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Why do we need to move away from traditional marketing?

As consumers, we are accustomed to seeing polished models with flawless skin and ‘perfect’ able bodied… well… bodies! We know this isn’t ‘normal’ and that 99.9% of people don’t look like this; yet so many people still chase the dream, essentially setting themselves up for failure. 

In order for any brand to make a real connection to a consumer, you need to be authentic and represent real people. It’s not a ploy for marketing purposes, although there are of course advantages, which we will touch on later. 

The rise of body positive, or #BOPO, marketing campaigns is a welcome move for people within any minority group. The prevalent use of the Internet has given way to the general public accepting, and indeed embracing, that skinny is not the only body standard. 

As a brand, no matter what you sell, your marketing sets a standard for what customers can expect. They should see inclusivity. 

Companies and individuals who want to make an impact and stand out from the competition turn to VerriBerri and our body positive marketing team for help. We will help you turn heads, just click below to get in touch. 

The importance of body positive marketing

Our body positive marketing agency are a female lead firm based in Essex; we work across the UK. 

Whether that is for a plus size, disability awareness, or an LGBTQ+ brand; it is imperative that all your marketing and PR efforts are body positive and where possible, female lead. Suggesting that women manage your marketing can be a contentious choice, however, this kind of positive discrimination is beneficial when promoted your brand. Being able to say your campaigns are led by an underrepresented group of any description holds weight in itself. 

By 2022, the plus size clothing market alone will be worth an estimated 9.3 billion pounds. This is just one of many markets where body positivity isn’t encouraged, it is crucial. From an emotional perspective, of course we would want and need to encourage people. From a business standpoint you can make a significant profit from engaging in body positive marketing campaigns. 

Where does body positive marketing fail?

There are many ways in which this type of promotions fails. Just a few examples are below. 

plus size fashion

Some people are too heavy handed. If you are running a campaign such as this, it is imperative that everything you do is executed with absolutely sincerity. Consumers are savvy and they can see through people who are simply paying lip service. 

Additionally, if you encourage inclusivity but don’t show images on your social media channels of, for example, the LGBT community; people will see through what you are doing. You can’t say you are something until you follow through with your message in every aspect of your marketing. 

Inclusivity is not a trend . 

Although there are financial benefits to compliment the reasons you should implement a body positive marketing strategy; there are some brands out there, BooHoo for example, who claim to be inclusive but who some of the influencers we represent are disgruntled by. This is because the curve models they use who are not entirely representative of the plus size community. Although a size 16 model may be more of a ‘social norm’ as far as fast fashion is concerned; it is not a true representation of the plus size community. 

Pinkwashing is when a brand is inclusive for the sake of a trend. For example; Primark, who made their logo the relevant colours for Pride month, then launched a pride line; but otherwise did very little to promote awareness or inclusivity throughout any other point in the year.

We are not saying that you need every other post on your website or social channels to promote inclusivity. Obviously you must not discriminate against anyone at any point. As such, your marketing efforts should be organic but must display consideration and sensitivity to diversity. 

The impact of not being inclusive. 

It goes without saying that it looks bad on your brand and can cause customer backlash. However, body positive marketing runs much deeper than that. 

marketing agency for LGBT brands

Teenagers are a vulnerable market and one that are most heavily lead by marketing, specifically when it comes to social media, TV, and influencers. Going back to the plus size market; you have the opportunity to not only connect with and communicate by displaying body positivity, but you help young people to embrace who they are. Self-love has never been more important. The stress that generations from Millennial down feel in order to achieve the ‘ideal’ body cannot be overestimated. You have the opportunity to do your bit. There are more people in the world than heterosexual, skinny, white women

Key takeaways 

Body positive marketing is more important as we come out of 2020 than ever before. The impact brands have on influencing is vast. Not only can you use this method to communicate and engage with a wide and willing audience which increases your sales; but importantly you can help make a change for the better. If all of us do the same, the world would be a significantly better place for everyone. 

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