Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns Ever Ranked By A Social Media Agency

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Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns Ever Ranked By A Social Media Agency

Best Valentine’s Day Campaigns Ever – Ranked By Our Social Media Agency

For some people, just the thought of Valentine’s Day is enough to make them shudder. A bleak reminder for singles that have no one to celebrate the day with. However, when it comes to businesses, the day dedicated to love is the perfect marketing ploy. Whether you design and sell unique engagement rings, or you are just a manufacturer of chocolate; Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to push your sales through the roof. However, you are likely to be left brokenhearted without an effective social media marketing strategy! 

Here at VerriBerri – a leading social media agency in Essex, we implement effective social media marketing strategies for businesses. It goes without saying that social media is an important tool in content marketing. Not only does it enable you to connect with your current customer,s but you can reach new consumers through viral content and paid advertisements. For businesses looking to take a slice of the Valentine’s Day pie; a strong social media campaign can set you apart from your competitors. 

In today’s blog, we asked our social media team to rank their favourite Valentine’s Day campaigns.

The Body Shop – Kissing Contest

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Just before Valentine’s Day 2019 The Body Shop launched their #SendingAKiss contest on social media. This simple yet effective Instagram competition encouraged followers to send in photos of themselves blowing a kiss to a friend. The winner would then get a gift pack of newly released fruit-scented lip balms for themselves and their friend. 

Here’s what Emily from our social media team had to say. “This campaign by The Body Shop was incredibly well-timed. They launched it just before Valentine’s Day so the hype for the event was already there. With the timing being so close to Valentine’s, it creates a sense of urgency for the customer. Thus, helping to increase the number of entries you receive on the competition. It’s also clever to ask people to tag them in photos as well as to follow the page. This engagement helps The Body Shop to reach new, relevant audiences without having to pay for social adverts.”

eHarmony – How Kids See Valentine’s Day Video

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, who better to run a social media campaign than a dating website? After all, the day of love is most likely one of their biggest revenue generators. In a world where modern dating has become incredibly difficult, the Australian branch of eHarmony created a video campaign going back to the basics of dating. And who better to ask than children?! In the video, the children are asked what Valentine’s Day means to them while creating a card. 

We asked Jack from our social media team to find out what he thought about this campaign. “eHarmony have hit the nail on the head with this video for Valentine’s Day! With eHarmony’s demographic slightly older than the likes of Tinder, the use of children pulls on the heartstrings of the older audience; (who are likely to have children themselves).

Not only is this campaign incredibly touching but video content performs extremely well on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. One reason is because videos easily catch a user’s eye as they scroll down their feed. As such, they are likely to stop and watch it. Another example of why video content is so effective is because it is accessible – unlike other forms of media. Subtitles on videos also ensure that more people are able to watch your video content too. Not just those that are hard of hearing, but also those on public transport, or a waiting room, for example.

MeUndies – #MatchMeUndies Instagram Campaign

In 2019, the brand MeUndies launched a photo campaign for Instagram users. It asked users to share photos of themselves wearing  matching underwear sets with their significant others. They also has to tag their photos with #MatchMeUndies. 

Our social media manager, Emily said this: “This campaign is an excellent way to produce user generated content as well as increasing sales. After all, customers would have needed to purchase a pair of MeUndies in order to take the photo. Therefore, the company is encouraging users to purchase their products – as well as give them free content to use on their Instagram. It’s definitely a campaign brands should look at replicating if they’re lacking in original content and want to increase sales. Plus, again, generating content from social media users isn’t costly when compared to other tactics such as adverts.”

T-Mobile – Break Up Letter Campaign

Last year, T-Mobile launched an interesting Valentine’s Day campaign that focused on break-ups rather than love. Dubbed the ‘Send a Break Up Letter to Your Carrier’ campaign, T-Mobile asked mobile phone users to write a letter about why they were leaving their current phone provider for them. As a result of people switching over to T-Mobile, they would pay users early termination fees. 

Here is what Jack had to say about this campaign: “What an creative and fun campaign from T-Mobile! I love the way they got mobile phone users involved to promote their offer of paying people’s early termination fees. It’s not only great user generated content but it gives them real consumer feedback on their competitors. With this information of their pain points, T-Mobile can improve their service to avoid any of these mistakes.”

Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day and its traditions, it’s important for businesses to be aware of the potential revenue that this day can bring. Consumers are predicted to spend £1bn on Valentine’s Day and so, as a business, you want to get your share. Plus, the focus doesn’t always have to be on significant others! You can have your customers talk about their friends and family to still deliver an effective social media campaign. 

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