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Construction Industry Social Media

Building a successful social media presence in the Construction Industry

Construction Industry Social Media

Building a successful online presence is a fantastic way to bringing awareness to your business. For many in the construction industry, social media marketing is low on their list of priorities. However, when used correctly social media platforms can be an extremely useful tool. They help in both generating new business and increasing your brands online presence. 

The audience for social media marketing 

Social media marketing is the use of a social media platform to promote your products and services to a target audience. It helps create brand awareness and generates potential leads. If used correctly; successful marketing can facilitate an engaged audience who in turn can become brand ambassadors. They use their own social media accounts or world of mouth to promote your business.

A social media campaign is a co-ordinated marketing strategy. It will assist with a business goal using one or more social media platforms. They are designed to optimise your use of organic traffic and differ from day to day use of a social media platform due to their increased focus, targeting of a specific audience and measurability. In addition to this; you can receive direct feedback from your audience, build your email marketing list and improve engagement with your brand. These all contribute to more exposure for your business. This in turn, when leveraged correctly, can lead to an increase in revenue for your company.

Successful social media campaigns can vastly expand your companies following. At the beginning of 2020 the number of active social media users in the UK totalled over 45 million. This means that 66% of the United Kingdoms population were regularly using at least one social media platform. Being able to directly market to an audience this large is not to be ignored. The potential benefits can be game changing for your business.

What content should I post?

Deciding on the content you should post is possibly the most important decision you can make when approaching social media marketing. If your content is not engaging enough then your target audience will simply ignore your content. It is also important to vary the content of your posts. It is important to feature self-promotional content, as promoting your business is the reason you are using the social media platform in the first place! However, it is key to include other industry related content as well. For example, relating recent new stories to your business, inspirational posts and even humour are great ways to engage your audience. 

A great idea for social media content in the construction industry is before and after photos. These allow you to showcase your skills and demonstrate the standard of service you deliver. You will however need to gain consent from the property owners before using these images. But on the other hand, you may be able to strike deals with the property owners to post the images themselves. Users in their social circles may not necessarily require a construction company immediately, but it is a great way for you to put your company’s name out there. 

Show what you do!

construction agency

Depending on the services your business delivers, you may be able to post ‘how-to’ videos. You may be thinking that this would be detrimental to your company. If your customers know how to do something themselves, then why would they need you? It turns out that most people do not have the time, energy or motivation to complete large DIY projects themselves. The benefits of promoting your business in this manner is two-fold. Firstly, potential customers can see exactly how you will be doing the job and therefore more likely to trust you to complete the job they entrust you with. The second benefit is name recognition. If the potential customer has viewed your video, chances are that they will remember your company for when they need work done on their property. 

Most importantly, your content must be authentic. Sharing real content is a much bigger draw than manufactured or staged posts. Your audience will be able to tell the difference. Sharing customer experiences and highlighting important people within your business are far better methods of connecting to your followers.

The benefits of using social media marketing

The benefits of social media marketing for those in the construction industry are vast. It can help you gain a better understanding of your audience, increase traffic on your website, save you money and help you with your SEO.

Understanding your audience is key when undertaking a marketing campaign. You must know how they will react to certain posts. This is extremely easy on social media gives you access to crucial information such as your audiences location, age, gender and areas of interest. Once you know your target audience, social media marketing allows you to target specific demographics. Providing you with the best bang for your buck. 

This leads us nicely onto how those in the construction industry can save money using social media marketing. Social media is free to use! It is a free resource that can be utilised at your convenience. It also provides you with a wealth of useful marketing information that can be used for your other marketing and PR activities. 

Being active on social media also increases your SEO, meaning that you will appear further up the SERPs. The more mentions that your company has online that link back to your website, the better you website will rank in the SERPs. This in turn increases the traffic on your website, and provides you with potentially more business leads.

How VerriBerri can work with you to improve your social media presence

VerriBerri is an award winning construction industry social media expert. Our Marketing department has extensive experience working with businesses in the construction industry. Some of our employees previously worked in the industry before joining us, meaning that we know the language and where we can help you the most.

If you have any questions about how to improve your social media presence or would like to enquire more about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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