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Product Branding Tips From A Kids’ Marketing Agency

There are few demographics where appealing branding is as essential as it is for kids. Kids see, they like, they want. There’s not much more of a thought process that goes on beyond that. This sort of simplicity presents both marketing challenges and opportunities all at once. In one way, you can look at it like all you need to do is grab their attention that one time and you have them, hooked.

Conversely, that also means you only have one shot before they’ve moved onto the next toy, snack, game or whatever your product happens to be. Fortunately, the team here at VerriBerri, a leading kids’ marketing agency in Essex, wants to help you out; we’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks and marketing bits to ensure your kids’ brand takes off!

Longevity Demands Difference

We’re not suggesting you conjure up wildly cerebral and abstract branding ideas for your product. I mean, what six-year-old is going to while away their time penning in cryptic crosswords? What we mean, is that you’ve got to think in terms of what’s going to secure your brand some longevity. I’m sure we can all remember our own school’s toy that trended at the time, the collectibles and the must-haves.

You want your branding to stand out, which is something easier said than done. Thinking beyond what is popular currently is a good strategy to utilise when working on branding. If you can gather your brand some traction in its first few weeks after release, then you stand yourself in better stead of surviving the market. A kids’ marketing agency will be able to help provide marketing to ensure your brand recognition is a priority in these first few weeks.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Focus Group

It’s a wonder not more people use focus groups in the R&D stage of a product or service. Why they don’t is beyond us here at VerriBerri. Perhaps they don’t think it’s worth the effort? Whatever the reason, they’re missing out, massively. The best people to use in gauging potential successes when it comes to branding, are kids themselves. They are a) your target audience in the first place, and b) searingly honest. Kids don’t hold back, that’s fact.

Beyond a kids’ focus group, you should then run a focus group amongst parents. No matter how much a child wants something, the purchasing power does still remain in the wallet of the parent. If your product’s branding seems at all inappropriate in any way, you can say goodbye to any chance of a sale. A kids’ marketing agency like VerriBerri can set up the focus groups necessary to make sure your brand is as well placed as it can be before being released to the public. 

Outsource Where You Can

As a business owner reading this, you may also fancy yourself an artist. Now, whilst you may indeed have a certain artistic panache, the chances are you won’t be qualified or trained as an artist or graphic designer. A kids’ marketing agency have their own specialist team of artists, graphic designers and content creators who will all work in tandem to bring your vision to life.

Graphic designers have the uncanny knack of being able to flick between the corporate style required for an IT business, say, to the playful, colourful tone required for brands aimed at kids. Not only this, but they’re experts at variety. By this we mean they won’t just come up with one iteration of your branding, they’ll come up with, not just multiple branding ideas, but truly different branding ideas.

Think As A Child Would

PR for child based businesses

We grow up with the most wondrous stories playing out in our heads in glorious technicolour. Wildly weird characters playing out magical adventures, day after day. Then puberty comes and hit us like a ten-tonne squeaky-voiced truck. We started sweating in places we didn’t know could sweat, and developing feelings hitherto unknown. The point is, as adults we lose that innocence and childlike wonder that makes growing up what it is. We lost the ability to imagine in the same way that a child can. However, if you want your product branding to truly succeed, you need your branding to stir up some of that magic.

So, take the time to place yourselves in the shoes of some youngsters, and think back to how you were as a child, and let that inform your decision making when conjuring up the brand. If you find yourself struggling with this, then brainstorming with a kids’ marketing agency is a just starting point.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

Again, this comes back to the idea of knowing your audience. As an adult coming up with branding for children, you have to keep things relatively simple. That’s not to say you should patronise them. As a child, there’s nothing worse than being patronised and if you do so you’ll lose any chance of building brand trust with them. Part of the job of a kids’ marketing agency is to gently coax and remind you, the client, when you may be erring a little too far towards an overly mature tone of voice. Having a team supporting you in this way can do your brand more good than you may ever have previously thought.

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Branding for kids’ brands is a funny thing. You’d think all it would take is something a bit zany, but then that in itself isn’t enough. If you walk down the aisles of a toy store or supermarket, and take a random look at any shelf, and you’ll see just how many zany, or wacky products there are for kids. You need to be smart about it. So, if you’d like to find out more about VerriBerri’s work as a kids’ marketing agency, then get in touch! Click here or call us today on 01376 386 850. We’d be delighted to have a chat about the future of your product or service’s branding, for your sake and the sake of the kids who’ll end up wanting it!