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SEO is a very complex and forever evolving concept; so it’s important to get the most from your Colchester SEO agency. There are approximately 67,000 searches performed on Google every second and 58% of those are made from a mobile device. Not only is it important to have a website which is compatible from a computer or desktop; but also from a tablet or phone. With every industry growing rapidly, the need to understand and develop SEO strategies has never been more important. 

As algorithms change repeatedly, different approaches need to be taken to tailor strategies to meet the criteria which gives a website excellent SEO. The team here at VerriBerri are going to outline what exactly an SEO agency can do for your business. Additionally, we will explore why it’s important to understand the meaning of search engine optimisation.

What is SEO?

Since 90% of online activity starts with a search engine, it’s important to know what SEO actually is. SEO revolves around the way in which platforms such as Google rank your website against your competitors. There is an extensive list of ways SEO agencies will help you to rank higher, which include:

  • Keywords: Targeting the industry that your business is based in and working on keywords which are likely to be searched.
  • Social media: A Colchester SEO agency should intertwine SEO strategies with social media channels to ensure a greater audience can be reached.
  • Content: Regular blog posts uploaded to your businesses website is the single-handedly most important factor to winning in the SEO world. Posting content which is informative and engaging to potential customers is what is ultimately going to rank you higher.
  • PR: Our PR team ensure that your brand is featured in the press. Not only does this increase your reach but the resulting link will boost your SEO ranking.

Now you have more of an understanding on what SEO is, what exactly can it do for your business? 

Generate more leads and sales

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A lead is someone who has expressed an interest in the product or service that you offer. This can come through different sources; including email marketing, social media or PR events and campaigns. However, usually SEO is the number 1 reason as to how leads are generated in a business. 

It’s important to generate leads in any business; without it, your income is severely compromised. Whilst we’re living in unprecedented times, it’s even more important for you to reach out to new customers. SEO can drive a significantly higher volume of sales. 

Increase your Google Ranking

It’s extremely important to rank high on Google. Being in a top position on Google or within the first page will drive more traffic to your business, and your Colchester SEO agency should recognise this. As SEO is a foundation of inbound marketing success, it’s crucial to get it right!

Naturally, you trust the pages which rank higher on Google. Ask yourself, would you want to input your payment details on a site which ranked on the 7th page of Google and has hardly any reviews? We didn’t think so…

SEO works on a number of factors which determines the ranking that your business has. For example, results on Google are based on factors which include site speed, bounce rate and backlinks. It’s important that these factors are looked into in order to compete with rivalries and become more visible in the industry that you work in. Bringing in website traffic is just as important as ranking high on Google, as long as the traffic stays and uses your service!


The art of blogging… It’s absolutely crucial to any business! Alongside PR, this is the very best way you’re going to rank higher on Google. In order to blog correctly, your Colchester SEO agency needs to recognise first, what your businesses strengths are and two, what its specialities are. 

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In the world of blogging, it’s important to find and use an SEO-friendly platform, which we believe is usually WordPress. It’s dynamic and can be used to specifically examine how effective your SEO will be in reaching to a greater audience. It provides you with the opportunity to install plugins such as Yoast which breaks down and helps with its processes. For example, it will break down your blog post through a traffic light system and tell you what area needs work and what has been done well (and what could be worked on if you wanted too…). Alongside SEO, Yoast also tells you how readable the piece is, which is important in actually showing the quality of your work and break down aspects such as how passive the language you’ve used is, and how many words have started with the same sentence.

It’s taking these tips on board alongside working with a keyword sheet which will make you rank so much higher on Google! It’s an absolute must if you’re looking to become more known in your industry and expand your business.

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The fight to stay up to date with SEO trends and patterns will never end. Technology and the backend of platforms are always changing! That’s why it’s so important to contact a Colchester SEO agency to help with this if you’re unconfident or unsure of what is expected from you. 

Whether you need help writing content or improving your bounce rate from your website, they can help! We’re based just outside of Colchester in Maldon, Essex, and would love to help you work on your business’ SEO marketing strategies! Contact us today on 01376 386 850 for a friendly chat about our services and find out how we can help you.