.

So how can you get those creative juices flowing? Perhaps consider the following concepts:

The News. 

Whether it’s politics or fake news, current events can cause quite a stir. One thing’s for sure, you have a captive audience when it comes to what’s in the news. If it is topical and you feel that your company could positively contribute advice. Take full advantage and use it as an opportunity to be heard.

National Days. 

This could be anything from Mother’s Day to the whole season of Christmas, Halloween to Easter. Whatever the occasion may be, there are plenty of events annually that you can take full advantage of to bring your creative side out and even promote your offers.

Data and Stats. 

There are often data and statistics being published so keep your eye on the ball when it comes to new publications, studies or research. From employee wellbeing to industry statistics these organisations provide you with valuable content.


Is it the business anniversary? Or perhaps an employee’s birthday? Either way, this is the perfect opportunity for you to talk about what you, or they, have achieved. You can be as corporate or fun-loving as you like so make the most out of getting your brand message across.

Stuck for content? Our Essex office works with clients across the world creating original, compelling copy that your customers just won’t be able to put down. Why not get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help you with your B2B marketing?