Children’s brand PR agency

Childrens PR agency

Children’s brand PR agency

Children’s brand PR agency

The chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you are a children’s brand researching for the right PR agency to work with. After all, it’s important to find the right public relations agency to represent your brand; one who specialises in children’s PR and guarantees you results. There’s also the question of appropriate ethics when marketing to young adults.

Now, during the research of all PR agencies in your local area, we’re sure you will stumble across the same old PR jargon and unrealistic promises. However, here at VerriBerri – a specialist children’s brand PR agency, we like to be completely transparent and honest with our potential clients. Unlike most agencies, our aim isn’t to sell your brand lots of PR services you don’t need. We only want the best for you! 

Below you will find a straightforward and simple guide to working with a PR agency for your children’s brand.

What Is Public Relations?

There are lots of misconceptions about what exactly public relations is. It isn’t buying adverts to place in newspapers or designing billboards. Instead, a public relations agency will promote a company or individual through editorial coverage. Unlike the adverts you see in magazines and newspapers, articles secured by PR agencies are free. This is because adverts are often looked at with skepticism whereas articles in publications are viewed more favorably. 

Alongside securing free press coverage for your brand, a PR agency will: 

  • Write and distribute press releases. 
  • Secure TV appearances. 
  • Arrange and manage special events to improve public opinion and relations.
  • Write pitches about your brand and send them to journalists.
  • Conduct market research about the brand.
  • Create business contacts for networking.
  • Manage crisis situations.
  • Contacting influencers for collaborations and sponsorships. 

Why Your Children Brand Needs A PR Agency


If you’re looking to grow your business and build your brand’s reputation, public relations is an essential tool – particularly when it comes to products or services for children. After all, parents are a massive consumer group and so you want to make sure you target them in the most appropriate way. One of the best methods is to place your brand right in front of parents in the newspaper they read. 

Here at VerriBerri, we have built up an established database of contacts from parenting publications. Some of our contacts include journalists at Mother & Baby, Parent Talk, Happy Families and Pregnancy & Birth. When combined, the publications we have contact with have an audience of over 100 million – meaning you have a large group of readers waiting to hear about your brand. 

The idea behind PR is that parents see your brand in trusted publications and begin to form positive connotations around your brand. Public relations is a key tool in beginning the customer sales journey but on a massive scale. After all, when you consider the number of people who will see and recognise your brand, this is bound to generate significant sales and leads.  

What We Expect From You

At VerriBerri, we are fortunate to have a team of expert PR executives with a wide range of connections. However, our good relationships with journalists and excellent writing skills can only take us so far. Public relations should be seen as a mutual partnership between us and your brand. We can only get you so many articles and leads without the assistance from people in your team. However, our PR executives will endeavour to form a solid relationship with yourself to fully benefit your brand. After all, any company updates could be excellent press releases – as well as serving as inspiration for article pitch ideas. 

As a specialist children’s brand PR agency, we don’t expect heaven and Earth from you as the client. It is our job to secure you free coverage with publications to grow your brand. We understand that! As a result, our expert PR executives can take any of the information you give us and transform it into something engaging. All we require from you is frequent contact and updates about your brand. It doesn’t matter if it’s the smallest change, we want to hear about it! 

How Children’s Brand PR Links To Marketing

children brand marketing

While public relations and marketing are not the same, it’s important to understand the links between them. As we have mentioned above, public relations is all about securing you free coverage in third-party publications like newspapers and TV shows. Public relations often leads to subtle mentions of your brand to avoid being too advertorial. For example, a link to your website or a mention of your brand’s name in an article. Something people often forget that public relations isn’t about directly selling your brand. It’s about telling your company’s story and showing your brand’s message to your target audience. 

Marketing is more direct than public relations, helping to drive sales of your products and services in a number of ways. These methods include SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email newsletters and many more. Whatever method of marketing you choose, the goal is always the same. You are reaching out to customers on the platform and encouraging them to purchase your product. 


Despite their differences, marketing and public relations are essential for growing your brand and intertwine with each other perfectly. Let’s take search engine optimisation (SEO) as an example of the way PR and marketing can work together. Now, the aim of SEO is to tailor your website for Google’s algorithm so you organically rank at the top of Google’s search engine. Some of the techniques used to improve your SEO include writing blogs with industry-relevant keywords, adding keywords to website images and improving site speed. By utilising PR services, you can secure free coverage by online publications. If your website link is added to the article, it actually contributes to the SEO of your site. Google is able to recognise your brand as being legitimate from the backlinks by trusted sources.

Social Media

Another example is social media and public relations. Often when an article goes live, the publication will automatically post a link to it on their social media accounts. It’s a great way of raising awareness of new content for them but it also helps you too – especially if your own social profiles are tagged. When the publication shouts out your article on their social media, you are being shared with all of their followers. These followers will most likely take a look at your own social media profiles and decide whether to follow you or not. As a result, this will help to grow your social media following and furthering the customer sales journey. 

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