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Our small business marketing agency often see people overlook the importance of marketing. Having worked with a vast range of start-ups and small businesses, we have seen time and time again just how beneficial marketing can be in boosting your brand. 

When people talk about outsourcing marketing, they often associate it with a hefty price tag. Here at VerriBerri, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a small business ourselves, with a team of just 18, we know how important value for money is. We offer a completely tailored service at an affordable price. We’re also confident in our results making the ROI more than worth it. We encourage our clients to see investing in a small business marketing agency an insurance policy rather than an additional cost. 

Where Do I Start with Marketing My Product?

There are many different types of marketing, however not all are suitable for every market. This is where outsourcing the work to an agency can be useful. Our expertise and years of experience means we are able to best pinpoint where your time and money will be best spent. Furthermore, it lightens the workload for you.

The following are the best marketing types for small businesses:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite simple, so we’ll start here. Research shows 9 in 10 marketers use emails as a way of marketing their product. You know when you make an account on a website and they start sending you through newsletters? That is a type of email marketing. 

As I’m sure is obvious, its direct overall aim is to make you spend money. This type of marketing can be vital to small businesses purely because it can drive interested traffic to your website. Having links in your emails make it accessible for potential customers to quickly click and have a browse which will in turn lead to an increase in sales and therefore, revenue. It also makes it easier for your customers to connect with you, especially if you feature your social channels at the bottom like many do. 

Where email marketing can become tricky is in the technicalities surrounding GDPR. This is often where it can be useful to outsource to a small business marketing agency. Compliance is incredibly important and with strict rules, it can be hard to keep on top of. Not sticking to the guidelines can cause disputes which can in turn damage your reputation. The associated fines are quite scary too! Being a small business, reputation and income is everything, so it is integral you don’t ignore this. Design and mobile phone optimization can also be hard to get your head around; specifically, if you’re not naturally creative. Agencies like ours will have a creative department which enables us to give you the visual flare you need in situations like these.


B2b marketing and PR agency

SEO is very tricky to get right. Not only are Google’s algorithms constantly changing but the whole process of SEO itself can become very time consuming. Our small business marketing agency are always keeping up to date with the new criteria and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to improving your Google ranking. You may have noticed that many companies have blogs on their websites. This is because content creation contributes to your EAT (a list of requirements set out by Google.) Within this, you then have to worry about your readability. Google likes simplicity and therefore, gets picky about things such as sentence length, keywords, and headings. This being said, blog writing and formatting is just a drop in the ocean when it comes to SEO. I could also go into detail about meta descriptions, back linking and social media building but we’d be here all day.

Social Media

Social media tends to be the aspect of marketing that companies take on themselves and that’s great! However, if you lack a creativity or skill; you may look at getting help in this area. Being a young team of individuals, we know our way around social media pretty well. What’s more, we have an advantage when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends. 

Unfortunately, social media isn’t always quite as simple as it seems. With lots of companies coming under fire recently for sharing controversial content; the online world can be sensitive. Being a small business marketing company, we know what we can and cannot post, eliminating the risk of a damaged reputation. Moreover, people often struggle coming up with the actual content to post. We’re only human and all have days where we get a mental block. In the office, we are constantly bouncing ideas of each other meaning we are never short of ideas.  

Following on from above, social media has an abundance of benefits. Not only does it get your product/service out there for everyone to see, it creates a discussion amongst your target market. This all contributes to better brand awareness, resulting in higher website traffic and then sales. Furthermore, building up a social media presence can also help boost your SEO giving you the best of both worlds. It really is a huge asset when it comes to business. 

Local PR

Essex Marketing

Public relations is often associated with conglomerates; however it can be incredibly helpful for small businesses too. Whilst we are able to communicate your brand to our larger press contacts, sometimes your budget may not allow for this. To allow for lower costs, we can however look at a lower campaign. With contacts across the board and a specialised team, we have the ability to give you the well-earned reach you deserve. Having had many of our clients featured in magazines, newspapers, and on TV; we have all been able to see the impact this kind of exposure can have to any brand, big or small. 

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Of course, all businesses are different and as such will all have distinctive requirements. At our small business marketing agency, we understand the importance of delivering a high-quality service. If reading this has made you realise that you could do with some help in the marketing department, we would be more than happy to help! To get in touch, click here.