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Beauty Marketing Agency

The Top Reasons To Use A Beauty Marketing Agency

What’s the point in offering fierce looking lashes if no one notices? Where’s the motive in perfecting your semi-permanent makeup treatments if people still go to the beauty parlour two doors down? Who’s going to market your business if you don’t?

2020 is the year to take your beauty salon to places it’s never been before; the time to attract new customers. Your salon can make customers love themselves the way you love your business, and that’s something pretty special. Using a beauty marketing agency will take your salon from a place offering good treatments, to a place that people come to from miles around. A place that’s inspiring. The team here at VerriBerri, a beauty marketing agency based in Essex, want to talk to you about how attitude and positivity is going to take your salon to new heights.

Makeup Is Visual, So Use A Visual Marketing Medium

Stop reading this for a second, and do us a favour. Go and check your salon’s social media channels and see how they’re doing. Are they doing well? If not, then why not? Not many followers, poor engagement and cheap looking content are all things holding your salon back from growing. If you pride yourself on your treatments, then pride yourself on marketing them online.

Have good photos taken, start consistently posting and engage with influencers and accounts that want to collaborate with you and your brand. In 2020, there’s no excuse not to be utilising social media for the benefit of your business. If social media isn’t your forte, and let’s be honest, it can be incredibly confusing, then get some help with it. A beauty marketing agency has its own in-house team of social media experts who know how to best utilise, let’s say Instagram, for your salon.

Social media content creators can also customise your grid so that it has a consistent theme, and a generally more aesthetically-appealing look to it. Implement recurring graphical motifs in keeping with your brand’s logo, alternate between content forms. For example, if you’re posting three times a week, then make one of those a video snippet of a particular treatment. Make another post an image of a product or service that you offer (making sure that the quality is as high as possible). Then, finally, create a graphic to keep things fresh and mixed up a bit. Now, of course, you don’t have to follow this set-up exactly, but consistency paired with creativity is what is going to set your salon brand apart from others on social media channels.

Generate Some Hype

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Be your own biggest hypeman as a salon. You’ve got to convince people why your treatments are worth the travel, or worth the change, or worth the extra money. You’re only going to do that if you can convince yourself. Believe in what you’re offering, and get excited about it. If you do that, others will follow. Enthusiasm is infectious – but in a good way. Your confidence will translate into word-of-mouth marketing, your customers will start to tell their friends about the salon that offers a great service, and an even better feeling.

Generating this buzz on your own can be a difficult task to burden on your lonesome. So, use a beauty marketing agency to help you. The kind of contacts that such an agency has are second to none. From PR to content creation and everything in between, a beauty marketing agency can help you get the ball rolling.

It’s important to remember, however, not to be sensationalist. Don’t let your content fall into the trap of becoming click-bait. This kind of content will be scrolled past before you can say ‘Best Beauty Salon Ever!’ and is a waste of both your time and the users’. Walking this tightrope is difficult, and there’s a murky middle ground where both hype/buzz and clickbait sit. A no-man’s land best navigated by experts in social media marketing as provided by a beauty marketing agency.

What’s Your Salon’s USP?

Most salons now offer a treatment that makes them fairly unique amongst other local salons. Offering a certain lip filler treatment, for example. Even if you don’t have a USP (unique selling point) then market yourself in a way that sounds like you do. Language is the single best tool at your disposal to market yourself effectively. Content creators are able to phrase your services and salon in just such a way that makes your salon sound like the single best place on Earth (which, of course, it is!) and that you aren’t going to get the treatment you need or deserve, anywhere else.

Abstract Angles

Any beautician knows the importance of lighting and finding the right angle. This extends beyond beauty and into marketing. If you’re wanting your salon to get noticed, you need to think a little laterally. Securing coverage in top beauty magazines is a difficult task, and requires an experienced PR team to do so. In the same way that you look to get the angle on your selfie just right, so too will a PR team with their pitches. They’ll be able to put a slightly different spin on things that make the ears of journalists prick up just long enough so that they’re interested. Getting them to do more than simply ‘scan’ the page is half the battle, and the PR team of a beauty marketing agency will find those more obscure marketing angles.

There are so many sub-standard salons out there, salons that just get by. We’re wagering that if you’re reading this, your salon is a little bit better than simply sub-standard. The time of the self-made salon has arrived, if you want to be successful, then make it happen. With a little bit of help from some marketing specialists, of course! So, if you’d like to find out more about our beauty marketing agency, then get in touch! Just click here to fill out our form.