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VerriBerri is a Colchester PR agency working across Essex and beyond to provide amazing results and exciting campaigns. We are, to our knowledge, the only PR agency in the UK to guarantee our results. 

Our agency launched in 2009, offering digital marketing, PR, social media, content marketing, and SEO services to our client base. We have now expanded to additionally provide graphic design, photography, videography, website design, and business development. 

All our team are based in the same office and we believe this has an amazing effect on your results. Because we are all in the office together, there is no miscommunication and complete transparency. We never use freelancers either, so all the work we do with you on your account is completely unique. 

Here at our Colchester PR agency, we are experts in all things public relations. Having worked with a wide range of start-ups and multi-national conglomerates (not to mention our clients in-between) we harbour a great deal of knowledge when it comes to PR. With almost 12 years’ experience in the industry, we are a friendly team of young individuals who take great pleasure in our work.  

So what do our PR team do? Essentially, PR is the management of information between a company or organization and the public. Some examples of PR include TV, magazines, and news coverage. Later on, we will be discussing the benefits of PR and it’s impressive ROI. 

Why use a Colchester PR agency? 

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So, why choose a Colchester PR agency? As is obscenely obvious, we aren’t based in London. This allows us to offer optimum attention to your brand without the hefty London price tag. Don’t fret! The lower price certainly doesn’t compromise the quality. In addition to keeping costs down, we have access to thousands of national contacts with all of our clients ending up in various national publications. Based in Essex? Perfect! We have extremely impressive knowledge of the area and can be hyperlocal if that’s what suits you best. We really can do it all and are more than happy to cater to your individual needs. 

What are the benefits of using a PR agency? 

As most business owners will tell you, outsourcing your workload to a Colchester PR agency like ours is an investment, not a burdened cost. Not only will it give you more freedom to spend time on other tasks, it is integral to the success of your business. 

Brand recognition being one, PR has a plethora of benefits. Income and awareness are usually the end goals of any PR campaign. Without it, customers are unable to become familiar and comfortable with you. With it brings increased sales and revenue. When positive, having people talking about your brand can only lead to good things. What’s more, public relations can bring increased credibility to your company’s reputation, helping to get your name out there and gain you more customers. 

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PR helps to attract your target market, Consumers are fed up with constantly being sold at and not to. Articles written in the media, however, offer the perfect opportunity. They give you the platform to subtly sell your services without screaming ‘buy me!’ Furthermore, they offer a more targeted and impactive approach. After all, the people who are most likely to read articles on your company are likely to be your direct target audience. This means less time is wasted trying to market to people who are unlikely to use your services/product. 

A Colchester PR agency like ours can help add value to your brand. Being featured in the press gives you a valuable boost when it comes to differentiating between you and your competitors. What’s more, it will also put you at the forefront of your industry.  Another way PR can add value is through personalizing your brand. It is always easier for a consumer to connect with a person, over an inanimate or sometimes even invisible product. Reading about you can therefore be very influential on a person’s decision because it allows you to become personal and explains the story behind your product or service, which of course is enticing to the reader.  

Our approach. 

No matter what your niche, we have a strategic, personalised, results focused approach to your account. We have demonstrated success time and time again. As such, we can advise and guide you based on years of experience across a range of sectors. 

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Our clients range from global names, to those only recognisable in Essex, to start ups. We firmly believe that great PR and marketing shouldn’t be exclusive to those with deep pockets, so we even offer a start-up rate to help get you off the ground. 

No matter who you are, our experience and knowledge is based on developing your brand through the implementation of effective techniques. After all, if we didn’t wholeheartedly think it would work; we wouldn’t offer guarantees!

What do we do?

Although we are a Colchester PR agency, we aren’t just that. We are a full-service agency, so offer a wide range of services to help you grow your business and, basically, get more customers! Our clients recognise the value of having all their marketing channels streamlined from one location. Read on to find out what just a few of our departments can offer you.

