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Construction Marketing Advisors

Three reasons why you might need a construction marketing advisor:

Some businesses need help with their marketing. This might be because you’re unable to find dedicated hours that allows you to dive into the social media world; or perhaps your current strategy simply isn’t working. This is where having a construction marketing advisor could help you. They know specifically how to improve your businesses online presence and help to reach your full potential. 

Here at VerriBerri, a specialised construction marketing advisor agency, we understand the reasons why your business might be struggling. The world of construction is a rewarding but challenging industry to grow your business in. That’s why we thought we’d outline some of the reasons why you might need an advisor; and how we can help you!

Current Marketing Strategy Failing

It happens to the best of us. Most companies, regardless of the industry that they work in, have experienced an unsuccessful marketing strategy. Therefore, we know how difficult it can be to find what’s right for our business. Perhaps you’re not generating enough leads every month or you’re struggling to close the leads that you do find. Or, you’re finding it difficult to engage with clients online or managing your social accounts. A construction marketing advisor can get to grips with what isn’t working and change it so that your business is both thriving and reaching the exposure that it needs. 

Often with construction, marketing campaigns are outdated. The industry is time consuming as it is; so it’s very easy to slip out of the habit of updating your social media accounts. An advisor can see whether your service is publicised properly and examine if it makes sense for the market that you’re advertising it to. For example, they can assess whether it’s best to campaign directly to offices in a big city that’s in need of some construction; or if something more small-scale is best for the size and experience of your business. Construction marketing advisors are there to be honest with you and tell you upfront; so ensure you trust them if you chose to hire one!

Outsider Perspective

Companies who are the most successful actively search for honest feedback and opinions to improve. No company is perfect, whether you like to believe it or not. It’s crucial that a business in construction understands where weaknesses lie before starting any sort of marketing campaign. An experienced construction marketing advisor can help to identify areas which need improvement the most. (For example, your customer service satisfaction rate) and tailor a new marketing campaign to specifically target that. A good advisor will be able to identify ineffective marketing campaigns and suggest fresh ideas which can engage with new audiences. 

It’s easy for advisors to draw a plan up once they know specifically what’s wrong in your business and create a bespoke plan from that point onwards. Think of it like this; you’ve identified a weakness that need’s improving, you’re now paying someone to internally tackle it and you’re shedding new light on your business. Most commonly in construction, the website is what holds them back. At VerriBerri, we’ve worked with a number of clients whose business was fantastic, but on paper and over the internet, was lacking. If this sounds a bit like your business, you might want to consider hiring a construction marketing advisor, as your website is an important tool in attracting new customers and engaging with more people! 

Can’t afford an AD agency

Ad agencies can be extremely costly. Not only are premiums extortionate, but they can also be risky. Hiring an advisor is far more effective due to a number of reasons. For example, they offer hourly rates so you can specifically calculate how much you’re spending and whether you can afford it. Ad agencies can sometimes have hidden costs whereas marketing consultants are clear from the start. 

Furthermore, they are project orientated! It’s their job to actively search for businesses in need and work with them. Their job description doesn’t come with other responsibilities, so knowing that you’re hiring an advisor means that they will be dedicated to your business. If an advisor is spending more time directly on your company, then that’s more time spent to your marketing! 

Many construction businesses looking to improve their marketing don’t have the budget to afford an ad agency, so turning to consultants who offer the same service but for a better price is definitely worthwhile. In the past we have worked with companies who were desperate for some branding and logo design, but on a limited budget. This is where a construction marketing advisor can be a bit a godsend. We tell you what it is exactly that you need for your business, create new ideas for a logo, and help to actually design one.

Hiring an experienced construction marketing advisor can make your marketing campaign skyrocket. It can be hard to decide which company is best for yours as you want to make sure that they can be trusted in delivering the service that you expect. Failing to find a business which promises results can be detrimental your business, so ensure you take time in finding who’s right for you. 

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