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B2B PR Agency

Based in Essex, VerriBerri are a B2B PR agency responsible for helping to grow our client’s companies. We have a team of 18 talented individuals who work hard to gain quality PR articles and features through our variety of trusted contacts. In addition, we’ve even won multiple awards for our amazing results. We would love to use this expertise to help you too! 

In case you’re unsure of what PR is, it essentially refers to techniques that bridge the gap between your company and the public. The most common and traditional method of PR is being featured in magazine or newspaper articles, or on TV. Alternatively, more modern approaches also include influencer marketing. 

All of our PR is free, you just pay for our time and nothing more. Additionally, we guarantee our result, making this a risk-free business move for you! 

What Drives B2B Consumers?

Before explaining what areas of PR you should be utilising, it is important we establish the factors that drive B2B consumer purchases. In other words – consumer behaviour. 

One of the biggest differences between B2B and B2C audiences is that B2B purchases are much less emotional. This means they’re less driven by things like desire and more so because there is a need. For instance, your company may need a B2B PR agency to boost visibility and promote growth. Meanwhile, a member of the public may make an impulse purchase on a t-shirt simply because they like it. 

In addition to this, there are a lot more people involved in purchasing decisions when selling to businesses. As most companies have some form of hierarchical structure, a team usually need to seek approval before spending money. All in all, this slows down their purchasing rate. (Something to bear in mind when putting together your sales strategy.)

Furthermore, B2B consumer behaviour is driven by ROI. Unless a company is making money, they’re not going to be successful. This means they stay well clear of things that won’t bring them a ROI. This also slows down their decision making because they’re more likely to shop around for the best value. With the internet being so useful for finding alternatives, you need to be conscious of this fact. They will also want to take some time to research how much significance your offerings add before taking the plunge. 

Where you Should Start

How to implement a successful PR campaign

When it comes to public relations, the world is your oyster. There are lots of different routes you can venture down and an abundance of opportunities. This being said, your main focal point should probably be a mixture between both industry specific and mainstream media publications. The reach is either spearheaded to your niche or vast so reinforcing brand visibility. Additionally, they can also be great for other elements too. More on this later. 

Business and Industry Specific Publications

When we say ‘business specific’ we’re indicating the likes of Forbes and Business Matters for B2B sales. Alternatively, this would be an industry specific publication that people who would benefit from buying from you read. These are obviously good sources to aim for simply because their target audience is likely going to somewhat match up with yours. As such, your article adds value to everyone involved.  

Owning a business comes with a need for keeping up with industry updates. This means that a lot of business owners are reading these types of publications. Without insight, they’re not likely to be as efficient as they could be. These types of publications give you the perfect ground to make your mark and improve your brand visibility.

As well as increased recognisability, business specific media can also help you to establish your brand as being professional. Discussing the work that you do is more than just an interesting read. It can really display how knowledgeable and specialist you are. Helping to define between you and your competitors. Moreover, if a trusted and prestigious publication is willing to promote you, this instantly heightens people’s interest. Implementing them with trust in you as a business.

As well as business specific, there is also going to be the aforementioned industry specific publications you could target. No matter how niche you are as a company, there are always going to be a source that suits you. 

Mainstream Publications

Similar to what we just mentioned, business owners need to have some sort of understanding on what is going on in the world. This means reading mainstream publications as well as industry specific ones. Appearing in the likes of The Metro or The Independent is bound to bring your brand lots of attention. When consuming media, we tend to absorb information such as company names, without even realising. This means that you’re more likely to be at the forefront of people’s minds when they look for your services. 

What’s more, covering both types of publications just means you’re less likely to miss any area of your target market out. It maximises your chances of a sale and builds your brand recognition at the same time.

Additionally, mainstream publications are a great way to personalise your brand. If appropriate, showing the face behind the business can help people relate to you more. This in turn persuades them to utilise your services when they’re in need.

Social Media

Naturally, social media intertwines itself amongst public relations. Our B2B PR agency know all about reaping the benefits of online presence. For example, we always encourage usage of LinkedIn for our more corporate or B2B clients. LinkedIn was designed for connecting businesses with other companies. This makes it the perfect space for you to reach your target demographic. What’s more, you can also use social media for other things such as customer service. 

Why Choose our B2B PR Agency?

Given that your decisions are driven by ROI, you may be wondering what we do differently to other PR agencies. One of our features that all of our client’s love is our guarantee on PR results. We understand that, in some agencies, public relations can be hit and miss. However, we refuse to give lack-lustre results. If we have promised you a certain number of leads, we guarantee we’ll deliver. What’s more, we don’t believe in setting unrealistic goals. What you see is what you get, and you won’t be disappointed as we always strive to go above and beyond this KPI. 

As addition to this, being based in Essex means we’re able to make our services more affordable than agencies in, for example, London. With lower running costs, we’re able to pass the saving onto our clients. We like to consider our clients as more than just our customers. You’re our partners. This means we’ll always complete work to the highest standard despite the more affordable price tag.

Having been a B2B PR agency for almost 12 years, we have worked hard to secure and build relationships with quality contacts. As a result, we’ve been able to obtain publications in the likes of The Guardian and Forbes magazine. Through our years of experience, we have become experts at pitching and we genuinely love what we do. What more could you ask for?

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