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Assuming you’re hoping to work on your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as we push further into the New Year, you must be in need of Chelmsford SEO agency! Well, must may be too strong a word, but the SEO experts at VerriBerri are here to help whether you like it or not! Working to increase the brand visibility of companies in every industry is a daily job for our SEO team and we won’t pretend we’re not good at it. Nor will we pretend that it isn’t an absolute joy to be a part of the journey that helps local companies to succeed. 

SEO can be difficult to wrap your head around, no thanks to the ever-changing algorithm changes, but at its core, it’s relatively simple. VerriBerri’s SEO team have put together this blog to shed some light on how we achieve our amazing results

How Does SEO Work? 

If we are to put SEO into three steps, they would be as follows: 

1. Crawlers 

2. Indexing 

3. Ranking 

To provide a little further detail, crawlers are what Google sends out to scour all the information on your site. Their role is to simply check to see whether your content aligns with the criteria Google provides – known as the Google algorithm. Following the indexing, the information will be sent back to Google in order to determine your rank. In order for Google to function efficiently, it needs to know what information will best meet their needs. This information is obtained via the Google algorithm, meaning the more boxes you tick, the better you will rank. 

Once Google has ranked you, you will be visible to the public. How visible, however, will depend on your SEO value. This is where a Chelmsford SEO agency like ours can help! 

Blogs and Landing Pages 

The content on your website has an enormous impact on your SEO value. Blogs, for example, are an excellent way for you to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge to Google (as well as your target audience). By composing regular blogs, you not only showcase your expertise, but potentially answer questions the consumer has. 

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Blogs must be peppered with relevant keywords in order to help with your SEO value. Keywords are phrases, usually made up of 2-5 words that someone may search for on Google. ‘Chelmsford SEO agency’, would work for this blog, for example. Through keywords, Google can pick out information more easily and determine what a piece of content is about. It’s currently best practice for a keyword to appear around 5-6 times for optimum results. 

Your content shouldn’t be lazily written around your chosen keywords, of course. Whilst poor grammar and spelling doesn’t appear to directly affect your SEO, it’s unlikely to be very appealing to your audience. If your website presents itself in an unprofessional manner, visitors will bounce back off your page. So, whilst the lack of professionalism won’t hurt your SEO value, a high bounce rate will! You also need to score well for readability, meaning bullet points and headers should be used to break up text. Not only this, but it’s also advised that 80% of your content’s sentences should be shorter than 20 words. 

Meta Descriptions 

The piece of text under a URL on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is known as a meta description. It’s aim is to grab the attention of potential visitors by providing a brief summary of what the page includes. This improves your click-through rate which is ultimately good for your SEO. This will help to indicate whether your content is interesting and well-written. The higher your click-through rate, the more Google favours you. 

Mobile Phone Optimisation 

With research suggesting that almost 60% of searches are now made on a mobile device, being optimised for this is advised. In fact, Google prefers websites that are optimised for this type of viewing. This means mobile phone optimization will help you to rank better! Furthermore, a website that feels clunky on a mobile will put people off. If people think your company is dated, it will hurt your reputation and increase your bounce rate. 

Back Linking 

Whilst backlinks usually stem from PR campaigns, it’s worth noting that social media, PR and SEO frequently intersect. Afterall, we’re not only a Chelmsford SEO agency… 

When appearing online in a publication or influencer platform (often secured through PR), you may be granted a link back to your website. These links are excellent for your SEO value, and 

the better the platform you’re featured on, the better you will rank. That being said, beware of potentially damaging backlinks. This includes spam links, as well as those from untrusted sources. 

Social Media 

Just like PR, social media often works in tandem with SEO. With the Google algorithm in mind, you should strive to meet the criteria of EAT. This acronym checks for how Expert, Authoritative and Trustworthy you are. Building a decent organic following on your social media channels will be of huge credit to you in terms of EAT. It will help to push you higher on the SERP. 

Why Choose VerriBerri?! 

There are several things that help our Chelmsford SEO agency stand out against the competition. Consider the multiple awards we’ve won over the years, for example. Without such a dedicated team, this wouldn’t have been possible. We all put 110% into our work to ensure our client’s receive the best possible results. 

Search Engine Optimisation in Essex

Being based in Essex is another huge plus that benefits both us and our clients. Marketing is typically associated with a pretty sizable price tag, especially agencies based in London. This understandably puts quite a few clients off. Being based close to Chelmsford results in much more affordable costs for the business. We then pass this on to you. 

Should you be interested in other aspects of marketing, aside from SEO, remember we are a full-service agency. Covering everything from PR and social media to event management and graphic design, there are a multitude of ways we can help your business to succeed. 

Contact Us! 

All of us here at our Chelmsford SEO agency would be absolutely delighted to advise on how we can add value to your business. If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.