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Branding Agency in Essex

Being a branding agency in Essex, we know just how integral great branding is for every business; big or small. In fact, 77% of market leaders say a strong brand is critical to growth. Having worked with companies across both the UK and USA, we have a wide understanding of the best ways to uphold a company’s image. Created in 2009, VerriBerri have worked with companies across most industries. We have achieved more than what was expected of us on every occasion.

What is Branding?

Branding is a very vague term and without expertise in this area it can quickly become confusing. Put simply, branding is anything that can be used to distinguish between you and a competitor. For example, this can be done through images and brand names. Although the definition I just gave may seem simple at first, delving into the intricacies of branding can throw up a few curveballs. This is why businesses often outsource the work to companies like our branding agency in Essex. 

Great branding shows potential customers that you are trustworthy. When done badly, branding can have the complete opposite effect, making your product or service appear cheap. Speaking from my own experience, I am often put off by websites and social media pages that aren’t professional and aesthetically pleasing… I can’t be the only one. Going further, reputation is vital to any business, especially smaller ones. Investing in good quality branding is not an unnecessary cost, it is an insurance policy for your reputation.   

To dispel the myth, branding is much more than just your logo. Branding is everything you do. It is the identity of every brand. Unfortunately, products can be copied very easily, but branding is much more unique and company specific. 

The Importance of Brand Guidelines

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Branding guidelines are the perfect safety net when it comes to marketing. Trying to communicate your brand can be tricky, but with the help of brand guidelines, you essentially have a rule book on how to best communicate your product or service. Branding guidelines cover a range of things from your logo, colour palette, typography, and tone of voice. When it comes down to keeping constant, brand guidelines are an incredibly important tool to utilise. Across the board, all your key colours must be the same shade. Fonts should be uniform, and brand tone must be consistent. To showcase the importance of brand guidelines; research shows consistent branding throughout various channels increases sales by 23%.

What our Branding Agency in Essex Can Do For You:

As mentioned previously, branding isn’t just about having a pretty logo. That being said, there are a range of design services our branding agency in Essex offers. Let’s take a closer look at how we can potentially help you. 


Posters are a great way of visual advertising. They are something our creative department are often asked to produce. When placed in a good location, posters can be highly successful if they are eye-catching enough. Unlike some other types of marketing, posters can be aimed specifically at your target audience. Placing them in locations that are target audience specific is likely to get a good response and start conversations surrounding your product or service. 

Social Media

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With social media usage on the rise, having an attractive fee is all important. Across all social media channels, people like to see a consistent theme; plus photos which are visually pleasing. For creative minded people, this may seem easy. However, for those of us who are more technical minded, the struggle is real. This is where you may consider using a company like our branding agency in Essex. Delving in further, consistency on any social media outlet makes your brand look more professional. Not only will this improve your reach, but it could also make your product/service come across as being more premium. Furthermore, if people are visually pleased by your social media, this will drive traffic to your website. This will then have a positive effect on your sales. 


The aim of any type of branding is to create brand recognition. Being one of the most basic types of branding, logos are great of making your product recognisable. When done well, they can also tell the story behind your company, making your brand more personable. People love being able to connect with others. Where possible, humanise your brand. This can be beneficial when increasing conversations and drumming up sales.


Colours improve brand recognition by up to 80%. This means that, as well as the visual pleasure you get from colour matching, branding makes your website more memorable. Leaving this kind of lasting impression on the consumer is vital to any business as it can really drive sales. Subsequently, being easily identifiable will place you above your competitors. 

Leaflets and Brochures

Although you may invest in a branding agency, leaflet and brochure creation and distribution is a relatively cost-effective way of branding. This makes it perfect for small to medium size companies to utilize. Having helped many clients in this area, leaflets can be a very efficient way of building up brand awareness and sales. Unlike digital marketing, this form of content is unrestrictive in terms of how much information you can give. Many social media sites have character count or at least word limits they deem as acceptable. Leaflets allow you to be as informative as you like, whilst also maintaining the visual pleasure. 

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The creative team at our branding agency in Essex work together with our clients to help bring them the best image we can. Offering the support we do, we aim to create an identity for your brand and define you from others in the same market. 

If branding is a department you feel you need help with, we would be more than happy to help. Our creative team are always raring to go and bursting with flare. To get in touch to discuss a free proposal, click here.