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Whether you’re starting a new business or attempting to bolster an existing one, good brand recognition is essential. This is something a brand recognition agency like VerriBerri can help with!

If your branding doesn’t need to be designed from scratch, then a rebrand may be required to boost your image. From a branding perspective, an inability to translate a great product or message into something visual is incredibly frustrating. You don’t want to haphazardly throw something together, without truly capturing the tone or essence of the company. This means a branding agency is your best option for successful brand recognition!

Our dedicated team here at VerriBerri have taken the time to explain the benefits of managing your branding externally.

Something New

At VerriBerri, old, borrowed, and blue goes out the window! We’re focused on providing something new! Unless blue is a really good fit for your brand, of course.

We’re all about fresh ideas at our brand recognition agency. There’s nothing quite like the rush of that initial brainstorm… Throwing ideas into the ether and conjuring up something where once there was nothing.

The trouble is, with so many businesses out there, coming up with something new has become increasingly difficult. This difficulty heightens for brands in heavily marketed industries. There are far too many cases of brands settling for tacky logos, ill-defined names, and cringe-inducing punny taglines. This is often the result of business owners basing the entire branding around a single component, such as a catchy name. Something that the world of businesses certainly doesn’t need any more of is this kind of gimmick.


Reliance on a novelty, or something equally tacky, is typically born from a lack of confidence. When launching a completely new business, or attempting to save the one you have through rebranding, a lack of confidence will only be a hindrance. With this in mind, it’s best practice not to overcomplicate your branding. Instead, aim to launch something reflective of your brand, that stays true to your message and connects with your customers or clientele.

What else?

Further than branding, however, you may be worried about the marketing aspect. “How will people know about my business?!” we hear you shouting from the rooftops. Well, using a brand recognition agency, like VerriBerri, is a tried and tested method. An agency like ours can help you to build your brand organically, ultimately putting you in a position where the branding comes into its own. This is much more desirable than developing something with no real knowledge of how it will help your brand in the medium to long term, should the business grow.

The Complete Package

There’s nothing stopping you from coming up with a brand name yourself. Then reaching out to your friend that occasionally likes to draw and asking them to knock up a logo design. After that, you could jump on the family WhatsApp group chat to brainstorm a witty slogan with your punny dad. We have no doubt that this will result in something… usable, at least, but the success won’t stretch much further than this.

Opting for a brand recognition agency, however, will see everything linked together, which is essential for truly successful branding. The logo should tie back to the brand name. Furthermore, the name should help any customer instantly recall the slogan. Branding is a collective of exposure and recognition, not just a single standout aspect. 

Any respectable agency will have graphic designers ready to work together with writers and content creators, in order to bounce ideas off each other through every step of the process. This ensures that all edges are smoothed and that clunky words or brush strokes, that may have otherwise been missed, are removed. 

What more can you expect?

Agencies will not only offer the initial creation, but also the review process. The former is something that many people are confident they can do. The latter is an essential process that refines what has been made. Whilst Mad Men may have forced you to believe that successful branding is all about the ‘lightbulb moment’, this usually isn’t the case. 

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Successful branding is all about concerted effort. Trial and error is inevitable, and a willingness to chop and change where necessary is essential. It can be very difficult to be objective about your own pride and joy: your business. Your brand idea may become set in your mind and seem instantly perfect, but this isn’t how you should approach it. The objectivity of a brand recognition agency allows for an acknowledgement of when something just might not work. Ploughing on without an unbiased view of whether it will be successful or not is severely ill-advised.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

It’s far too easy to get bogged down in the branding process by focusing too heavily on the name, logo and slogan. Don’t get us wrong, these are definitely the main focus of any branding project, but not the only focus! 

You must also consider how your choice will play into wider brand recognition. Will the smaller grids of social media platforms, like Instagram, cater to your chosen logo, for example? And will your choices lead to completely unrelated and incidental connotations?

Imagine being met with derision post-launch, because your branding reminds the public of something that you completely overlooked. What a stomach-dropping thought. An agency will take every single consideration into account. They will implement a holistic and unbiased approach into their process, ensuring all bases are covered. By choosing an agency, you will find that your chosen branding will work across all fronts.

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At this point, we have no doubt that you can see just how important it is that your branding (or rebranding) puts your business in a position of strength. If you start as you mean to go on, not only will you convey your confidence to your target market; you will find that you have instilled a greater confidence within yourself, too!

With all the above in mind, you may well be considering reaching out to a brand recognition agency. If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850, or click here to reach us directly.