Brand Design for Food and Drink


Brand Design for Food and Drink

Within VerriBerri, we have a team of experts dedicated to brand design for food and drink. We work tirelessly to bring our clients amazing designs, whatever their needs. Alongside this, we also specialise in other marketing areas. These include SEO and event management all the way through to PR and social media. As well as being a full-service agency, we’re also multi-award-winning too!

When it comes to brand design for food and drink, it’s important that you get it right first time. In order to sell, you need to have a good understanding as to why your consumers buy from you. What’s more, you need to know exactly what segment of the market you’re targeting. You may be operating in a business to consumer (B2C) market or maybe a business to business (B2B) one. Either way, this will affect the way you market your products through graphic design. Let’s take a look at some of the key areas you may wish to delve into:


branding and design

When it comes to your packaging, it goes without saying that this plays a massive part in selling your product. It’s what helps to distinguish you against your competitors as well as building loyalty amongst your audience. Lots of people prefer to stick to the brands they know and love. If you’re able to draw people in through your packaging, you’re then given the opportunity to showcase your talents. With this, people are likely to remember you and in turn, repeat purchases with soar. Loyal customers can be invaluable to you as a brand.First impressions matter and once a reputation has been formed, it can be hard to change. It’s for this reason that getting your packaging right from the off is vital. Brand design for food and drink is a great way to solidify a good reputation for yourselves. Whether you’re trying to appear professional and luxurious or affordable but fun, this can be achieved through the packaging you use. In addition, it’ll help you to target your audience more directly too.



Branding is an extremely valuable tool for you as a business and an important aspect of brand design for food and drink. Many people confuse branding as just being your logo whereas in reality, there are far more aspects to consider. For example, your typography and your brand colours. Of course, creativity doesn’t come naturally to us all. If you’re more of a technical person, you may find it difficult coming up with branding on your own. This is where you might want to consider working alongside a team of experts.

Like packaging, branding helps to build your reputation. If your branding looks dated, you may struggle when it comes to making sales. If you can get it spot on however, you’re bound to see an increase in demand and revenue. As well as this, your branding should promote your values. This will help you stand out from your competitors and help to better establish you within your market. 


Change can be overwhelming and not knowing how people will react is often what stops businesses from rebranding. This being said, you may be holding yourselves back without even knowing. 

The world is evolving rapidly and for businesses to do well, they need to be moving with the times. This may mean that you need to consider a rebrand. Often, this area of brand design for food and drink can help revolutionise your business. If you can pair this with some press articles, this is going to get people talking about your products. The more word of mouth you’re able to generate, the more people that will be aware of your business.

Website Design

Lots of businesses depend heavily on their websites when it comes to sales. In fact, research shows that 29% of the British public brought food and drink online in 2019. With this stat rising this year due to the pandemic, it’s likely that ecommerce is going to become more favourable with time. Something to bear in mind going forward.

Whilst branding does come into play when we discuss website design, there are also many other components. For example, the different pages you feature and how these are laid out. If your website is clunky or hard to navigate, people are going to click off. With this, it’s likely they may visit one of your competitor’s sites instead. If you can get your website right, you’re guaranteed to see an increase in sales almost immediately. 

Why Utilise Our Design Agency?

As we touched on earlier good brand design for food and drink requires a cocktail of attributes. Firstly, a creative outlook and secondly, a wealth of knowledge surrounding consumer behaviour.  If these are areas you’re not too well versed in, you’re going to struggle. Branding needs to be authentic which can be hard with so many other companies out there. It’s easy to look online for inspiration and instead feel like every idea has been done before. What’s more, putting well-suited colours together isn’t quite as simple as it may seem. This is where we come in. Utilising our skill sets is likely to be a far more time and cost-efficient option. It’ll be less for you stressful too!

Going further, we don’t use freelancers. Whilst this may be a fabulous option for some companies, it would be far too complicated for us to implement. This allows us to keep things nice and simple for our clients so that you don’t need to worry about having multiple contacts. Meanwhile, we’re able to generate much more ideation whilst being all under one roof (at least during pre-COVID times anyway.)

At VerriBerri, we understand that every business is different. With these variants comes a need for bespoke marketing strategies. Rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we tailor make all of our packages to suit your brand specifically. This will ensure maximum efficiency when working and a better ROI for you.

Contact the Team at VerriBerri

This year has been difficult for a lot of businesses and we’re not quite out the woods yet. With the pandemic still looming over our heads, there’s no telling what next year will bring. If there is one thing for sure however, it’s that now is the best time to be marketing your product. If you’d like to take the opportunity to boost your sales in 2021, why not consider some of the techniques discussed above? They’ll even help you to climb to the front of your industry.

If you’d like to know more about brand design for food and drink, you can call the team on 01376 386 850. Alternatively, you can click here!