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How An Essex Content Marketing Agency Can Do Wonders For Your Home Interiors Brand

As a home interiors brand, producing aesthetically pleasing products is your bread and butter. A successful home interiors brand is synonymous with premium quality, elegant design and a high level of customer service. There are several key areas that a home interiors brand should be looking to delve into in 2020, and a content marketing agency can help with all of them. Asides from the obvious drive for more sustainable manufacturing processes; there are key trends and areas you can look to explore as a home interiors brand; this is something made much easier with the help of our Essex content marketing agency.

Home Interior Trends Of 2020

There are some innovative and bold trends to look out for coming into the new decade. First and foremost is the drive for more renewable processes as a business. In an increasingly climate conscious era, the drive for sustainability within the home interiors industry has never been so strong. A key example of this is the use of sustainable materials wherever possible. Another major trend is the idea of natural luxury. The pairing of bamboo furniture with traditional materials like lime wash is a fine example, softened by the pastel and cream linens. In terms of objects themselves, statement or unique rugs will be seeing a big surge in popularity. As a content marketing agency, part of our job is to stay on top of these trends and extrapolate which trends have legs, so to speak.

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Whilst trends may come and go (that is, after all, the very nature of a trend), one thing is for certain; A content marketing agency will be able to pick out the trends to look out for before your competitors do. In an industry that’s as competitive as home interiors, the ability to stay ahead of the curve is paramount. Due to the collaborative nature of working with an agency; this progressive thinking transfers into everything your brand does, and you’ll find that you’ll be working with a kind of vigour and zeal that you’ve not seen before. There are few things as infectious in life as enthusiasm. One of the many things that the creative minds of an agency possess, is enthusiasm.

Creating Bespoke, Curated Content

The type of industry that home interiors in dictates the level of aestheticism required to succeed. By that we mean that it isn’t enough to simply manufacture a nice throw or two. The eye for effortless style must pervade into everything you do, whether that be your brochures or your social media presence. It is imperative, therefore, that you utilise graphic design for your brand – especially for social media content. A content marketing agency has in-house graphic design specialists (experienced in Adobe Creative Cloud) that can come up with the standard of content that your brand requires.

The other thing that a content marketing agency offers is consistency. Scheduling social media content, is a tedious, laborious task that can take up a lot of your company time. By outsourcing this to the social media team of an agency such as VerriBerri, you are guaranteed the requisite consistency of posting to continually grow on social media platforms, whilst simultaneously freeing up your employees to work on more pressing issues.

Accessing Magazines

The world of interiors is one of the best represented amongst the magazine publication industry. There are countless luxury titles released on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. With much of the world going digital, securing coverage in one of these prestigious publications still holds a huge amount of pulling power, reputation-wise. A content marketing agency also features an in-house PR team on its roster. A PR team’s remit is to secure exposure and to guarantee your brand press coverage.

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As a brand, you can try and contact magazines yourself, however this is difficult to do without the access to contacts that a PR team readily has at its disposal. A PR team is also expert at crafting press releases with substance; statements that are eye-catching without being sensationalist, factual without being boring. Industry expertise is an integral part of any PR team; they don’t just know when to communicate, but with whom.

Should your home interiors brand experience any issues, whether they be big or small, that could potentially damage your business, a PR team can help to douse these fires. Crisis management is another key weapon in an agency’s wheelhouse. As you can see, a marketing and PR agency offers a comprehensive service. We can cover all your brand’s PR angles, both positive and negative.

Drawing The Right Kind Of Inspiration

Nothing is truly original, or so they say. Whilst we’re not so cynical as to think that this is the truth, but that doesn’t mean you can’t conjure up ideas with the resources at your brand’s fingertips. Social media platforms such as Instagram offer a veritable glut of inspiration to draw upon for your home interiors brand. From the latest trends, to mood boards and popular hashtags, social media should be used as a valuable asset for your home interiors brand.

Not only that, but social media is now home to countless influencers. Collaboration with influencers is a great way of launching new products or campaigns; it also offers a brilliant opportunity to market your brand to new audiences, not previously accessed. A content marketing agency’s list of contacts isn’t limited to the PR aspect of things. They’ll be able to put you in touch with the relevant industry influencers to see what kind of project can be done. 

A person’s home is their castle and it should be decorated accordingly with only the best home interiors. Your brand has the product and we, as an agency, have the knowhow on how to market it. So, if you or your brand want to find out more about our Essex content marketing agency, then get in touch today! Get in touch on the button today.