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Why You Should Choose A Chelmsford Marketing Agency Rather Than A London Firm

Everyone knows about the glitz and the glam of London. The cosmopolitan metropolis where a person can be whoever they want to be and do so freely. It’s a wonderful city, one we’re lucky to have as our capital. It’s also incredibly expensive, I mean, ridiculously so. Given that it practically bankrupts you every time you buy a cocktail; it’s not a surprise that people are starting to look elsewhere for their company’s needs.

The competitive nature of today’s business world means that marketing is increasingly one of those needs. Without marketing, you’ll struggle to cut through the noise of every other business. That’s why it’s worth considering going beyond London’s sprawl and outsourcing your marketing. The team here at VerriBerri, a leading Chelmsford marketing agency; wanted to look at some of the benefits of taking a gander further afield for your marketing needs.


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This is the most obvious reason to look outside the city; the prices for marketing fall of a cliff, comparatively speaking. In terms of bang for your buck, there’s no competition. The automatic assumption when something is cheaper, is that the quality of service diminishes correspondingly. However, utilising a Chelmsford marketing agency, for example, will guarantee you similarly good results and do so without the air of exclusivity, dare we say, snobbery; that some of the London agencies have been known to possess. It’s especially important to cut on costs in the case of smaller businesses who are reliant on cash flow rather than credit. Speaking with regards to the budget, SMEs can’t commit to larger financial outlays in the way large corporations can. It seems unfair that this should mean you don’t get access to high-quality marketing. Sure, the scale may be smaller, but the quality absolutely shouldn’t be.


A lot of the agencies in the city are fairly massive operations involving many, many employees. This enables them to carry out huge corporate work and take on projects of a much larger scale. This is fabulous as we see some of the truly memorable marketing campaigns, as a result. The thing with this, however, is that it sometimes means they lose that intimacy with a client that we believe marketing is all about. If you’re a small business or SME, you want your marketing to feel bespoke and tailored, and not just like you’re another number on a page. You want to know that you’re getting the undivided attentions of the agency as a holistic whole, it helps make your business feel valued and helps give that self-assurance and justification that your business deserves to be in the market.

If You’re Essex-Based Anyway

Here at our Chelmsford marketing agency, we come across many Essex-based businesses that hire the help of a London agency because they think they have to! It baffles us that they’d pay so much for services that they could get of the same quality at half the price. Moreover, if you’re a company in Colchester, Chelmsford, Romford or any other major Essex town, we’d wager you’d much rather have people taking care of your marketing that actually have local knowledge. Their marketing (in all forms) will be more on the money because they know what people from Essex will be able to relate to. A London firm won’t know, for example, just how much disdain Colchester holds towards Chelmsford (can you tell which I live in?!).

Working Around You And Not The Other Way Around

When you’re having marketing work done, you shouldn’t have to compromise your brand’s core vision for a marketing agency’s ease. If anything, it should be the other way around. A good marketing agency will always do its level best to accommodate your needs rather than expecting you to bend to them. Like everything, of course, it’s a balance and suggestions made by an agency are always worth taking on board. But larger city agencies sometimes take this too far, with the client’s vision being lost along the way. The key is communication. 

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Here at our Chelmsford marketing agency, we make sure we maintain open channels of communication throughout our project. It should be the case that you never feel you can’t pick up the phone to have a chat about the marketing work, no matter how small the issue or question may seem. Smaller agencies such as ours also tend to be more adaptable. Whilst the marketing strategy is deliberate and targeted, it isn’t inflexible should unexpected issues crop up along the way. This versatility is vital in such a changeable landscape. The world of business is not fixed or static, its remarkably fluid and if your marketing strategy doesn’t factor in contingency to be fluid, you may end up down a creek without any kind of paddle.

The Services, Themselves

So, what can you expect to be offered from an Essex-based marketing agency? Well, it turns out, pretty much all that you’d see normally with any city agency:

  • Content creation in the form of blogs
  • SEO work (again with the blogs) in the back-end of client websites
  • Graphic design for website design, infographic creation and social media curation
  • PR in the form of publication coverage, crisis and event management
  • Business development
  • Social media management (including creating content, scheduling and publishing it)

We find that these services work best when they’re implemented collaboratively in a strategy so that they can bring out the best in one another. Graphic design being used to make blogs look more engaging and aesthetically pleasing, for example.

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Being outside of the big smoke is no longer an indicator of lesser quality and, conversely, just because an agency is London-based doesn’t mean it will automatically yield your company the best results. So, if you’d like to find out more about our Chelmsford marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d like to sit with you over a cup of tea, and discuss where we can help take your business in the future.