Business Development Agency in Essex, working across the UK.

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Business Development Agency in Essex, working across the UK.

Why You Need A Business Development Agency in 2021.

We all know that in order for a business to do well, they need to keep moving with the times. Although the concept of marketing dates back to the late nineteenth century, it’s also an area which has seen lots of development through the years. Modern concepts such influencer marketing and social media have spiralled in popularity. Traditional forms of marketing, in many circumstances, still work!  Implementing these into your marketing strategy could just be the best thing you ever do.

Despite the importance of evolution, many businesses are still holding themselves back. Unless you are constantly developing your marketing strategy to incorporate different trends, you’re not going to be increasing your bottom line. This is where many brands seek the expertise of our business development agency. With 12 years of experience in the industry, it’s our job to help your company reach new heights. Whether this is through internal communications or external methods, our hard work is guaranteed to help your company grow.

Internal Communications

As many of you will be aware, internal communications make discussions and understanding as fluid as possible. Essentially, making sure your team are all on the same page. Unless there is an element of transparency; messages and your brand ethos become lost in translation. This will affect the rate at which you are able to grow. Ensuring you are working on your internal communications is essential if you want things to run smoothly. It’s often overlooked, but realistically if you don’t have a solid strategy from the ground up; your business isn’t going to flourish. 

At VerriBerri, there are a number of things we can do to help improve your internal communications. Most commonly, the area we specialise in is creating documentation and clarifying messaging. For example, putting together brand identity briefs, white papers and company newsletters. 

Our business development agency has an entire department dedicated to this area. No matter what you’re after, we have the skillset to deliver.

External Communications

Business Development Agency

Parallel to internal, external communications are a way of communicating effectively with outside sources. For example, your potential or existing customers. Our business development agency has a rich knowledge of marketing and consumer behaviour. This means that we are able to work alongside our clients to construct a marketing strategy that is going to bring impressive results.

Marketing improves the visibility of your brand in order to bring your business more attention and increase your sales and site traffic. As a result of this, you’ll experience growth within your company. 

Let’s explore some of the methods you should consider implementing:

Social Media

Social media is a modern area of marketing that has helped millions of brands with their exposure. With so many different platforms to choose from, there isn’t anyone who can’t benefit from building an online presence. No matter who your audience are, you’re likely to reach them through one variation or another. Knowing where to market yourselves, however, is a whole other ball game.

Outreach on LinkedIn is a vital part of business development, especially for B2B companies. 

Whilst all social media is great for networking, LinkedIn was built specifically for businesses to communicate with other companies. Connecting with people you think may be in need of your services is a great way to find potential customers. Before doing this, however, you first need to ensure you’re posting regularly. There’s no point trying to win over a lead if you have nothing to show for it. Content is a great way to showcase your expertise and solidify your professionalism. This simply adds another layer to back you up when networking.

In order to grow internally, you need to make expanding your team a heavy focal point. As demand rises from your other marketing techniques, bringing on new staff is a great way to ensure you’re working at your maximum capacity. This will help your business to perform more efficiently. This is another thing that LinkedIn is great for. This platform is an extremely popular tool when it comes to recruitment. Although there is a small fee to pay, it is well worth the money. As well as this, lots of people use LinkedIn in order to headhunt candidates. This is, of course, free and another way you can recruit through this outlet. 

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation remains one of the most popular areas of marketing for external communications. Despite its importance, it’s also the area that people struggle with the most. In order to get your website ranking better, you first need the combined experience and knowledge of a professional team. 

The internet rears its head in almost everything that we do on a daily basis. So much so that ‘Google it’ has become a colloquialism used by many. As a business, Google are constantly looking for ways to improve their service. Building their algorithm was just one of the many ways to do this. Their overall aim is essentially to improve the ease of use for us consumers. In order to do this, they needed a way to separate the most helpful information from the rest. Having had this system in place for so long, this has meant we’ve become lazy with our ‘Googling.’ Through the years, we have grown acclimatised to finding the information we need within the first few results. For us, this is great. For businesses, however, not so much.

It’s a well-known and explored fact that any options ranking under 3rd place see a dramatic difference when it comes to organic site traffic. This means that if you’re not ranking highly, if at all, less people will discover your brand. If you’re adding a saturated market on top of this, you really don’t stand a chance. If you’re looking to bring yourselves new business then SEO needs to be a big priority for you. 

Email Marketing

We’ve all been guilty of buying something because a discount code has landed in our inbox. Anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. Although we have so many different options for messaging, emailing still remains in popular demand. Reportedly, 3.9 billion of us were using emails throughout 2019 for communication. With this staggering statistic, it’s no wonder this is a great way to reach people.

Sending out mass emails has never been easier, especially with the genius invention of Mailchimp. As we mentioned earlier, we’ve all received discount codes and sale notifications in our emails. In addition, I’m sure we’ve all seen countless company newsletters. Although these may be somewhat annoying for customers if they come in abundance, they’re proven to do the job. 

Although straight forward, email marketing does however fall victim to the GDPR guidelines. 

This means it can feel near impossible trying to keep up with what you can and cannot do. Regardless, it’s integral that you abide by the rules as they continue to change. Not doing so could result in heavy fines and a damaged reputation. Don’t let this put you off though. Email marketing is still well within your reach. You just may benefit from working collaboratively with a specialist team.

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Of course, this is just the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to marketing. Marketing is a very broad topic and one that can be difficult to navigate. If you’d like to hear more about your options, we’d be happy to discuss this further. With this, we can also tell you about all the other great things we do!

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