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In recent weeks; our branding agency Essex has seen a shift in the enquiries that have been making their way into our inbox… 

As Covid-19 is set to continue disrupting working life, for many, free time on their hands while furloughed; or a bit of extra cash from a lack of spending on social activities has sparked the inspiration to start-up by themselves.

Not only has the phone been ringing off the hook, but the kind of support many budding entrepreneurs are looking for is branding for their new venture. 

Opportunity out of Adversity

Research carried out by US firm, Azlo, found that 96% of all the new business owners surveyed said they always wanted to start a business. For about 40% of them, Covid-19 was the catalyst they needed to launch. For 37%, the pandemic actually provided a business opportunity. 

So, from passion projects to newly identified niches during lockdown; there are many new businesses being born from Covid and each will need a unique look and feel. While funding for start-ups looks to be lacking in the coming months; to ensure your business stands the test of time, your branding and marketing efforts need to be all the more appealing. A competitive analysis, for example, is more important than ever.

If 2020’s trying times have taught us anything, it’s the importance of empathy and loyalty from brands towards their customers. These principal points should impact your branding decisions. In this blog, the specialists at our branding agency Essex discuss the factors you should consider when branding your business. After all, you need to make it stand out from the crowd!


The most obvious and important element of your brand are the visuals. Whether that is in the form of business cards, brochures or social media banners; or a logo that screams what you do; colours and fonts to stick to are crucial.

Our Essex branding agency are able to provide a branding package; complete with, for example, logo and brand guidelines, to get you started. Our team are experienced individuals who draw on their vast experience to advise on what is effective in your industry, ensuring complete individuality. 

The formal branding documents we provide are not only unique to your business; but help to ensure consistency in everything produced for your brand in the future. For example, when it comes to developing a website or new marketing resources; any professional you instruct should be able to use this to produce accurate and on-brand materials. These are the important foundations that must be laid before moving on to effective communication of your branding.

Sincerity & Authenticity

It is important to try to develop an image and tone of voice that is as unique as possible. If your messaging revolves heavily around sales spiel and clichés, it’s not going to be relatable to potential customers. However, whilst it’s helpful to research what competitors are doing; mimicking their marketing approach entirely will only be detrimental to your brand’s progression; resulting in your business blending into the background. 

Recent global events have shown that the brands who put out sensitive and well-considered communications, that are personable yet professional, are rewarded with better conversion rates and long-standing relationships with engaged audiences.

Tell your story


Our branding agency Essex will ensure that what makes you and your business unique is portrayed in your branding. Personality is important and can be the difference between a potential customer choosing your services over a competitor. It is well known that people buy from people; so if your audience understand how and why the brand came to fruition and the problems you are looking to solve; your brand’s appeal only increases!

Ensure Continuity

The brand identity and values of your company that our team are able to carefully help you curate must be understood and committed to on an internal level and externally, among your customers. 

So, this includes ensuring brand consistency in your messaging and tone of voice across all marketing mediums. Significant attention to detail is required to ensure that the way your brand comes across on all channels is in line across the board.


Just as important as creating an eye-catching and personable brand is communicating frequently and in a hallmarked fashion to your potential audience. 

Though some customers will undoubtedly be attracted to the visuals if they stumble across your company on Instagram, the only way to build long-term engagement and traction is to make your brand as visible as possible.

One of the benefits of working with a fully-integrated agency is your branding can be created directly with our designer. This then helps to create an on-brand communication and marketing strategy that our marketing and PR can implement inhouse.

This includes having branded content and campaigns featured in online press or setting up an influencer campaign on social media. All of which build your reputation and promote your messaging.

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Our branding agency Essex assist companies and individuals by providing them with the tools and support they need to create the brand they desire. 

Our hands-on and collaborative approach to every branding project means we can explore even the quirkiest of ideas with our clients and deliver the results you are after. So, if you’d like to find out more about how we can help you; click here to get in touch with our team or email [email protected] today.