Branding Agency in the UK: Why Good Branding Is So Essential

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Branding Agency in the UK: Why Good Branding Is So Essential

Our branding agency in the UK, VerriBerri, is well known as being one of the biggest marketing firms in the South East. We help our clients to tell a narrative through their branding whilst shining a light on their talents. Through our work, our valued customers benefit from a multitude of different things. 

What Is Branding?

Many of the clients that approach us come with an already constructed idea of what branding is. More often than not, they believe this to be their logo. Whilst this isn’t strictly incorrect, there are lots of aspects to branding that often get forgotten. 

On the whole, branding is about creating a personality for your business. It should remain consistent throughout all of your content including your website and social media. When working with a branding agency in the UK, you benefit from an entire set of branding guidelines. These include information on your tone of voice, key fonts, and colours. In addition, we can design or redesign your logo and assist with creating branded packaging. Overall, your branding should speak volumes for your business. It should tell a clear story about who you are and your ethos. Having a powerful message behind your company will put you in good stead for the future. 

Increased Recognition

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The end goal of every marketing campaign is increased recognition and branding is no exception. Whether you like it or not, imagery is king in a modern society. Realistically and rather ironically, people aren’t drawn into long pieces of text like they used to be. In fact, these can be quite intimidating. When scrolling on social media, people won’t stop unless something catches their attention. For instance, something they recognise.

One of the biggest benefits of branding is memorability. There have been many findings that prove imagery is more memorable than text. Not only does it stop us scrolling but images are easier to digest and retain. This is vital considering consumer behaviour shows a strong trend towards customers sticking to the brands they know. Your target segment should know who you are from your branding without your name even being mentioned. 

Builds Reputation

Its reported that people form opinions within 7 seconds of their first interaction with an individual or brand. Further, it’s thought that humans start determining attributes such as trust within a tenth of a second. Therefore, as a business, you are extremely limited on time when it comes to impressing potential clients. Moreover, trying to reform someone’s view is said to be as hard as trying to stop a train running at full pelt. The fact is, we’re stubborn. Once our opinions have been solidified, there is little wriggle room. For you, this means building yourselves a strong reputation from the get-go.

Branding is often the first thing people will see of your company. Making sure you are shining a positive light on your brand will go a long way in making a good first impression.

Supports Other Marketing and Advertising Materials

Previously, we mentioned how crucial it is that your branding remains consistent throughout. When this is achieved, branding should help support your other marketing and advertising materials. Humans have a very short attention span so catching their eye can be tricky. When you feature heavy branding within everything you do, people become more drawn to your content. This is simply because they are able to recognise who it has come from. 

Generates New Customers

If your branding is aesthetically pleasing, this is likely to draw more attention to your product or service. By piquing consumer interest, individuals are then likely to go further by visiting your website or social media profile. If they like what they see, they may make a purchase and so on.

It’s proven that the average person processes images 60,000 times faster than we do with text. All in all, branding is an effective way of sharing a message in seconds, making it more palatable for new potential customers.

Promotes Trust

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It’s 2021 and the number of dodgy brands that are about has increased tenfold in recent times. With this, consumers have had to smarten up to this trend. Trustworthiness is an extremely vital element that your business needs to radiate in order to be successful. Unless people are confident you are credible, this will deter them from making a purchase. 

Branding plays a big part in making your company look and feel legitimate. More often than not, deceitful businesses will have distressed branding. If yours isn’t keeping up with trends or promoting this idea of professionalism, you may be tarred with the same brush. Something that will be detrimental to the longevity of your company.


With the internet came immense competition within many markets. Moreover, the rise of lockdown start-ups is about to excel this problem further. With many industries becoming oversaturated, lots of brands are at risk of blending into the crowd. 

Branding is arguably the most effective way to differentiate you from your fellow competitors. Although it is often easier to mimic what another brand in your sector has created, this is a risky strategy. As an award-winning branding agency in the UK, we encourage our clients to be unique. In doing so, you’re able to better establish yourselves within your market. 

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At VerriBerri, we have 12 years of extensive experience as a branding agency in the UK. With many accolades under our belt, we’re confident we can deliver amazing results for each client we work with. Our graphic design team are close-knit and imaginative individuals. Something we view to be one of our biggest strengths as a marketing firm.

If your business needs a refresh or you’re starting from scratch with your branding, then we want to help! We love working alongside brands who are passionate about growth and we hope to assist you in your journey. For more information and to speak to a member of the team, click here!