A-Z of business Marketing – Part 1

Welcome to our a-z of business marketing – Part one! On this occasion, we will be covering A-L, with the second part being published next week. Marketing is an important part of any business structure. This is because without the right marketing in place your idea may not get the exposure it needs! Advertising: This … Read moreA-Z of business Marketing – Part 1

Forward Thinking Email Marketing

Today our Essex based marketing team would like to blog about email marketing. Many of you have told us you have done it, but are they being read? Subject lines that will get your emails opened. There are businesses dedicated to nothing but testing subject lines and finding out what you should put to get … Read moreForward Thinking Email Marketing

Your Essex Social Media Marketing Team

The analogy making the rounds in our office is how social media is like a garden (how seasonal are we!!!) It’s quite a clear explanation. If you plant something, tend to it, use the correct tools and periodically clear out the ‘junk’ your business will have a flourishing social media presence and if you don’t’ … Read moreYour Essex Social Media Marketing Team

The Power Of Social Media

Social media is taking over the marketing world. Social media marketing is now used by almost every company. There are many important reasons you should use social media to market your company and indeed you should find the time to use it every single day. Social media isn’t as easy as posting a simple tweet … Read moreThe Power Of Social Media

Marketing Using Twitter – Part 1

First things first… Why are you using Twitter? Is it to chat with your friends or to build your business? If you are just looking to tweet about your choice of breakfast and pictures of kittens you are reading the wrong book! This blog is a guide to using Twitter the correct way. It will … Read moreMarketing Using Twitter – Part 1

Marketing Using Twitter – Part 2

Who are your customers? Any good marketing strategy takes social media demographic and psychographic profiling very seriously –and so should you! Demographics explain who and psychographics, why. There is no point sending a message out if you do not know who you are sending them to. Demographics are the bread and butter of audience-based targeting. They … Read moreMarketing Using Twitter – Part 2

Marketing Using Twitter – Part 3

Research Twitter’s Market.  Now you know who you want to talk to you must find them in the vast sea of Twitter. No one likes research and the temptation to dive in and get going can be overwhelming. However, putting the effort in now will pay dividends so try to be patient. What we want … Read moreMarketing Using Twitter – Part 3