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Construction business marketing plan

How to create a well-established construction business marketing plan

No matter the size of your business, whether you’re a one-man band, or you run a multimillion-pound company; every business needs a marketing strategy. Bluntly, a construction business marketing plan is what drives sales. Without sales your company will not make money or reach its targets. 

Unfortunately, businesses don’t always devote enough time and resources into their marketing plans. The most successful companies are constantly putting time in and developing their strategies to grow their business. It is important for your construction brand to have a well-structured marketing plan for various reasons. This could include increasing sales, growing following, or increasing brand recognition.  It could even include the need to present a plan to investors in the hope they invest.  

Here are at VerriBerri, we have over 11 years of experience. This means we have the expertise and knowledge in your industry to deliver the best results for our clients. We understand the importance of a thorough marketing plan and how it can lift your business above your competitors. Over the years we have learnt the dos and the don’ts of what a good construction business marketing plan should consist of. 

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is essentially a strategy. It should outline where the business is positioned, who the target audience is, what is the market route to take, what are the core missions and values, and an overall understanding of what the marketing strategy needs to deliver. A marketing plan is the link between the planning and the results.  The whole point of a marketing plan is to generate a return in investment. Unless it adds profit to the business then what is the point in doing it?

The purpose of a construction business marketing plan


Marketing is all about creating leads and generating these into sales. This is why having a well curated marketing strategy is vital to the success of your business. Here at VerriBerri, we know that generic adverts will not generate as many leads as targeted marketing would. This is why it is important to establish your target consumer, to increase the chances of sales. Business and marketing strategies coincide with each other, the strategy is the overall bigger picture. Within this, individual activities are being completed on a daily basis to feed into the final result. 

Our team recognise and understand the benefits of why a business marketing plan is so crucial to your company. Here are a few of our reasons as to why your marketing plan is so important; and what you can do to enhance it. 

Perform a SWOT analysis test on your company

When creating a marketing strategy, you should carry out a SWOT analysis. This will not only help you develop a plan, but also allows you to establish where you stand as a company. Strengths, what does your business do well and where do you have a competitive advantage? Weaknesses, what areas need improvement? Opportunities, where do you see a gap in the market for new ideas? And threats, what is out there that will challenge your business? 

Provide a focus

A marketing plan is your business’ blueprint to success. They provide a clear direction for you and your employees. Having a plan ensures all activities that are taking place are in line with the direction of the plan. Through having a clear strategy, all staff have clarity over where the business is heading, its growth targets ,and their role in which to achieve these. The lack of focus ends up meaning opportunities are missed and your business growth slows. 

Manage resources effectively 

To achieve success your construction company needs to establish a marketing budget and set targets you want to achieve. Having a transparent understanding of who is leading the team, where you want to go, and where money can be spent, allows companies to utilise resources to their maximum potential. As well as this, structured plans help with time management, helping to provide a clear schedule to avoid procrastination. 

Ensure consistency 

A lot of businesses will stop their marketing techniques once they gain a few clients, then focusing all of their attention on these few. However, you have to remember that consistency is key. Why would you let all of your marketing efforts stop? This will only result in peaks and troughs. A fluctuating marketing strategy will only lead to missed sales opportunities. VerriBerri creates bespoke marketing plans; ensuring your business is reaching its marketing potential, continuously and consistently. This allows us to provide a solid foundation in which you can grow your business from. 

Provide new insights

It’s worth reminding yourself that every decent construction business marketing plan is a process. They entail regular reviews and revisions. Every business could do with a little refresh every now and then, to make sure you are keeping up with current trends and are ahead of your competitors. Reviewing your strategy also allows you to analyse if your plans are working and review what your budget is looking like; is it being spent in the right areas? How much have your sales grown? These should all be factored into your marketing strategy to make sure you are staying ahead of the game. 

A marketing plan itself will not bring results if you don’t implement it properly. If a strategy is created whole heartedly with the right skills and knowledge, it will give you the opportunity to really get to know your business. It will also establish your competitive edge and where you best fit into the industry’s market. A business marketing plan will assist your construction company by working to utilise resources efficiently. 

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