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B2B Social Media Agency. – When you think of a profile with amazing engagement on social media, the chances are; it’s a personal account. In fact, an article in late 2019 showed that business profile pages performed significantly worse than personal pages across the board. It’s been suggested this is because business profiles are significantly more likely to pay for increased exposure so the limited reach and resulting poor engagement is no accident but rather a money-making exercise. 

Unfortunately, if you are a business, you need a business profile. Anything else just looks unprofessional. So how do you ensure your B2B social media is the very best it can be? Generally speaking, social media marketing is significantly easier if you are a B2C company rather than selling to other businesses, but it can be done. 

If you have been shying away from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and solely using LinkedIn. You could be missing out on some amazing opportunities. 

Perhaps you think that B2B social media won’t work because your industry is ‘boring’? Absolutely not. These platforms aren’t reserved for beauty and fashion brands. You too can benefit from them. Consider the following. 

·More than a billion people use social media. Some of them will inevitably be your target market. 

If your competitors also don’t use social media, you can dominate the market. If they are using social media, you need to get back some of the market share. 

Still interested? Let’s break down the following. 

Should you use social media?

How should you use social media?

How do you start?

Should you use social media? 

Do you have anything to say of interest? Can you educate people? If the answer to both questions is yes, then you should be using social media. 

How should you use social media? 

No B2B social media campaign will be successful if it is self-serving. The key to a successful campaign is to think about everyone but yourself. What does your audience want to see and what will interest them? Can you make that look professional? Even if you are in what is considered a ‘boring’ industry you can run successful social media campaigns if you resonate with the audience. You need to be emotional, entertaining, funny. If you can capture the attention of the public, you’re more than halfway to a sale. 

The best way to gauge the effectiveness of you campaign is to ask yourself if it would interest you if you didn’t work for the company. If the answer is no, back to the drawing board. 

How do you start? 

The chances are, at least one social media platform is going to be effective for your B2B marketing campaign. But you can’t jump in with both feet, you must have a strategy. First and foremost, what can you do well? Set up just one platform first and get it right before you move onto something else. If you aren’t a B2B social media marketing agency, you are going to struggle to run multiple campaigns over different platforms. As the saying goes, it’s better to do one thing well. 

You also need to set yourself some targets. What are you looking to initially achieve on these platforms? 

Likes and Comments

Follows and Reach

Whatever the goal, you need to have something to work towards or else you will be aimlessly meandering. Once you have a profile up and running, if you are looking for sales then you need to be paying attention to clicks and conversions above anything else. Perhaps you are only interested in brand recognition. If this is the case, you need to be focusing on reach and engagement. 

Take a look at the competition. 

Social media allows you a ‘through the keyhole’ type approach to your competitors. We all know we post our highs and not the lows online so don’t allow this exercise to leave you disheartened. It’s an excellent opportunity to see what people are reacting well to. Whatever you do don’t copy someone else’s ideas. If you are in the same business people, either customers or others in the same industry, will notice and it will do nothing but make you seem unimaginative and incapable. 

It doesn’t need to be daily. 

B2B social media marketing is about quality not quantity. You need to hit a happy medium between holding your audience’s interest and keeping current. For B2C industries we advocate a post every day, but for B2B, on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook you can comfortably post every other. Roughly 3 times a week is sufficient. Experiment with the days and times you post too. Different parameters will have varied results so watch out to see what gets the best reaction. 

Highlight your team. 

People buy from people. You are much more likely to convert sales if you let your following put a face to a name. It also encourages brand loyalty from your employees themselves. People like to feel a part of something so showcase your staff wherever you can. 

Use multiple media. 

You can use the feed or the stories option, you can look at graphics, images, videos, and gifs. When it comes to social media marketing the world is your oyster. Try all of the above and see what works best for your brand. Creating and publishing different forms of content not only keeps your feed fresh and your followers engaged, but it also allows you to keep your creativity and passion flowing. Make the most of this opportunity. 

Avoid radio silence. 

Social media is your perfect opportunity to connect with your customers. If they comment on your posts or ask questions make sure you reply, you don’t even have to make a conversation, just acknowledge them. 

We hope this short overview has been helpful. If you are looking for help, our B2B social media marketing agency would love to help. We offer one off training; regular consultancy and advice; social media strategy; or a complete social media service from ideation to implementation. Click here to get in touch with our team and receive a bespoke proposal within 48 working hours.