Branding Agency in Essex: The Benefits of Having Effective Branding

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Branding Agency in Essex: The Benefits of Having Effective Branding

As our branding agency in Essex knows, design and brand is one of the very first things you consider when starting a business. Quite frankly, it’s not something you can avoid. Similarly, many companies will need to implement rebranding at some point during their lifecycle. Without this stamp, you may as well admit failure. Afterall, a company without branding is like a ship with no sails. Effectively, you’re not going anywhere. 

At VerriBerri, graphic design is at the heart of everything we do. We have a whole team dedicated to the branding and rebranding of our clients. Our company is built on the foundations of young, creative and inspiring individuals. We work hard to serve our clients with only the very best. All whilst providing award-winning results and impeccable customer service. If you are hungry for growth, look no further than our branding agency in Essex.

What Is Branding?

Contrary to popular belief, branding encompasses far more than just a company logo. Although this is of course an imperative part of the process; it also includes other aspects too. In order to have strong branding, you also need to establish your key colours. Further than this, you also need to stick to a few solid fonts. These features should remain consistent throughout everything you put out into the world. For instance, your social media channels. 

When done properly, branding should speak for your company. It should tell a potential customer who you are, what you do and what your values consist of. You should be able to look at the imagery of a company and know exactly who it belongs too. No matter how big or small your company is, this is something that can be achieved with time and creativity.

How Branding Adds Value to a Business

Unfortunately, we live in society where time is very much of the essence. With this in mind, we react well to visuals. When scrolling through social media, people will only stop to look at something if it catches their eye. Through good branding, this is what you’ll achieve. With more people paying attention, you’re bound to see a rise in sales and therefore, overall turnover.  

Brands such as Gucci see most of their sales come from repeat purchase. This is because their branding is so solid, it promotes brand loyalty. Similarly, many people will buy each of Nikes new releases, simply so they remain feeling like they are part of the community. Even for smaller, more local companies, this is prevalent. If you’re willing to invest in a firm like our branding agency in Essex, this can be achieved in no time.

In addition to the above, good branding will also help people to remember you. If it has done its job properly, it should enable people to better distinguish between you and your competitors. It would be easy for you to make your branding similar to others in your market, especially if they’re highly successful. Despite the temptation, proper branding should be unique to the individual. This helps potential clients to differentiate between yourselves and other brands. Failure to do this will result in the lines becoming blurred. Before you know it, you could find yourself in hot water.

‘Low Risk Equals Low Reward’

Our branding agency in Essex often sees companies that are hesitant to try rebranding. Its right to feel anxious when presented with such a big change however, sometimes rebranding is a necessary step. In fact, being risk adverse when development is needed, could contribute to the failure of your business. 

Although daunting, many companies have seen masses of triumph from their rebranding efforts. This is especially the case if you’re able to get a good PR team behind you. To name an example, McDonalds is one brand that are constantly evolving. A quick search on Google will turn up lots of results on the fast-food chains previous packaging. By keeping their branding current and refreshing their restaurants frequently, this has helped the business retain its customers. Had they let themselves fall behind, they could end up in a similar position to the likes of Whimpy.

What You’ll Love Most About Our Branding Agency in Essex


Keeping our services personable is something that really matters to us at VerriBerri. We like to think we’re unique and as are all of the clients we work with. With this in mind, taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing just isn’t one that works. When a client approaches us, one of the first things we do is get to work on creating a proposal for them. These are always completely bespoke and are tailored to meet every individual need. This is something our previous and current partners have loved about our service.

When researching marketing agencies, you were probably met with thousands of options in the London area. Whilst these often come associated with high rates, don’t let this put you off. Our design agency is obviously based outside of the city in the heart of Essex. With much lower costs, we’re able to pass our saving onto our clients. This means a more affordable marketing strategy for you without compromising on quality. What’s more, we’re known for being one of the largest marketing firms in the South East. Having our large team behind you will mean your brand gets all the attention it deserves.

Finally, one thing we’re never shy in boasting about are the multiple awards we have won. These range from ‘Best Marketing and PR Agency’ right the way through to ‘Businessperson of the Year.’ We hope these go a long way in proving our excellence. 

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Ultimately, a business not spending time on their branding is holding themselves back. If you want your customers to remember you and come back for more, this needs to be a heavy focal point for you.

No matter what industry you’re in, our team have the skills to help you thrive. For more information on how we can add value to your business, why not get in touch? You can do so by contacting our Essex branding agency on 01376 386 850. Alternatively, just click here!