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Chelmsford Social Media Marketing Agency

Being a Chelmsford social media marketing agency, we specialise in helping people build their online presence. Amongst our many other services, social media is an area we believe every business should be utilising. Given the world we’re living in, it’s too precious of a tool to ignore. Quite frankly, you’re holding your business back if you’re not reaping the benefits.

VerriBerri are a multi-award-winning agency with over a decade of experience in a range of areas. We’ve worked with clients all across the UK and covered almost every industry. This means that we’ve got all bases covered when it comes to putting together the perfect marketing strategy for you.

How Social Media Will Add Value

When it comes to social media, the first obvious benefit is that you’ll be seen by more people. Of course, this is the objective of any form of marketing. With most platforms being used all over the world, you’ve even got the chance for your brand to go global. There’s no telling who you could reach through this form of marketing. 

Social media is a great form of marketing simply because it’s so easily measurable. Knowing the impact of something you’re putting time or money into is important. If you don’t, you’ll never know whether something is working or when to refresh your strategy. To make things easier, lots of platforms have their own in-built analytics feature. This gives information such as when the best time to post is and what content your audience are enjoying the most. 

Furthermore, social media is a great way for you to stay at the forefront of people’s minds. Imagine you’re a clothing brand and you’re putting out a post or influencer campaign featuring your products. If this then appears in people’s feeds, this may prompt them to make impulse purchases. We’ve all seen things we like on social media and then gone on to spend money (often that we didn’t need to!)

Increased visibility for your brand is only going to see a rise in traffic to your website. Not only is this great for your SEO but it’s also great for your bank balance. If more people are visiting your site, naturally, more sales are going to be made. 

Of course, there are far more benefits to social media than just these. We would be here all day however if I ran through them all. This being said, if you’re still unsure, why not read some of our other blogs or get in touch?

Other Uses of Social Media for Business

What’s more, social media can be used within business for more than just direct advertising. 

A huge factor that draws businesses into social media is the ability to offer customer service. As a Chelmsford social media marketing agency, we’re often getting questions in our direct messages about what we do. This is invaluable for both us and our clients due to how instant it is. Having to phone a call centre or office to ask a question is a process that lots of people just don’t want to do! It can be intimidating trying to get your point across on the phone and also, quite a long and daunting process. In addition to this, emailing can also be quite slow, taking days for some companies to come back to you. Being able to DM a company with minimal effort is a hugely favourable customer service method.

In addition, social media is a great way for you to establish the vibe that your company wants to give out. If you’re wanting to appear friendly and fun, you can do just that. Alternatively, you can also establish yourself as knowledgeable and professional. Either way, you can really work on representing yourselves as experts in your industry. Something that will help when it comes to sales. 

As we touched on earlier, social media is a great way of boosting your SEO value. Realistically, you’re getting double the ROI from one marketing technique. Not only does social media drive more people to using your website but it also helps establish yourself to Google as a trusted brand. If you’re successful in building up a good following, you’re going to appear more established. This means Google is more likely to promote your content. You can read more on SEO here. 

As well as the above, social media also intertwines itself amongst some aspects of PR. Public relations is something our Chelmsford social media marketing agency are very familiar with and a big part of that is influencer marketing. As we touched on earlier, people are influenced by what they see. If they look up to someone and see them advertising something, they’re going to want to get involved too and this will drive sales. 

Why Choose a Chelmsford Social Media Marketing Agency?

There are a number of things that help us stand out against the rest, the main being our location. Being based in Essex means you can steer clear of the hefty London price tag attached to other agencies. Besides the scenery, being based near Chelmsford means we can pass our postcode savings onto you. All without making any compromise on the quality of our work. 

Furthermore, we’re also well-educated on the local area. If you’re local to Essex, we know exactly what your target demographics are looking for. What’s more, we know what drives them to make purchases. Not in Essex or serving internationally? Not a problem! We have worked with companies all over the world. This means we’re well geared to take on any client – small or large. 

Contact the Team

The bottom line is, we’re a team of 18 individuals with a combination of skills and strengths. We’re passionate about being able to grow with our clients and work alongside them to make amazing things happen. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, we would love to hear from you! To get in touch with our Chelmsford social media marketing agency, click here. Alternatively, you can even use our social channels to contact us!