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The workload that comes along with being a Colchester SEO agency is heavy. Keeping up to date with the constant Google algorithm changes is time-consuming, not to mention confusing. Yep, even for us experts! However, we do this, so you don’t have to. 

Through our almost 12 years of specialising in SEO, we have been fiends for studying how to best improve the ranking of our client’s sites. As such, we have incurred lots of valuable information on what Google wants to see and how the process works.

When Googling anything, you’re going to have a range of things pop up. From images to videos and paid ads to organic search results, there can be a lot to compete with. Now, if we may, allow us to teach you a thing or two about climbing to the top of Google; and other search engine results pages (SERPs.)

Why Choose a Colchester SEO Agency?

As we are based a few miles down the road from Colchester, our agency has immense knowledge of the local area. This means that we know exactly what works in terms of geographical reach; meaning our approach can be more targeted to suit you. As well as this, we serve clients throughout the entirety of the UK and US. This means that if your company commonly works outside of the Essex area (i.e. shipping nationally or internationally,) we also know exactly how to get you ranking. There isn’t much we can’t do!

Benefitting the Consumer

In order for your website to rank well, the search engine needs to believe you are respected and experienced within your industry. As any business owner will admit, the experience that their customer has is vitally important. However, what most people forget is that Google is a business too. 

Naturally, for Google to work, their platform needs to work. This means that the information they display to their users’ needs to answer the questions they are being asked. What good would search engines be if it threw any old rubbish at you? 

The SEO process involves robots doing their homework on the information you include on your website and evaluating how useful it is. Below, I have explained the SEO process in bullet points:

  1. Crawling. This is where the robots (‘crawlers’) come along and search through your website with their check list of criteria.
  2. Indexing. The crawlers then carry out an index on your site and rank it based on the quality of your information in line with the Google algorithm.
  3. Ranking. Your website is then published for the world to see. Based on the quality of the content, you will then either rank well or poorly. 

Optimising Keywords

When discussing key phrases, what we mean is what people will type into Google. There are a few rules you should follow when evaluating which keywords are worth ranking for. 

When you’re starting out, key phrases consisting of under three words aren’t worth your time. They’re far too vague. For example, if I typed in ‘insurance’ on Google, there would be billions of results. 1,690,000,000 results to be precise. This is because Google doesn’t have enough information about what I want in order to return the appropriate information. Am I looking for car insurance? Travel insurance? They just don’t know. Now, if I type in ‘car insurance Colchester’, the results will have more than halved. Whilst this is still a lot of information, as a user, I can more accurately find what it is that I’m looking for. 

Similarly, your keywords need to be relevant to your company. Although my example is a little extreme, no travel insurance company should be wasting their time trying to appear when people search for the word ‘orange.’ It wouldn’t make sense. Your keywords need to be somewhat precise to what you do as a company without being too niche. Getting the right balance can be hard, however. Keywords can be pesky little things. This is where our Colchester SEO agency can come into play. 

Formatting for Content

Ever wondered why almost every business now has a blog? That’s simple. Blogs (and other forms of content creation) can be invaluable when it comes to boosting your websites ranking. They offer the perfect platform for you to showcase your knowledge and expertise. What’s more, they’re likely to include information surrounding topics that people will search for. This makes it far too tempting for Google not to pull the information from your website and display you as one of the top results. 

Having said this, it’s not as simple as writing a few sentences. The optimum length of a blog is ideally 1,000 words. Long, right? This can mean a great portion of your week is spent writing, making this a very time-consuming task. If this wasn’t enough, you then need to focus on not making your sentences too long. The more you waffle on, the harder it is for the consumer to read resulting in a high bounce rate. No more than 20% of your sentences should venture higher than 20 words. 

Linking is Key

As our Colchester SEO agency has found through the years, search engine optimisation intertwines itself with lots of other types of marketing too. This means that you can invest in PR and end up getting double the return.

Appearing in high authority publications or being shouted out on social media can add value to your SEO. This is because amongst this, there is the potential for other companies to be linking your website on theirs. When someone well-established is seen promoting your website, Google sees this as a good indicator that you’re a trustworthy and expert company. As a result, they’ll boost you on the SERP.

Why SEO Is Important

It would be counterintuitive for me not to mention why all of this is important. If you hadn’t already reached this conclusion yourselves, SEO is a great tool simply because it helps you to be seen by your target audience. Living in the world that we do, people have little time to waste searching through pages of results. If you’re not being show within the first page, the likelihood of them becoming aware of you is low. The higher you can climb, the more site traffic you’ll receive in return.

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Our multi-award-winning Colchester SEO agency is eager to see the local businesses that surround us, succeed. As we grow, we’d like to help other companies grow with us. By bringing us on-board with your marketing strategy, we are able to help your brand flourish. 

In an ideal world, we’d invite you into the office for a cuppa however the COVID-19 restrictions have really put a spanner in the works. Despite this, we’re still happy to chat over the phone! For more information on how we can help, get in touch by clicking here. We’re friendly, we promise!