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B2C Marketing Strategy

Do you know the importance of a B2C marketing strategy? VerriBerri are a team of experts in the PR and marketing industry. Although we are situated in the county of Essex our team works globally. With over a decade in the industry, we have a variety of clients in different sectors.

How emotion effects B2C purchasing behaviour.

Firstly, lets introduce you to B2C marketing, a popular term used to describe a business that markets directly to individual consumers. A person’s psychological make-up dictates their purchasing decisions. Notably there are several emotional factors which drive consumer buying behaviours. 

Have you ever purchased something just to boost your confidence? Undeniably, we all buy ourselves products/services to raise our egos. Whether you have had a bad day at work or you don’t feel well; businesses understand that by tapping into your ego’s they are likely to make a sale. 

Pretty Little Thing

Popular fast-fashion brand ‘Pretty Little Thing’ has recently been praised for their inclusivity campaign. Rather than using unrealistic models to market their products they have used people from all walks of life. By doing this, PLT have made more women feel good in their clothes which has resulted in an overall increase in sales. 

What else?

The ongoing pandemic caused buying habits to change as people feared the worst. Cleaning products proudly displayed labels which stated ‘kills covid-19’. The amygdala processes fear, this then causes you to panic and buy items you wouldn’t usually stock in the house. – We all remember the great toilet roll shortage of 2020! 

PR Agency Essex

As businesses began to play into the public’s anxieties this caused an influx of consumers paying for more cleaning supplies. Between March 2020 to April 2020 customers increased the number of products used by 9%. We understand the importance of responsibly using emotional marketing. At VerriBerri we can help you decide the appropriate B2C marketing strategy for you. 

What more?

Have you ever been in a situation where you purchase an outfit that you love, resulting in ‘one in every colour?’ As humans we can often be greedy when it comes to our buying habits. In 2020 there was a dramatic rise of customers at the high street store Zara which was caused predominantly by their ‘TRF’ clothing range where they provided a variety of basic clothes, for a cheap price and in a lot of different colours. 

Zara tapped into consumers greed by understanding that people wanted one outfit in a variety of different colours. At VerriBerri we know that what a consumer purchases is determined by their emotions. We can guide you into making the right marketing decisions ensuring more people purchase your products.

What to consider when creating a well-rounded strategy

Recognise your shoppers: Your B2C marketing strategy is shaped around having a good understanding of your shoppers. Even if you are marketing to a broad group of people you should still make your techniques feel personal. This could be anything from naming your prospective customers in a marketing email to sending them personalised voucher codes. As a result of understanding who is buying your products this will cause more people to feel as though your business has an interest in them. 

Understand your budget: Most businesses base their strategies on ensuring their products sell. By pricing products appropriately, you will engage consumers quickly. Businesses can use psychological pricing to increase sales, an example of this is putting items on sale, customer greed will make someone purchase your businesses product/service.

Aligning your customers: A well rounded strategy should also be shaped by understanding prospective consumers desires from your business. Communicating with others will benefit your company as it helps you understand what you need to change so it suits your audience. By acting upon customers’ needs this will create a more seamless brand experience.

Why choose VerriBerri?

Thanks to this crash course guide on why you need a B2C marketing strategy we hope you are interested on upgrading your current plan. At VerriBerri our team are ready to help.


We have a close knit team who are constantly thinking of innovative ways to give your business the boost it needs. As we are all under one roof this allows us to regularly think of ‘Fresh Ideas’. Also, there is frequent communication between our team and clients, with regular availability for phone calls, emails and face to face meetings (if Covid permits). This is just one of the many reasons why our services are so great. We specialise in making sure your business is satisfied with our help.

Our service to price ratio 

What makes our business so unique is that we offer a London quality service at competitive prices. This is shown by not only our multiple awards but also the fact that we have been named as best PR and marketing agency in the UK for the past 2 years. Just another reason why your business should choose us to help improve your B2C strategy.

Exponents of Social Media 

When it comes to your B2C strategy you need to ensure that you have a brilliant team of social media experts to help you. Look no further. At VerriBerri our team know just how to design your posts to help new customers come across your company. 

social media phone

The rise of social media has meant that most businesses believe it is imperative to aid their success however this is not always the case. We can help you decide if your business should feature on social media and if so what is the appropriate platform for them to feature on. A fast-fashion clothing company would not market their products on LinkedIn as their targeted age demographic would be on platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok.

Transparent Businesses

At VerriBerri we are 100% transparent with our clients. If we believe that an idea will not work then we will always say, whereas many of our competitors would just say yes to all ideas. We can always help think of ideas that work for your business. 

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To conclude, every business should be reaping the rewards of having a brilliant B2C marketing strategy. Many businesses overlook just how important all the different areas of marketing and PR are. Our up-and-coming team are ready to help your brand create some ‘fresh ideas’. For more information on how we can boost your company, get in touch by clicking here or call the office on 01376 386 850.