Building Your Business With A Construction Industry Marketing Agency

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Building Your Business With A Construction Industry Marketing Agency

There are those sectors where marketing seems like a natural bedfellow; cosmetics, hospitality and health and fitness all lend themselves to the helping hand of a marketing firm. The construction industry, however, isn’t necessarily the sector that would first spring to your mind as being in drastic need of marketing assistance. Construction businesses need to market themselves, often with the help of an agency, just like any other firm, though, especially when the industry is becoming as saturated and competitive as it is.

The team here at VerriBerri serve as a construction industry marketing agency, we wanted to look at the various ways in which an agency like ours can help elevate a construction business from an average blueprint to an industry-leading structure.

Laying Foundations – Branding, Logo, Slogans…

If you’re starting out as a construction business – whatever guise that may take – you want to leave a lasting impression. It’s thought that roughly a fifth of all businesses fail within their first year and a large part of this is due to not gaining enough traction with customers. Good branding will actively interest potential customers whilst, even more importantly, poor branding can turn customers away before they’ve even had a chance to ‘get to know’ your company. What, then, are the key elements to a company’s branding?

If you think of any of the truly global companies – either B2B or B2C – and the chances are you can also think of their logo, and that’s no coincidence. Would Nike have dominated the sportswear brand for so long had it not been for the ‘swoosh’? Quite possibly not. Would Apple have seen its meteoric rise were it not for its distinctive, simple logo? We’d argue not. 

A good logo says a lot, most of the time, without actually saying anything at all. How does the old saying go, after all? A picture paints a thousand words? It’s quite the skill to be able to tell a company’s story with only a few strokes of the brush (or software) – fortunately, our graphic designers at our marketing agency are a talented bunch!


There’s a fine line between clever and cheesy on one side, and clever and smarmy on the other, and fortunately for you, our construction marketing agency understands that! Good slogans are memorable above anything else; they’re concise, to the point and don’t outstay their welcome. Nobody wants to be reading several sentences when they could be taking in only a few words. Your slogan (or tagline – whichever you want to term it) has to reflect your construction company’s tone of voice, too.

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If you’re a more corporate, national concrete business, for instance, then you probably want to lay off the witty puns. However, if, on the other hand, you’re a man with a beaten-up van, then you can afford to add some more personality! If writing isn’t really your thing, though, then don’t worry! Our construction industry marketing agency has a whole team of content creators who love nothing more than to come up with a good tagline or two!

It’s Not What You Know…

Word of mouth has always been important in the construction industry. With the advent of the digital age, though, many people think that word of mouth marketing has died. In reality, however, it hasn’t died – it’s just shifted. Building more connected networks on LinkedIn is today’s version of your business being spread by word of mouth a half century ago.

Business outreach is a painstaking and oftentimes laborious process that could really do with being outsourced in some way. You want to build your network whilst maintaining personable and avoiding seeming like you’re connecting for the sake of connecting. Fortunately, that’s where a construction industry marketing agency come in. We can take the time to learn your business inside and out, and then curate a personalised script to send out to new connections on platforms like LinkedIn so that your growth improves, whilst maintaining that organic core.

“Who Are You Talking About?”

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As a construction marketing agency, we know that many consumers don’t tend to look beyond the first page of Google or other major search engines. In fact, the goal of these search engines is to remove the need for any scrolling, whatsoever. Their ultimate aim is that you could input your search term and have the perfect result come up for you. The point being, though, that in today’s online world, you need a solid online presence.

This means your website needs good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) value. The way Google determines which websites rank where – if at all – is by a process through crawling. So-called ‘crawlbots’ go through a website per a specific set of instructions (or ‘algorithms’) and the easier it is to ‘crawl’, the better your website’s SEO value.


There are a few things to think about when it comes to website SEO; those websites which have been established a while and have a bank of old content upon which its built are naturally going to perform better than a website that has only a few pages. So, you want to be putting out (good-quality) content – this can be in the form of pages, blogs, embedded videos and more.


There are also a few technical aspects to bear in mind such as making sure that all images on your website are compressed. In addition, always try to have a well-structured URL structure (imagine a pyramid with your homepage at the top and then everything else smoothly branches down from that).

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Construction businesses need to make sure they stand out from their competition, just in the way that any company does. The best way of doing this? Stand out with your marketing and catch the eyes of potential customers.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our work as a construction industry marketing agency, then get in touch! Contact us today on 01376 386 850 or by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can visit one of our social media platforms and send us a message on there! However you choose to get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.