Cocktail Bar Marketing Agency

Cocktail Bar Marketing Agency

Cocktail Bar Marketing Agency

The Roaring Twenties were an extravagant time to live if you were wealthy. You only have to pick up a copy of The Great Gatsby to get a sense of the opulence the era embodied. Well, the roaring twenties have now come back around, and, oh how times have changed since the previous century. Gone are the days where cocktails were reserved for an elite few; cocktails are now more accessible than ever. There’s a wider, more bonkers range of ingredients, flavours and techniques involved than ever before.

Cocktails, by their very nature, offer rich pickings when it comes to marketing. Highly visual, varied and aspirational, cocktails and mixology paraphernalia are fantastic to flaunt on Instagram; or to feature in any form of videography. The team here at VerriBerri, a cocktail bar marketing agency based in Essex; recently compiled a few reasons as to why exactly you need to be utilising a marketing agency.

Why Do You Need A Cocktail Bar Marketing Agency?


The key question, of course, is why? Why should you spend your money on an agency like VerriBerri? Simply put, in today’s market, without one, you will fall behind your competition. Curating a bespoke, tailored marketing strategy that best shows off your cocktail bar to hordes of thirsty punters takes a huge amount of time. Continually growing it on top of that through social media and the like, takes even more time, and daily monitoring.

Marketing entails everything from writing copy to generating leads through PR. With our help your bar could get a print article on a double page spread in a leading magazine or newspaper about its trendsetting cocktails, for example. You can also have all your content managed and scheduled month-by-month, across various platforms and using different media. In short, marketing is no small thing, and getting the most out of it is a mammoth task.

With a cocktail bar marketing agency by your side; your establishment will benefit from campaigns that will make you stand out from the competition in a saturated sector. In today’s world, marketing usually encompasses too much and is just too broad to be managed onsite. You can try, of course, and the chances are that you’ll be able to manage it – for a time. However, more often than not, your consistency will increasingly falter. Consistency in marketing is key, and to ascertain said consistency over such a broad quantity and variety of content means you needa marketing agency.

Making The Most Of Social Media

Due to social media platforms, such as Instagram, the aesthetic appeal of businesses has never been as important. Fortunately, the world of cocktails is one that lends itself to just such a visual medium. Social media is, in effect, the modern-day word-of-mouth; the trend for people to Instagram story where they are and consequently tag the place in it, means that the reputation of your bar will quickly grow if your bar’s online presence matches its quality in person.

There are few industries where offersare as intrinsically important to their success as within the cocktail industry. We are, of course, referring to Happy Hour. Cocktails, though more accessible now, are still on the pricier end of the drinks spectrum, so happy hour is still incredibly popular. A cocktail bar marketing agency will usually have someone on their team who specialises in graphic design. This can be an absolute Godsend for your business. It is staggering just how much simple, well-made graphics can improve how attractive your business is to customers, and is a great way to advertise your bar’s deals and offers in an innovative way as opposed to stock images of your bar, for example.

Video Marketing

Video content social media marketing

Another way to market your business which reaps rewards is video marketing. Websites with high-quality video content rank particularly well on Google so if you’re looking to be one of the best ranking websites around for cocktail bars near you, then producing curated video content is a great place to start. Simple ‘How To Make’ videos of your popular cocktails, for example, are likely to have people not only clicking onto, but watching the whole video. So, video content ranks better, it is also a more engaging, entertaining form of content to consume and is likely to garner more attention for your bar!

Going into this new decade it’s worth knowing any new or up and coming trends within the cocktail industry that are good to utilise early on. Here are some of the key ones to look out for going forwards:

  • Simplified drinks: increasingly, stripped-back, pared down cocktails are becoming more popular. Sometimes the most elegant drinks are the simplest, and fewer ingredients has the bonus of less time required to make them and lower costs!
  • CBD-infused cocktails: CBD (cannabidiol) has taken the world by storm over the past couple of years, and shows no signs of slowing down. CBDinfused bitters and syrups are becoming more prevalent in the drinks industry, and are most often used in mocktails (which are themselves continuing to prove popular). Whilst there is still a great deal of debate surrounding CBD and its use, we’ll only be seeing more of them from now on. 
  • Kegged cocktails: cocktails on tap, as bizarre as it may seem, are creeping into a greater number of craft cocktail bars across the country. Whilst the snobbier of critics may take umbrage with the idea, for most people, the thought of having a simple, classic cocktail served quickly and easily is appealing. It also makes sense from the bartender’s perspective as it offers a drastically quicker way to prepare the drink, especially in high-pressure, fast-paced bar environments.

Cocktail bars are a marketing agency’s dream. Offering a veritable smorgasbord of opportunity, using a cocktail bar marketing agency will reap great rewards for your bar’s business.

If you’d like to find out how VerriBerri can help your cocktail bar thrive; onsite and online; Get in touch on 01376 386850 for a no obligation chat about how we could help you!