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Colchester Marketing Agency – Essex

How can one strive to be a nationwide marketing agency, without first being a Colchester marketing agency? Assuming you’re local to Colchester, of course, which our Essex-based PR and marketing agency is too! 

Ultimately, what we’re trying to say here is that in order to tackle the more mainstream, nationwide audiences, securing success in your local area first is key! It will act as a natural stepping stone to bigger and better things… That’s just simple logic. 

Colchester’s history and culture, not to mention its excellent location, make it a particularly attractive location in Essex. Unsurprisingly, these three points also make it a great spot for business. This is a benefit nurtured by not only the town’s own business opportunities; but its links to other main towns and cities, such as Braintree, Chelmsford and, of course, London.

We, at VerriBerri, wanted to show you how you can prepare to take on the big leagues. Unsurprisingly, this is by focusing on local marketing first.

Long-Tail SEO

Search Engine Optimisation – frequently referred to as SEO – is a technique that allows you to organically fine-tune your website and its content. Take it from or Colchester marketing agency, by doing so will help you to rank higher on Google, and other search engines. Specialists wil be called in to help with this task, thanks to SEO’s ever-changing landscape. Whilst SEO’s leading components – blog writing and website optimisation – don’t necessarily sound like a whole lot; Google’s algorithm changes will certainly keep an SEO pro on their toes!  In a nutshell, these types of keywords allow you to rank higher locally. If you’re a Colchester-based Tapas restaurant, using the key phrase ‘best Tapas restaurant’ won’t help you be seen by potential customers. Utilising a variant of ‘best Tapas restaurant in Colchester’, however, will help those in your area find you.   

Consistent website and copy optimisation will see you climbing up the rankings for each long-tailed key phrase you implement. Then, month by month, you can broaden your approach. The SEO specialists at our Colchester marketing agency will consider the long-term; understanding that an initial local focus is paramount in garnering a wide-spread presence in the future. 

Making Use of Local Press

Whilst PR (Public Relations) involves a wide variety of different processes; it’s fundamental concern is securing media coverage on a client’s behalf. In order to do this, a PR team will consistently reach out to journalists, at relevant publications, to put forward anything from a short comment to a fully-fledged article. This will not function as an advertisement of your brand, but rather a way to exemplify your expertise and foster trust in your target audience. 

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Many people treat local media outlets with a certain disdain; incorrectly tarnishing them with the ‘low-quality’ brush. This could not be further from the truth. Whilst everyone wants to feature in a large-scale, international publication, featuring in more local publications has its own benefits. Especially when aiming to reach a local audience. In fact, many people will first look to their local Star of Gazette for networking opportunities.

Our Colchester marketing agency firmly believe that whilst national publications should certainly be targeted, this outreach should be alongside local press exposure. Shooting for the stars too early can often be more of a hindrance than a help. If a local brand secures a big piece of national exposure, for example, without the support of a successful local campaign, they may quickly fall back into obscurity. A local focus should not be misinterpreted as a lack of ambition, but rather the foundations that will reinforce any greater exposure.

Make the Most of Social Media

Living in a world dictated by what varying computer functions and instructions think we want to see sounds like a miserable prospect; but thankfully, the computers are usually pretty accurate! Many people won’t be aware of the multitude of algorithms that result in their social media suggestions, but our social media team understands what goes on behind-the-scenes! Something we’re sure you are familiar with, however, is the hashtag. This potent marketing tool is one of the most impactful introductions to the world over the past decade. Along with considering the tone of their platform, and whether they’re posting consistently, brands and businesses must consider what hashtags they’re using. 

The vast majority of social media users follow certain hashtags. This will, more often than not, include location-specific hashtags. So, for instance, if you’re an Essex-based fashion blogger and you’re not using an Essex-based fashion blogger hashtag, you’re being incredibly counterproductive. The generic #fashionblogger hashtag will do very little unless you’re already established. With this in mind, doing anything other than switching to a local focus will put you at a disadvantage.

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As previously mentioned, another crucial aspect to social media success is consistency. A lack of consistency is an issue we (ironically) see quite consistently, from brands that seek help from our Colchester marketing agency. Social media upkeep can be a big job, however, which is why many brands outsource their social media work to agencies, like us! We will not only plan consistent content, but engage with users as well. This involves replying to comments, putting time aside for following sprees and networking with like-minded businesses/influencers that can bolster your brand. There are countless opportunities available through social media, and we can help you find them!

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Learning to walk before you can run is something we’ve all done once before. Now, if you’re looking to grow your local/regional brand, it may be time to do it again. If you’d like to find out more about our Colchester marketing agency, please get in touch! You can contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850.