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Chelmsford Social Media Marketing

Our Chelmsford social media marketing agency know better than most that social media is crucial to the success of any business; be it construction or fashion. Now more than ever we are glued to our phones, endlessly scrolling. Using social channels to market your products can not only bring in an increased revenue but also acts as the perfect way to connect with prospective customers. 

VerriBerri are a marketing company based in Essex. We have a team of social media experts that advise exactly which route is best for you based on your industry and expertise. 

Why is social media so important when marketing a product? 

Humans are very much creatures of habit and like to stick to the brands they know and love. Therefore, if nobody knows who you are, the likelihood of them trying your product over a competitor is low. With the current state of the economy, many people have taken a hit in one way or another. This means they will be more reluctant to try new brands in fear of wasting their money.  

Types of social media 

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The social media industry is swamped with different variants of similar concepts. This being said, it is essential you pick the ones that best reflect your company. Afterall, we can all agree it is pointless injecting time into something that won’t benefit you. Generally speaking, the most popular channels are Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. All are effective but it is important that you pinpoint your target audience and then match it up accordingly. Each have very different demographics. 


Created in 2010, Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform. Being the most modern of the three, research shows that the platform reached one billion monthly active users in 2018. With its almost even balance between male and female users it is the perfect outlet for anyone creative. This being said, it is perfect for any companies who have a visual product they want to market. 

Promoting your products and boosting sales is usually the main goal of any social media marketing. With Instagram, it is such a visual space that you can display everything you do, in a manner that suits your company best. You even have the opportunity to get creative with it. This will not only make followers want to buy your product but also enables them to share it with others. Personally, if I wanted a good meal out for example, the first place I would look is Instagram.  

This platform, as discussed, offers the perfect avenue for a brand to showcase what they have to offer. Instagram is also great for engaging with people. For example, offering customer service as well as getting input on upcoming projects. Being able to tease a new release is a great way to get people excited and talking about your product. Coming full circle, all of these factors contribute to your brands image and awareness.  


Social media marketing on Facebook has a bit more of a specific audience than Instagram. Facebooks demographic is mixed but when it comes to sales, they tend to be more successful on this platform when aimed towards women over 30. As such, our Chelmsford social media marketing agency tend to push lifestyle products for this demographic on this platform. From previous experience and research, we know that Facebook is most successful in promoting family and lifestyle brands. A few examples are makeup, skincare, homeware, day trips out and baby products.  

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Let’s try looking more specifically at someone promoting family day trips, let’s take a zoo for example. In the current climate, an increasing number of people are anxious about leaving their house. Furthermore, when people do venture out, they want to know that where they are going is worth the risk. Being example specific, sharing videos of animals is likely to get a lot of engagement meaning a bigger reach. This platform also offers a place to invite your potential customers to comment, like and share. This further allows you to observe and develop your target audience by learning more about your demographics. 

As with all the social media platforms mentioned, in their simplest form, they are free. This means much lower marketing expenses. Although many may see options such as out Chelmsford social media marketing agency as an expense, the ROI it gives you makes it worth investing in. We encourage people to see our services as an insurance policy, protecting your business and encouraging growth.  


With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is mainly used for B2B social media marketing. This platform tends to take a much more sophisticated approach making it better for corporate businesses. An example would be the financial industry. Despite its slightly more niche market, it is still extremely successful for marketing. To put it into perspective, research shows an advert on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population. 

First and foremost, LinkedIn is great for networking. With its job search feature, LinkedIn is incredibly attractive to companies wanting to recruit. What’s more, it makes it incredibly easy to connect with other companies and potentially push your services. Connecting strategically with people on LinkedIn can really help to build relationships with your target market.  

As you can imagine, with LinkedIn being available in over 200 countries, using a platform like this will increase traffic to your website. This will in turn naturally mean more brand awareness and a jump in profits. This will make any money spent on a Chelmsford social media marketing agency like ours more than worth the investment. 

Why use an agency to help? 

Not everyone who wants to use a Chelmsford social media marketing agency. In fact, many people can carry out elements of this process themselves. We are flexible and you can use us as a consultancy, filling the gaps when you need us. Alternately, we can look after the entire process for you.  

We have almost 12 years of experience in the industry. Also, if you don’t already have your own marketing team, it makes it more economical to outsource the work. At VerriBerri, we’re a team of young individuals passionate about social media. This makes it easy to keep up with the latest trends improving the service for you. Above this, we are keen to deliver amazing results.  

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