Traditional and Digital PR

If you want people to find out about you, a very effective and affordable way of doing that is through PR. As above, we work with both national and local publications to get your brand publicity, and without an ad budget! Think of it this way; if you put a post out on Instagram, even with the best hashtags and amazing engagement techniques, you are limited on how many thousands of people you can reach – unless you have a huge following! 

However, if you put your brand in front of people online you can reach hundreds of thousands, even millions of people. Of course, you still need to make sure that you are directing your efforts at the right audience; there’s no point being featured in Cosmopolitan if you sell drill bits. Our range of media outlets mean no matter what your business, we have the publication for you. Additionally, when we target digital media outlets, the article will be around for a very long time. Unlike a newspaper which could be kindling or lining the bin the very next day; online PR has a great lifespan and the results are long lasting as a result.

Content Marketing. 

This method of marketing is a strategic method which, in essence, involves you creating and distributing valuable content which imparts knowledge or advice in some form. What you are doing solves a problem and fills a gap that is somehow missing from the readers personal or professional life. This is a great way to tie your PR in with something more sales orientated.

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Content marketing is low cost and promotes customer loyalty. Why? Because you are offering something of use, you aren’t just touting your services; you’re explaining how and why. Click here for an example of content marketing. We are explaining the hows and whys. If someone chooses to use our Colchester PR agency after reading it; it’s because they know we are experts in our field, not because we ‘sold’ to them in the conventional sense. 


Organic SEO creates opportunities for your brand that continue to exist for the many years to come. It doesn’t happen in the first week, but the results are absolutely spectacular. True business minded entrepreneurs invest in business development; with the results they generate its clear to see why! 

Our Colchester PR agency know better than most that SEO is something many struggle to get right. As well as its other amazing benefits, PR can have a surprisingly large impact on boosting your Google ranking. With PR being all about exposing your brand and getting people talking, it’s only natural that it will have a knock-on effect with your SEO.

Google likes to know that what it is putting forward to the consumer is reliable and follows their EAT criteria. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness. If people are talking about your brand on social media or even better, on their own websites and using backlinks this is impressive in the eyes of Google and shows you must be trustworthy. In turn, they are then more likely to use your website in search results. Research shows that people are 247% more likely to be influenced by blogs and social media than adverts.

Crisis Management.

Crisis management is yet another advantage of using a PR agency. Not all press is good press and we understand that. With the media being pickier than ever and willing to complain about any and every little thing, we can help any stories detrimental to your image from reaching the press. Whilst bad news stories can sometimes mean more brand awareness, it is always better to have a positive reputation than a negative one. Like most, I’m sure you spend money each year insuring your assets. Think of investing in PR as your way of insuring and protecting your reputation. It’s worth it, trust me! 

Social Media Marketing. 

Social media marketing isn’t as simple as just posting and leaving. There needs to be a process and a strategy. Who are we talking to? Why are we engaging with them? How will we communicate? Why will they care?

Our social media team test on their own social channels before using yours. We have a huge combined following that we leverage to see what campaigns, what interactions, and what methods will work best for your brand. Our departments work closely together to get the very best possible results for you. Our design team make sure the posts follow brand guidelines, our content team create the associated words, and our social team determine the strategy, working on the brand story and the engagement. 

Business Development.

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Our business development department work closely with you to create long lasting relationships with your target market. At it’s very core it’s a process of determining the strategy needed to make sure that all of the above methods of marketing, and the many others we offer, all work really well to garner you more business. Business development equals value; i.e – income. 

Get In touch! 

No matter where you are in Essex, or the UK for that matter, get in touch! Our Colchester PR agency love to work with brands who want to see their business grow, establish a reputation, and truly succeed. 

As we said above, we are the only UK based agency to guarantee our results, so what have you got to lose? Pop in for a chat, or call us! Click here to fill out our contact form and no matter the day, one of our team will be in touch within a few hours. 

It doesn’t cost anything to have a meeting and for us to build an outline of a strategy as to how we would suggest proceeding, plus there’s no obligation. We are confident that you’ll be able to see our abilities from day dot.