Chelmsford Digital Marketing Agency: A Beginners Guide

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Chelmsford Digital Marketing Agency: A Beginners Guide

Our Chelmsford digital marketing agency don’t just provide a short-term solution to our clients. We provide an effective, long-term strategy. 

Here at the VerriBerri offices, we work hard to build and maintain our clients’ online identities. Further, to construct and maintain meaningful relationships with their audiences, something that is becoming increasingly critical for brands to achieve.

Our close-knit team have over a decade of experience working across the digital marketing landscape. Within our offices, we have multiple departments dedicated to each speciality. As creative and passionate beings, ideation is never in short supply, nor is quality. With our multiple awards and proven track record, you can be confident when working alongside us.

What Is Digital Marketing?

The term ‘digital marketing’ refers to any marketing solution that involves an electronic device or the internet. Some of these methods include:

Why Is It Important?

We all know that digital is the way forward. This is no secret. Although traditional marketing methods are still highly effective, for most businesses, digital solutions are usually more lucrative. 

Digital marketing is important because it allows companies to build better visibility for their brand. Further, to generate new leads and sale conversions. Digital methods allow businesses to connect with their existing clientele whilst also developing new business.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your Business

As a Chelmsford digital marketing agency, we have helped hundreds of clients reap the many benefits of an effective strategy. The advantages are endless. Below are just a handful of ways digital marketing can add value to your business.

Cost Effective

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Firstly, digital marketing tends to be much more cost effective than traditional techniques or advertising. Setting up profiles on social media costs nothing. Equally, when you outsource to an agency, we can gain you some amazing press opportunities, without paying a penny extra. Should you approach these publications directly, this would usually incur a charge. Additionally, there are also some areas of digital marketing you may choose to manage yourselves in order to keep costs low. For example, managing your social media.

Although there are indirect costs associated with marketing, return on investment (ROI) is extremely high. When you work alongside our Chelmsford digital marketing agency, we strive for amazing results that go above and beyond your expectations. 

Easily Manageable

Traditional marketing is known for being difficult to measure. The truth is, when you put up a poster, it’s impossible to know how many sales this has generated. When using social media, you are given an insight into a whole host of data and analytics. These make it possible for businesses to identify the best times to post and what their audience enjoy seeing. Moreover, conversions from email marketing can also be tracked very easily, as can SEO. 

Assessing your progress is vital when it comes to marketing. This can identify potential fragilities in your campaigns and whether remarketing is needed. It also helps to keep your team more motivated and allows you to see if you are on track for hitting targets. If you aren’t measuring these areas, you could be wasting your time. 

Encourages Social Proof

Social proof is important. This is the idea that people copy the actions of others in order to achieve what they perceive as ‘normal’ behaviour. In other words, if lots of people are doing something, others will follow. 

Testimonials and user-generated content are all ways to encourage this pattern of behaviour. It is all very well saying your company is elite, but can you prove it? Digital marketing provides a platform for you to give evidence of this. Generating trust and building credibility is vital.

Vast Reach

Reportedly, there are 4.66 billion people worldwide that are frequent internet users. What’s more, 3.96 billion individuals are also using social media. The internet quite literally has the ability to connect you with people all over the world. 

Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing allows you to go global with your campaigns. This is particularly useful if your company works nationally or operates outside of your local area. The reach of digital marketing is extremely vast and allows you to tap into new markets.

Why Choose Our Chelmsford Digital Marketing Agency?

As a digital marketing firm, it is our job to increase your brand awareness through crafting effective campaigns. We help clients drive sales and secure their future.

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When you work with VerriBerri, you benefit from our wide range of experience. We understand that every business is different and with this, you will all have individual needs for your marketing. Getting to know the clients we work with is a key step in our process and keeping things bespoke and personal is a priority. We create a completely tailored scope of work for each of our clients and are dedicated to doing exactly what is best for your business.

Finding one agency that specialises in multiple areas is extremely difficult. Especially in the local Essex area. When you work with us, you benefit from a team who are multi-skilled and can take on any challenge. Marketing can be a lengthy process however, we can keep things stress-free, with a heavy focus on communication. 

Furthermore, affordability is also something we are constantly striving to achieve. When looking into city firms, marketing can quickly become costly. Being based outside of London allows us to benefit from much cheaper running costs. As such, we are able to pass this saving onto you, as the consumer. As we mentioned earlier, high ROI is a huge benefit of digital marketing. When working with VerriBerri, we strive to make your strategy as lucrative as possible, whilst still remaining inexpensive.

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