Branding Design Agency: Constructing A Strong Image for Your Brand


Branding Design Agency: Constructing A Strong Image for Your Brand

So, you’re looking at the possibility of hiring a branding design agency, right? At least, that’s how we’re guessing you found us anyway! You’ve got a wonderful idea for a new business, and you know it can really be something, but you’re now sat wondering how to best communicate this. You have the required funds, you’ve done your research and you’ve maybe even already started networking, but something’s missing. What are you going to do about your branding?

At VerriBerri, we are a leading design agency here in the South East. Starting in 2009, we have experience helping a plethora of different businesses with their design. From lockdown start-ups to global conglomerates, there are no limitations to what we can do or who we can help. If you’re keen to know more about our approach to branding and working with us, keep reading!

Things to Consider When Branding (or Rebranding)

Below the surface, there is far more to branding than first meets the eye. Before delving too deep into the actual design aspect of things, you really need to get to know the company you are working on behalf of. As experts, we know this. Below are a few of the steps we take as a branding design agency…

1.    The Foundations

When dipping our toes into any element of design, it’s important that we explore what a brand is really about. Vital questions include: what direction is the business heading in? What is your companies’ mission and core values? Once our design team have grasped a good level of knowledge, step one is then complete. 

2.    Who Do You Want to Be?

We then need to know how you want your brand to look. Believe it or not, we’re not mind readers! It’s at this stage that we usually carry out intensive research into consumer behaviour. Once this has been completed, we can then combine our knowledge of different markets. It’s at this stage that our ideas start coming to fruition. 

Menu graphic design

Are you looking to adopt a playful, fun atmosphere? Is corporate and professional more your vibe? Often, these assumptions can be made right from the initial call. However, it is our job to delve deeper than the surface as any good graphic designer would. Your branding isn’t just about your logo. It’s so much more. And when you get this spot on, your organisation is able to make a lasting impact.

3.    Uniformity

When it comes to branding, there is little more important than consistency. There’s no point having an Instagram that says one thing and a website that communicates another. This will just lead to confusion around who your brand really is! Think. That newsletter you just sent out; does it have your updated logo on it? If the answer is no, it’s likely this isn’t going to be as lucrative as it could be. 

What’s more, when carrying out branding, you need to consider different formats too. One logo that fits in your websites banner may not look good on your email marketing campaign. As a branding design agency, we are able help with getting the right balance between consistency and the unavoidable variations in your design. 

Looking For Rebranding Instead?

Lots of businesses are apprehensive about rebranding. Whatever way you look at it, there is always going to be that element of risk. However, providing you have a good team of experts behind you, you really have nothing to worry about. Companies rebrand all of the time. Providing the project is managed well, this can in fact open far more doors for you in the future. This could just be the best decision you ever make.

What You Get When You Utilise a Branding Design Agency

As our tagline would suggest, our elite team are the kings of fresh ideas. At VerriBerri, we are strong believers in individuality. It is through being diverse that people notice and remember you in the first instance, making this a vital attribute. With so many businesses out there, originality can feel almost impossible. As professionals, however, we’re here to help you inject some flare!  


What’s more, as an agency, we are able to offer an outsider’s perspective when it comes to the design element. All too often, we see businesses getting too bogged down on the finer details and attributes such as their logo. Of course, this in an important part of the branding process, however, it is important you look at the bigger picture. For example, is your logo going to look just as good when squashed into a grid on your social media? Does your chosen style carry any connotations that could impact you in a negative way?

Finally, when you work with a branding design agency, we can offer ongoing support. Sure, there are elements of your image you may want to come up with yourself. Your brand name and slogan, for example. Of course, this may be useable, but it isn’t going to be much beyond that. When you work with a team of professionals, we will ensure everything is perfectly intertwined – something that all good branding has in common! No component of your branding should be a stand-alone attribute. 

Want To Know More About Working with Us?

Starting your business or embarking on a new venture needs to begin from a position of strength. Every successful business is built on the foundations of strong design and there is no reason as to why yours shouldn’t be! Being based in Essex, we are able to offer an affordable solution. What’s more, we will go above and beyond to deliver cutting edge design to give you that ‘wow’ factor.

If you are after more information on working with our branding design agency, give us a call! We would love to have a sit down and discuss your visions for the company going forward! If you’re determined to build a long-standing business, we want to be a part of it! To get in touch, just click here!