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Setting Up Your Business The Right Way With A Branding Agency In Essex

So, you’ve got a wonderful idea for a business. You have the required funds, you’ve conducted focus groups, carried out extensive market research and worked out a watertight business model. But there’s still something that’s niggling at the back of your mind. What to do about your branding?

There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that you’ve got a great product or message as a business; but you can’t transfer that into something tangible from a branding perspective. This presents you with two options. You can either hash something together, knowing full well it doesn’t fully capture the tone or essence of the company; or there’s option two. You can use a branding agency in Essex. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading agency in the South-East, wanted to explain the benefits of having your branding managed externally.

Something New

You can forget all about something old, borrowed and blue; here at our branding agency in Essex, we’re focused on providing your start-up something new. Fresh ideas are what we’re all about and we love nothing more than the feeling of that initial brainstorm; where we get a chance to conjure up something where before there was nothing at all.

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With so many businesses out there, it can be difficult to come up with anything remotely new or fresh. This is especially the case if you work in an already heavily marketed industry. Puns induce cringes, logos look tacky and names seem unclear. This happens because business owners tend to look to base the whole branding around one component, a catchy name, for example, as opposed to being led by the brand itself. What they look for is a gimmick; and if there’s one thing that the world of business doesn’t need any more of, it’s gimmicks.

The need to search for a gimmick or something a bit tacky usually arises from a lack of confidence; which is understandable. If you’re launching a completely new business from scratch, it’s easy to feel daunted and you may even a little bit of that imposter syndrome experience. Take it from us; it’s far better to stick to your guns and launch something that’s true to your brand and more reflective of it, than look for a cheap marketing hike through the use of an overly used pun, let’s say.

If it’s the marketing aspect you’re worried about, ‘how will people know about my brand?’, for example, then using a marketing agency is a tried and trusted method. Better to build your brand organically to a position where its branding really comes into its own, than to come up with something that is useless in the medium to long term for your business, should it ever want to grow.

The Complete Package

You could choose to come up with a name yourself, hire your mate Steve to knock up a design and ask the family WhatsApp group chat to come up with a witty slogan. The result? You’d probably have something usable, but not much beyond that. Utilising a branding agency in Essex on the other hand; sees everything linked together which is what good branding should be all about. Your logo should tie back to your brand name, and the name should make you instantly recall that soon-to-be famous slogan. The idea of brand is a collective recognition and exposure, not just one standout aspect. A true brand is greater than the sum of its parts.

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At an agency, graphic designers will work together with content creators and writers on a client, bouncing ideas off one another every step of the way. Edges are smoothed off and clunky words or brush strokes removed. An agency offers both the initial creation, something that most people think they can confidently do, and a review process which refines what has been made. Successful branding isn’t usually about a lightbulb moment, no matter what TV shows like Mad Men may make you believe.

It’s about concerted effort, trial and error and a willingness to chop and change where necessary. When a business idea is your own pride and joy, it’s very hard to be objective about it. The brand idea you may come up with becomes set in your mind that it’s instantly perfect; that nothing else could sum it up better. This isn’t the best way of going about it. Being objective allows an agency to acknowledge when something may not quite be right, rather than ploughing on regardless of whether it’s going to be successful or not.

Seeing The Bigger Picture

When you’re having your branding done, it’s easy to get bogged down in the logo, name and slogan. Whilst these are obviously the main facets of any branding project, you need to consider how what you choose will play into your wider brand recognition. Will your logo, for example, look good in the much smaller grids of social media platforms like Instagram? Will what you come up with bring with it connotations of something completely unrelated?

There’s nothing worse, after all, than thinking of something and launching it, only for it to bet with derision because it reminds people of something you completely overlooked. The job of a branding agency in Essex is to take into account all these considerations; implementing a more holistic approach into their process ensures that all bases are covered, and that the branding that’s ultimately chosen will work across all fronts.

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You can see, then, just how important it is to start your business off from a position of strength. By starting as you mean to go on, you not only convey confidence to your target audience, but you instil a greater confidence within yourself as well. So, if you’d like to find out more about our branding agency in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit down and digest your brand’s message so that we can mock up some ideas for you!