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Business Growth PR Agency

As a business growth PR agency, we have seen lots of companies flourish from our PR efforts. Through the years, we have worked with a whole range of clients from local start-ups to multi-national conglomerates. No matter the size of your company, growth is important and we’re here to help you progress. 

What is PR?

PR stands for public relations. This refers to the process in which a business aims to bridge the gap between them and the general public. This could be through a range of different things. Collaborations with influencers or by appearing in newspaper and magazine articles to name two examples.

Many have experienced PR to be unpredictable, so some businesses are apprehensive to spend money in this area. It’s for this reason that we introduced our guarantee on PR results. This means you won’t be hit with any unexpected surprises along the way and can be confident in the results we’ll deliver. What’s more, we’re the only company within the UK (to our knowledge) who offer this. 

How PR Can Help Grow Your Business

Unless this form of marketing worked, our business growth PR agency would quickly fail. Judging by over a decade of work and multiple awards, we must be doing something right! Not convinced? Let’s explore all of the ways that PR can help grow your business and add value.


Publications such as The Guardian or established influencers have a reputation to withhold. As a result, their views are trusted amongst their audience. Imagine what this would mean for your business if you were to appear within their content. Naturally, this would of course boost your credibility. If a household name is willing to put their reputation on the line to recommend you, you must be doing something right. Not only will this expose you to new markets, but it will also put you one step ahead of your competitors.

Brand Recognition

There are companies popping up left right and centre. Due to this, you may have found yourself in a saturated market. Additionally, you may be a small business or start-up that not many of us have heard about. Regardless of your situation, you can still reap the benefits that a business growth PR agency like ours has to offer. 

No matter what form of marketing you take on, the end goal will always be to improve the memorability of your brand and increate your sales. If people haven’t heard of you, they’re not going to know they can buy from you. The more your name is mentioned in tabloids, magazines, on TV, or by influencers; the more people will know who you are. 

Increased Reach

Anybody, from any walk of life can pick up a newspaper. It’s easy to narrow down a specific target audience but how about those you’re leaving behind? Our PR team have a huge reach. This means you’re able to touch areas of your market you may have otherwise neglected. Just imagine what you could be missing out on without it! 

Types of Public Relations

As touched on previously, there are lots of different routes to take with PR. This being said, not all of them will be suitable for your business. In addition to this, PR is actually much more difficult than it may look on the surface. Let’s take a closer look at your options:

Influencer & Bloggers

How often have you been innocently browsing through your social media feed and been drawn into buying something you didn’t actually need?

Social media is a tool that every business out there should be utilising. Not only is it a form of marketing in its own right but it also intertwines itself within PR. Influencers are popping up everywhere and lots of companies have jumped on the bandwagon by using them to promote their products. Put simply, an ‘influencer’ is considered to be any individual with a big following across their social media platforms. From here, they are able to influence the decisions of their audience. 

Influencers and bloggers often come with exclusivity. A large proportion of their audience will rush to buy whatever it is that they’re promoting. What’s more, people will trust their opinion. Therefore, if you’re collaborating or gifting your product to certain influencers you can be sure to expect a boost in sales and brand recognition.  

Print Publications

It’s thought by many that printed newspapers and magazines are slowly dying out. Regardless, they’re still wildly popular amongst the general public. Despite the ease of going online to read articles, there is still nothing quite as satisfying as picking up a hard copy. Further to this, most print publications have a digital format too, so you can benefit from double the exposure! 

Depending on your product, this form of PR can be great for getting your name out there. Articles surrounding the face behind the business can be great for humanising your brand. 

Despite the love still being there for printed copies; as above, lots of publications are making way for digital versions. Regardless of which you’re pitching for, this form of PR is also particularly great for shouting about the changes you’re making to your brand. Whether that’s rebranding or making your product more economically friendly to name a few examples.

Crisis Management

Something that’s often forgotten about when people approach a business growth PR agency are the benefits that come with crisis management. Whilst press can be great for exposure, no brand, big or small, is immune to the negatives of this industry. Crisis management is a great way for every business to invest in their future and insure their positive reputation. We’re able to keep negative stories that could be detrimental to your brand away from the eyes of your audience. What’s more, if a crisis story has already been broken to the world, we can help minimise the impact.

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If the help of a business growth PR agency sounds like something you could benefit from, we would be more than happy to help. We value our clients and love to grow alongside them. Afterall, you’re not just our customers, you’re our partners.

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