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There are substantial benefits to be found in hiring a content marketing agency. But before jumping into any decisions, it’s worth understanding the sheer scope of what the term ‘content’ encompasses. Not to mention the role it plays in the world of online marketing. 

From the humble meme to the ever-growing popularity of podcasts. From an insightful blog to it’s video counterpart – the vlog. Online content comes in many different forms. Virtually all of which can be utilized in your marketing efforts. In fact, one of the most secure ways to grow your brand is by leveraging content to your brand’s advantage. The team at our content marketing agency, VerriBerri, has put together this blog to highlight how you can make the most out of some of the most popular forms of content.


Blogs function as more than just an excellent chance to display your brand’s expertise. They’re also fantastic when seeking to organically increase your SEO value. This results in blogs being a near-essential form of content marketing. Many still consider blogs to be a simple creative outlet to all those online who wish to share their thoughts and observations. Whilst this was once fairly true, now blogs will cover near-enough any topic. Much of this is due to them being so important to a website’s SEO value.

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It’s nonsensical to ignore this opportunity to share your expertise and help your website rank higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). With a blog, you can provide potential customers with insights from the sector’s ‘behind the scenes’. The kind of thing they wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to hear about. These kinds of insights not only demonstrate your expertise, but will also help to build up a potential or existing customers’ trust in your brand.

When writing blogs for your website, you should always consider the keywords you would like to rank for. You can quite easily identify these by considering what you would search for if trying to find a business or brand just like yours. Once identified, you should aim to tactfully place them within your blogs. It’s important not to just throw them in willy-nilly, however. This will, in fact, be harmful to your copy’s SEO value. 

When writing your blogs, remember the EAT criteria: Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. Google looks for these three things when determining what online content is valuable. So, ensure the content any blog you post offers all of the above. A content marketing agency, like VerriBerri, will understand exactly how to implement this essential criteria into a successful blog post. They can ensure that nothing you publish will backfire from an SEO perspective. Not to mention guarantee a rise in your SEO value through effective keyword placement alone. Consistently writing blogs that are favoured by Google’s algorithm is an arduous process, but a content marketing agency would be happy to pick up the slack.


Almost any successful brand within any industry are definitely going to have a myriad of written content on their website. Industry-leading brands, however, are likely to have a great deal of video content too. Many believe that you need a lot of expensive equipment in order to create worthwhile video content. This is not the case. You can create a vlog that conveys your brand’s expertise and captivating personality without needing to splash the big bucks. In fact, in many cases, a couple of sentences spoken genuinely in front of a camera can do much more than graphic design and blogs combined. 

Creative language can be much easier to utilize in video format. Especially as there are far less restrictions in such things as wording and sentence length, as you will find in a blog. (Ironically, I think that last sentence is a little too long). On the topic of getting the best results for your SEO value, it is here that video content reigns supreme. Video content is so much easier for the general public to consume than a big wall of text. This is why most queries searched on Google will result in a YouTube link or three before anything else. If you would like help in producing the best video content, don’t hesitate to contact a content marketing agency. 


Podcasts have existed for quite a while, but it’s only recently that their popularity has shot up into the stratosphere. You can’t surf the web without finding a joke (or meme) calling out the amount of people that start podcasting. Despite this, they’re still a prime way to showcase your expertise and authority on a subject. On top of this, like video content, they’re also incredibly accessible to those who aren’t interested in reading a 1,000 word blog. This is largely because you don’t need to use your eyes to enjoy a podcast. Whether you’re commuting to work, exercising, walking the dog, cooking dinner, or even just lying in bed, you’re in the perfect position to simply listen. This notable accessibility is what has turned podcasting into the trend it has become. And is also why it makes so much sense for your brand to jump on board!

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But wait! Take that recommendation with a grain of salt. First consider whether you have something that’s worth discussing on a podcast in detail. If you do, and you can provide worthwhile insight, then great, go ahead! If you don’t, then steer away from podcasting. There are no benefits to be found in creating a podcast just for the sake of it. If someone indulges in your brand’s podcast, hoping to be educated, entertained and informed, and find that you’re unable to provide this, they certainly won’t be impressed.

It’s essential that you’re able to provide something of value to the listener. If you can’t, a potential customer will assume that there isn’t much value to be found in your brand overall. If you take anything away from this blog, make sure it’s these words of podcasty wisdom. 

There is only one reason why you wouldn’t take advantage of at least one of the many forms of content available to you. Only one that we can see, at least: the simple fact that you might not have the time. This is a completely fair reason too, but it doesn’t mean you should write off the production of useful content entirely. If you don’t have the time to create it yourself, or would just like an expert’s touch, then click here to get in contact with our Essex content marketing agency. Naturally, we recommend VerriBerri! Call us today on 01376 386 850.