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Baby PR agency

Why you need a ‘baby PR agency’ 

The world is going ‘ga-ga’ for baby brands and with consumer spending on the rise; there is no time like the present to instruct a baby PR agency to ensure you don’t miss out on all the action! 

A prime example of this boom is the baby clothing industry in the UK. Currently, it is said to be worth around £7.3 billion. Between now and 2021, it is expected to grow by a further 4.4%. This rate of growth is more than double what it was between 2007 and 2016. Experts believe that as it’s now common for couples to start families later in life; they are able to devote a larger share of their disposable income on baby products. Online shopping is seemingly taking over, after all, spending has never been so easy!

VerriBerri are a multi-award-winning agency specialising in kids PR. We know all too well the power of a timely PR campaign. We also know how sensational social media content can make the biggest impact. The demand for innovation isn’t slowing and competition is fierce, so a baby PR agency likes ours will ensure your brand is heard!

Our experience

Kids PR and marketing agency

Our baby PR agency have worked with international children’s brands as well as small start-ups; support is scalable and accessible to all! From cute graphics of babygrows to amplifying environmental messages about baby wipes; we’ll help you identify your brand’s USP and shout about it! We specialise in finding and targeting a specific audience to generate interest and drive sales. Our main goal? To provide you with that all-important ROI.

The importance of PR 

The launch of a company, new product announcements and milestones as a business; all press release-worthy stories, but how do you keep your audience engaged and aware of your brand all year round? 

Our baby PR agency will not only help to spread your message. We are also on hand to keep things creative with your campaigns! This could be by utilising our wealth of influencer contacts to arrange gifted reviews. It could also be distributing a thought-leadership piece whereby your brand creates the story and sets the trends. 

As a well-connected agency, we ensure information about your baby brand reaches the relevant journalist and the right publications. With the ever-changing media landscape; it is more important than ever that your brand is up to date with the latest digital trends. If it isn’t, you will not be recognised by your target audience or climb the Google rankings. A great PR strategy offers a natural way of getting your brand noticed. It will also drive traffic to your website!

Achieve SEO Success

PR and SEO are intrinsically linked. When an article or feature goes live in a reputable and relevant publication online it offers invaluable SEO significance. 

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Google recognises that brands that are being mentioned by publications clearly have some clout and rewards you on this merit. This means, with a combination of optimised blog updates on your website and consistent press exposure, your brand organically competes with others in the industry and starts to take those top-ranking spots in the search results.

Our baby PR agency specialists are able to secure a selection of articles that speak about your brand and features that directly link back to your website. These variations are called ‘mentions’ and ‘follow links’ and they all work towards improving your website and brand’s reputation.

It’s an understanding of approaches like this that make a baby PR agency so instrumental. We know that a mixture of coverage linking to the website and coverage that doesn’t is more organic and more highly rewarded by Google’s latest algorithms than if we were to spatter the internet with advertisements or continuous linked features. 

Blogs are still a vital part of building a website’s SEO value naturally. When running your own business, finding the time to create, optimise and post this content can seem impossible, that’s why our agency can do this for you. Helping you to nail the press coverage and keep your website updated!

Social Media: Build on brand awareness

It’s important to get to grips with exactly what parents are looking for from brands. Millennials are parents to 50% of the world’s children, so this is likely your biggest market. What millennials want more than most, is an authentic brand they can trust and equally, one that creates an environment and sense of community for connections to be made with other parents. This is something that, with help from a baby PR agency, your brand can tap in to. 

Whether you supply ethical baby shampoo, bouncers or bottles, our team can help create unique and valuable content. We encourage interspersing product images with infographics and relatable, funny content to keep the conversation going between your audience of parents.

PR Events

This element of PR and marketing is often overlooked. This is done under the assumption that organising and running an event would be too costly. On the contrary, our baby PR agency have found it is one of the most authentic and rewarding ways to introduce your brand to the world! 

Events are not only an opportunity to put your face to the brand and personally interact with your attendees, you are also able to introduce your products to relevant influencers and ensure press are in attendance. It’s an occasion where people can get hands-on with your product, not to mention it provides the perfect chance to take plenty of photos for your social channels! Events don’t have to cost the earth when you enlist the help of a baby PR agency that are in the know and well-connected.

If you’re interested in receiving a personalised PR strategy, tailored to help meet and exceed your brand’s goals, get in touch with our team on 01376 386 850 or email [email protected] today! Alternatively, click here to fill out our contact form.