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Children’s PR Agency

A Children’s PR Agency – Top Things To Note

Marketing and PR is a tough enough world to navigate at the best of times. The sectors are so saturated that it often feels like you’re fighting for and air – it can be a real struggle to stay afloat. When you then factor in a demographic below the age of eighteen, those difficulties rise tenfold. Whilst it may mean a world of unbridled imagination and creative awe for the youngsters themselves, any brand approaching this market must do so with an incredible amount of care. That being said, the rewards for getting it right within the world of children’s branding are more than worth their while.

The team here at VerriBerri, a leading children’s PR agency, put their toys back in the box for a couple of hours. Why? So we can explain what makes for a successful children’s brand from a marketing perspective.

Compliance, Compliance And A Dose Of Compliance Just For Measure

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There’s no getting around this, and whilst you certainly shouldn’t be scared off by the need for greater compliance measures, they can’t be ignored. The red tape surrounding children’s products is there for a reason; that reason being that nothing is more important than the safeguarding of minors. Nobody under the sun with even a shred of humanity is going to debate that fact. Following the legal guidelines and regulations required in this field not only protects children, though, it protects you as a business as well. This is certainly not an area in which you want to be cutting any corners.

If you’re unsure as to any of the specifics of safeguarding laws, then a children’s PR agency will be able to help you; drawing on both their years of experience and their up to date industry knowledge.

But What If You Fall Foul Of Compliance?

If, and we can’t begin to express how preferable it is to avoid this, hence the importance of compliance, but if you do make a mistake and your brand ends up with a crisis on its hand, you need to keep level-headed. Especially when you’re being met with the ire of many an angry parent throwing in their own two cents. A children’s PR agency can offer crisis management for any such eventuality, and the first thing they’ll do is stop you from doing anything.

You’ve not got days and days to play with; but you’ll have more time than you think to put a proper strategy together so that you don’t do yourself any more harm. This strategy will centre around honesty, repentance, support and rebuilding. These pillars will ensure your business gets back on track as quickly as possible. In most crises, businesses end up being reactive when the key for damage limitation is a proactive strategy.

It’s A 50/50 Balancing Act

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As a children’s brand or business, you’ll find you’ll have to balance a delicately poised seesaw in order to succeed. What’s on each end of this seesaw? A naïve, hyper toddler on one end and s grizzled, battle-hardened veteran of a parent on the other. Ok, so from a physics point of view this seesaw doesn’t balance, but think about it from a marketing perspective. Your branding needs to first and foremost appeal to your target demographic, that goes without saying. If you have a product aimed at a certain swathe of people, and you aren’t primarily targeting them, then you only have yourself to blame when your disappointing sales figures come back in.

At the same time, however, how many three-year-olds do you know on a £35k annual base-rate salary? We thought as much… The purchasing power still lies in the hands of the responsible adult, especially with younger infants. They may do anything for their little ones, but they also have their youngster’s best interests at heart. If they feel that your product or service isn’t appropriate for a child of that age; you’re going to struggle to win them over. A children’s PR agency serve as a great means for your business to bounce ideas from off of.

What Can PR Do?

There are those businesses who believe they can pave their way down the yellow-brick road of success on their lonesome. If they’re successful, then more credit to them. But the reality is that most businesses will struggle to make it very far in the industry without a bit of help along the way. This is more true for small businesses and SMEs, and even more true for those businesses involved in children’s industries. A children’s PR agency will help your brand gain traction in its early days, it will offer a foothold, the assuredness of which will never be in doubt.

They don’t offer quick fix solutions that will fall through in an instant. PR’s present your business with a longevity and sustainability of growth that is matched by very few other marketing disciplines. They do this by pitching to industry journalists (across all forms of media publication) with a unique pitch on your brands behalf. A well-trained PR team know the drill. Subsequently, they’ll use their skill in writing to draft up the articles themselves. Before you know it, your brand is appearing in industry-leading magazines, for example.

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In order to secure a solid foundation in the shifting sands of children’s products and services, you’ll need more help than you may have thought. That isn’t an insult on your talent or business acumen; it’s just that there are so many more variables at play at any one time. A far greater number that in industries targeted at an adult population! So, if you’d like to find out more about our children’s PR agency, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 860. We’d love to help you work out what would be best for your brand, product or service!