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We are a multi award winning childrens marketing agency. Our team have operated in this market for over a decade and have seen masses of success off the back of our work. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to consumer behaviour and know all the best ways to target the relevant audiences. No matter how big or small your budget is, we promise to deliver results above and beyond what is expected of us. On the whole, we help brands to bring their vision to life, whilst promoting growth along the way.

As a childrens marketing agency, it’s our job to make sure your brand is reaching the right people. Although at first you may have thought marketing to youths was easy, it is actually far from it. In fact, marketing a kids brand is arguably the most difficult out of all the industries we’ve worked in. This is because, in order to hit the spot, you need to be taking a two-tiered approach. 

Realistically, no matter how old a child is, their parents are going to have some kind of influence over their purchasing decisions. Admittedly, this becomes less prevalent in older children but nonetheless, is still there. This means that in order to make a sale, your marketing needs to appeal to both parties. In addition to this, it can be difficult to know exactly where to target in order to find the right audience. This is where us experts come in. If marketing is something you’re looking to work on, look no further than VerriBerri.

Marketing for Babies and Young Children

When trying to appeal to this target demographic, you’re reaching into an extremely parent-led market. Of course, when you’re young you won’t have access to your own money. As well as this, you lack the ability to make your own decisions. This means that in order to make a sale, you need to be impressing the parents rather than just the child in question. If a parent isn’t convinced a product or service is worth the money, they simply won’t buy it. 

PR is one technique that is likely to bring you closer to the relevant sources. As humans, we consume media in lots of different ways. Although newspapers and magazines have been around for so long, they remain a popular source for information. This means that the audience mainstream media outlets are trying to reach is simply just the general public. Of course, many of these readers will have children themselves. If not their own, they’ll definitely know people with them. With more people seeing your name, of course this helps when it comes to recognition. Similarly, other techniques such as podcast appearances and influencer marketing might also be beneficial depending on your company. Overall, all PR techniques help establish a company in their market and boost their overall sales.

In addition to the above, social media is also a vital tool when marketing to parents of young children. Facebook is one platform that baby products do especially well on. With their main demographic being women aged 25-34, it’s no wonder these brands see such an impressive ROI. As well as Facebook, sites such as Instagram will also help you to reach the right people. With the platform being so visual, it’s a great place to showcase your work if you have a physical product. Not to mention how helpful social media can be when boosting your SEO, as well as providing quality customer service.

Finally, you need to be making sure your website hits the mark. We’re not just talking about web design here either. You also need to consider the SEO aspect too. Making sure your website is easy to navigate and ranking well should be a heavy focal point. 

Marketing for Older Children

When it comes to older children, we’re ideally meaning the 5-12 age bracket. This is one of the hardest to reach as they have now developed their own opinions. Although their parents are still the main decision makers, their desire for products or services is influenced heavily by trends and their peers in school. 

Similar to before, social media remains one of the key ways you can target parents. As well as this, however, you can also begin targeting the children themselves in this way too. Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok are constantly been accessed by younger audiences everyday. Therefore, posting on these sites will help you to generate desire for your products amongst your direct consumers. 

Product placement will also help your brand to generate a lot more sales. At this age, we’re easy influenced by those around us and the people we look up too. When a child becomes fond of a certain television show, it’s likely the characters will become their role models. Wanting to be your favourite TV character is a normal part of childhood. If a child sees said actor promoting a brand, you can see how this would lead to them wanting to make a purchase. Utilising this area of marketing is going to help put your company on the map. 

Marketing for Teens

When it comes to teens, we’re then facing a market that is less parent-led than the two previously mentioned. Although a consumers peers will still play a small part in the decision making, it’s important to note that many teens have the freedom of spending their own money. With this in mind, the approach you take to marketing is going to be quite different, even if the methods are the same.

When trying to reach an adolescent audience, the easiest way to do this is through various social media channels. Using the likes of TikTok, YouTube and Instagram will help to improve your overall visibility. Posting unique and eye-catching material is what’s going to generate the most sales. Although this may sound easy, finding the time to create this content is difficult. Our childrens marketing agency has an entire department dedicated to creating content for the social media of our clients. With a team as close-knit as ours, ideation is never in short supply.

Influencer marketing is another area you should definitely be considering. These creators utilise platforms to showcase their various talents such as gaming, beauty and fashion. The more they post and engage with their audience, the more of a community they start to build. Before you know it, said creator has become an influence on their subscribers purchasing habits. Influencer marketing works by companies gifting appropriate creators their products, bringing them on as an ambassador or creating a range with them. When these people then promote a product, their audience are going to want it as they are swayed by their opinions. To put things simply, influencer marketing is essentially the newer, more subtle version of celebrity endorsement.

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The bottom line is, to make your marketing strategy as effective as it can be, you’re going to need the help of experts. Our full-service agency offer completely bespoke and handmade proposals for each of our potential clients. No matter how much support you need, our children’s marketing agency is here to help. For more information and to get in touch, just click here!