Business Development Agency

Business Development Agency

Business Development Agency

Our Essex Business Development agency have been operational for 11 years, with global success. Our clients benefit from increased income, enhanced exposure, and streamlined procedures. VerriBerri are small enough to listen and understand, but large enough to make a huge difference to your brand. 

When you work with our agency we will start by determining what you can do in the market you currently compete in. From here we will create a strategy that means you dominate there, rather than compete. Furthermore, we look at where you can break the mould and expose your brand to more relevant people. 

What does a business development agency do? 

A business development agency is committed to helping grow your business in a measurable manner. They ensure your business has lasting value by helping you enter new markets, and increase your reach in arenas you already compete in. 

Essex Marketing

It’s hard work pushing your company out to more ears and eyes. After all, if people don’t know you exist, how can they buy from you? 

Alternatively, it could be that people in one sector have noticed you, and perhaps you’ve attained customers there. But what if you want to break into a new market? 

For example; you could own a business selling prestige dog food. You have sorted out who your target audience is; people who own dogs and earn a good wage, leaving them with disposable income. However, you believe you should have a higher income. But how? 

Our experts will look at other areas you can disrupt the market. For example; companies with an office dog. Generally speaking, these offices are fashionable and have an appearance to uphold. Not only will they have the money to spend on the dog food but they are likely to have desirable social media channels. As such it would be useful to put something in the delivery to encourage a social media post, offering you free marketing. The people that follow that page are likely to have similar interests and as such, are probably still your target market. 

A great business development agency will think of these ideas for you, create a bespoke strategy, and report back with findings and results. 

What do I ask? 

When you speak to an agency, make sure you are asking the right questions. A few examples of these are: ·

How is what you do different to other agencies? How do you price your work? What KPI’s will you work to? How do you report? What do you do to keep up momentum? When will I see results? 

What can I expect? 

1. A business development agency ‘gets it’. They should understand what you are doing and furthermore, they should understand your target market, how they think, and when they make a buying decision. 

2. They know the power of inbound marketing. Too many people rely on outbound strategies still and the truth is, they just don’t work as well. When you have a solid inbound approach, you are targeting your potential customers when they need you most, when they are asking the relevant questions, and at the right stage in the buying timeline. Take this blog as an example. You are probably here because you would like to know if you should use a business development agency, and are weighing up how well this will benefit your business. 

3. Lots of questions! The agency looking after you will want to know everything they can so they can help you develop. They will be looking for strengths that they can exploit, and weaknesses they can repair. 

4. Goals and targets. Any business development agency of value will determine what the end goal is, and work milestones into a plan. Further to this, they will log all of this so that they are accountable for the worth they carry out. For example, we provide a scope of work with clearly defined KPI’s. This allows the client something to refer to and keeps the work carried out in line with any and all business, marketing, or financial projections or plans. 

5. Brand recognition. Your brand needs to stand out in order to disrupt and dominate your industry. Branding needs to be strong and consistent across everything you do. Your brand isn’t just a logo and corporate colours. It’s also your tone and company culture. 

6. Realism. Great business development agencies under promise and over deliver. Be wary of anyone who tells you that they can get amazing results in incredible timescales. Best case scenario, they are lying. Worst case, they will use questionable tactics that could cause your website to be severely penalised, or blacklisted. Great results take time and hard work. With this comes a great reputation and real consequences that benefit your business for a long time. 

Need a business development agency? 

VerriBerri are proud that our work grows your business. We are personal, hardworking and most of all, targeted. There’s no point receiving thousands of visitors to your website if none of them will buy from you! 

We are proud to work across a number of marketing disciplines, helping our clients win millions of pounds’ worth of business across the board. VerriBerri have helped some of the biggest and smallest businesses in the UK because we believe everyone deserves great PR, marketing, and business development for their business. 

We can work as a consultancy, offering advice and guidance through regular calls, Skype, Zoom, or meetings. 

Alternatively, we are a full-service agency who have departments for many marketing techniques. Public relations, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, content marketing, graphic design, roadshows… the list goes on. 

If you want to make more money, our integrated marketing, PR, and business development agency are the perfect solution. Click here to get in touch for an entirely bespoke proposal tailored to your industry, company, and budget.