Children’s PR agency

Children’s PR agency

Children’s PR agency. – Have you ever tried speaking to your kids while they’re gawking at the TV? Transfixed by the bright colours, flashing images and smooth sales speak? It can be an impossible task for parents to get their kids attention. You are competing with marketing and advertising directors who are experienced in capturing and holding children’s attention.

Industry spend on advertising for children has exploded in the past two decades. For example, last year companies across the world spent a total of $3.3billion purely on advertising to children. This number is expected to continue to rise over the next few years.

If your company is looking to market to kids, how can you stand out from the millions of other children’s brands?

Well, you have come to the right place! Our children’s PR agency understands the science behind how kids advertising is structured. As a result, we know how you can apply this to your own marketing

● Remember Your Audience.– Unfortunately, children and babies are constantly growing, changing and adapting, which means you need a product that can stand the test of time! As time poor multi-taskers by trade, Mums want and need a product that is both long-lasting and easy to use. So make sure you put this in your marketing and PR strategy.

● Focus on Safety.– When marketing kids brands it’s important to focus on the safety elements of the products you are selling. After all, parents want to know their kids will be happy and healthy while using it! Before you start marketing your products, you need to find out the details of where they were made and what materials were used. This will ensure they are fully compliant.

● Hire a Team of Experts for Marketing and online PR.-Not everyone can be an expert in Twitter, Facebook and all things public relations. As such, you will need a team behind you that do! We are proud to be an award winning children’s PR agency. The team at VerriBerri will take care of creating innovative and fun content for social media and getting in touch with journalists so you can spend your time doing the things you’re good at.

It’s notoriously difficult to keep up with the younger generation.

ne minute Facebook is all the rage, the next it’s apps we have never heard of! So how exactly can you keep up to date with these platform-hopping kids? Even the most renowned kids brands are still trying to understand how to promote their messages through Facebook and Twitter. All the while their target market are using other sites or mobile messaging.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Twitter are no longer the only social networks brands are using to engage with their audience. In fact, there is a whole host of social media platforms the younger generation are using including: Instagram, Snapchat, Kik and Tumblr.

teen marketing agency

One brand using these platforms to their advantage, is MTV. This is a channel aimed at teens is trying to boost interest among teenagers. The American TV channel has used mobile messaging service Snapchat to promote brand new series’ of popular reality shows such as Geordie Shore. Snapchat, which claims it has been downloaded on to a quarter of UK smartphones, allows users to send photos and short videos with written messages to specific friends. They are then automatically deleted after a few seconds to avoid the risk of later embarrassment.

MTV set up a Snapchat account for popular reality TV show Geordie Shore. They then asked their followers to add the account on Snapchat and sent them exclusive pictures of the cast on holiday.

Admittedly  Snapchat offered little useful data about the Geordie Shore campaign. However, MTV’s social media time counted manually. In this period photos were accepted by 5,000 users in one day.

Taking on a new platform with little way of measuring its success seems a risk. However, a number of these channels use a more relaxed and modern approach to sharing information. Perhaps why the younger generation chooses to post on there rather than traditional platforms.

Relevant facts from our children’s PR agency.

Females have a significantly higher preference for more expensive, branded makeup and shampoo than males of the same age.

From the ages of seven to nine both sexes are around about on par, with girls spending approximately £7.50 overall per week to a males £8.50.

However, the girls spending then overtakes boys in the 10 to 12 age bracket, accelerating even faster once they hit 13 to 15. To put this into perspective, once in the 13 to 15 age group boys spend 10 pence on soaps and cosmetics in relation to a girls £1.70.

Between 2015 and 2017 these same test group of girls spent an average of £20.20 a week!

Only 2% of seven to fifteen year old boys bought shampoo, soap or cosmetic products over a two week period in direct comparison to 17% of girls.

Other finding from the same study showed:

  • Girls spend double on books between the ages of seven and fifteen.
  • Boys spend ten time the amount on computer games and software.
  • The most common purchase in the seven to fifteen age range was soft drinks.
  • Ice cream is more frequently bought in pre-teens.

If your company sells products to babies, children or teens why not contact our specialist kids PR and marketing team. We have a wealth of experience which is sure to increase your brand exposure and turnover. 

Get in touch today for a no obligation review of your current strategy and quote which will explore the best avenues for your business to move forward with an expected return on investment.