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Build Your Business With A Construction Marketing Agency

The world wouldn’t run without construction businesses. Whatever field of work you’re in as a contractor, the chances are there’ll always be fairly regular work of one form or another. But is regular good enough for you? Do you want your business to chunter along without ever really progressing? Or do you want to take your construction business to the next level?

Perhaps you’ve got sights set on more national work than regional, on a more corporate clientele than personal. If these are your sorts of aspirations, you need to meet certain marketing criteria to stand any chance of success. The team here at VerriBerri, a construction marketing agency based in Essex, wants to talk to you about why how you market yourself as a construction company is so important.

The Big Players Want Professionalism

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Rightly or wrongly, construction companies are often perceived as having an endearing ‘laddish’ quality to them; what most people would deem as a charm and personality that’s part of what makes the company what it is. There’s a fine line, however, between personality and professionalism.

As a construction company, you never want to lose that individuality or spirit; but you need to know how to distil that into a package more marketable to corporate customers. A construction marketing agency’s job is to find that balance and execute that tone for you. Whether that be the content put out on social media, or the design you incorporate within your website; marrying the sleek with the approachable is what our job’s all about.

Approach Your Marketing As You Would A New Build – Lay Foundations

You wouldn’t build a house without following some blueprints, and the same applies to marketing. Marketing isn’t just, as many people seem to think it is, a case of throwing money at advertising and coming up with some zany, creative slogans. It’s much more than that.

construction marketing agency’s job is to tailor a marketing strategy that’s entirely bespoke to your business, to maximise both customer traffic and business recognition. We take it as read that the construction service you provide is exemplary. We simply layer our fine-tuned marketing techniques on top of that. Designing such a strategy is a collaborative process. It requires your business to sit down with the agency, so that one can get to know the other. Once the agency has truly digested all the information it can, that’s when the building and subsequent implementation of strategy can begin.

Apply Consistency To All That You Do

We know this can be hard for construction companies to adjust to, you’ve got so many busy jobs going on, and every one requires your undivided attentions. Unfortunately, however, one of the keys to successful marketing in today’s day and age is consistency. That means consistency across the board – social media posting, following up PR leads, continually churning out content for SEO purposes (blogs).

The positive of all this, is that this kind of work is a construction marketing agency’s bread and butter – or should that be, bricks and mortar? An agency’s in-house social media managers, PR executives and content creators will work on your business’ marketing daily. This ensures that your construction company isn’t just left with a quick spike in traffic and customer enquiries, and that you see long-term sustainable business growth.

Use Testimonials

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More than most, construction companies are judged on the physical results they provide their customers. Bearing that in mind, the words of your customers hold even more significant value than they might in any other industry. As a company, you should be using this to your advantage. If they were delighted with your project, then let other people know that. In a lot of ways, marketing is just an extension of word-of-mouth and the construction sector has always been one dominated by word-of-mouth.

Customer testimonials are great for showing your quality of service, reputation and reliability, and your attention to detail and customer care. A construction marketing agency can then take these reviews and place them onto your website or into content destined for social media.

Know The Trends

Now, obviously you’ll already know the trends within the industry you serve, but from a marketing point of view it’s important to consider global trends as well. Take the environment, for example. Construction has traditionally been a heavy-polluting industry. If you can adopt more sustainable practices, therefore, within your construction company’s day-to-day runnings, then this makes for great brand optics and will help set you apart from your rivals.

This is a trend that’s only going to become increasingly important as time goes on. As a result, it’s better to get on top of it now and go green where you can; rather than play catch up down the line. A construction marketing agency will be able to celebrate your use of greener methods in the content it puts out on your behalf. This also ties into our previous point about accessing a higher echelon of customer. Bigger, more corporate companies will always look to use greener companies where possible, as it reflects better on them.


You could choose to go at your marketing hammer and tong all by yourself. It’s certainly one way of doing it, but it’s also an inefficient and foolish way of doing it. Experts are experts for a reason; our marketing agency wouldn’t attempt to build a house in the same way that you shouldn’t waste your energy on marketing. Getting ahead in what is already a fiercely competitive industry is vital. The best way that you can give yourself that edge as a construction company, is through superior marketing.

So, if you’d like to find out more about our construction marketing agency, then get in touch! Call VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to sit down and have a chat about how we can nail down the future of your company success.