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Content Marketing For Construction

Content Marketing For Construction – Construction is a highly competitive industry. In order to stand out from the crowd, you must appropriately market yourself. But where to start? Here at VerriBerri, we specialise in content marketing for construction. With nearly twelve years of experience in our field, we can help you create fresh and innovative content that will resonate with not only your target audience; but a wider demographic to gain your business optimum brand awareness.

What is Content Marketing?

Essentially, content marketing is educating your prospects and not directly selling. You want to be the go-to resource; the experts in your field as such. Consequently, this will build awareness for your firm. If you are seen as an elite specialist in your industry; clients will seek you out and pay more for the services of a reputable brand. Being the leader of the pack gives you a big advantage because you’re not competing with anyone else, you’re trusted and clients are coming to you because they want your quality expertise. 

Knowledge is power and having the reputation of a company who is the best at what they do is invaluable. The more knowledge you instill in a potential client, without being pushy, the more likely it is that they will use your services further down the line, because they are informed and feel confident about the services you can provide. 

The Importance Of Blogging

It’s important to mention that any form of content must be easily digested and you must be considerate of who you’re trying to reach. Content marketing in the form of blogging is extremely effective, it not only gives customers knowledgeable service overviews but, consistent content like this will help you rank when it comes to SEO – more on that later!

Companies who blog generate 67% more business leads than non-blogging firms. So long as the pieces are consistent and the keywords are relevant, written content can attract visitors to your website for years to come. 

Content marketing for construction does take time, but slowly, brand awareness will build up. In the construction industry, a lot of business is accumulated through word of mouth. If someone trusts your brand, the likelihood of them recommending you is higher and allows you to build a loyal and trustworthy customer network.

Social Media Savvy 

In such a digitally driven world, there is no denying that having social media can impact your construction business in a monumental way. Sometimes there is the view that more traditional trades do not need it; but the truth is, every business can benefit from social media. Being in a niche industry can play to your advantages because content marketing for construction has a specific focus, making it more effective. Social media allows you to appeal to not only your target audience, but also reach out to a wider demographic, gaining more recognition for your company.

It’s important that as well as creative and fresh content, you are engaging with your audience. Building a rapport with clientele will again place you front of mind, should they need your services in the future. If you want to generate more leads that close at a higher rate, you should be regularly publishing content that your audience will love. 

At VerriBerri, we can manage all social media channels for you and with your input, increase your exposure through eye catching and informative content. Depending on the channels you’re using, we can develop authentic and relevant content across all platforms to maximise your reach and set you apart from the competition. Additionally, buyers are more likely to buy from organic content marketing than an advert because they trust you when you educate them, because they see you as an expert.

Experts In Your Field

As we’ve touched on, being seen as a construction expert speaks for itself. The right content marketing can enable you to establish yourself in a highly competitive industry. Whether it’s a blog or an article, thought leadership pieces can solidify and highlight these positive views on your company. 

For instance, copy starting with ‘10 tips to…’ gives a specific example of what your company can do or solve for potential customers. Writing like this accurately describes the value of the content offered to customers. If the information you’re putting online is helpful and informative, customers are more inclined to click on a business link and fill out an enquiry form on the landing page because of what they already know. 

Recent statistics have shown that 25% of people that download content will never engage with the brand again, if the content wasn’t helpful. Showcasing yourself as a reputable specialist will ensure that they will come back, should they need your service.

How We Can Help Your Content Marketing For Construction 

Our highly skilled, in house team are experts in the industrial field. We understand the construction industry and the specific, tried and tested strategies to implement to gain you brand recognition. 

Content Marketing is a lot more than just blogging and putting bits and bobs online. Your website should be the hub of your communications, and this applies even more for successful content marketing. Why? Because your blog and news feed will be the centre of your plan. 

A lot of people set up a website and believe that the hard work is done. In fact, far from it. The key here is actually the upkeep of the website. You must nurture it to make sure that the content is relevant, fresh and gets you ranking for SEO purposes. It’s an ongoing process and as the owner of a construction site, something you may not always have time for.

As SEO specialists; we can tell you that the importance of ranking in the top searches on Google will be invaluable to your company. The higher you rank, the more trustworthy your business and through organic search engine optimisation, you can maintain a top page status. 

The Marketing Mindset 

Keep in mind that to achieve effective content marketing in construction, you must commit to a long term plan. Content marketing is an investment to any business and really, you must commit to the philosophy and adapt your mindset. It’s not a short-term, quick fix. By implementing the strategies that we have tried and tested; we can assure you that clients will be able to pay you more for what you do because of your established and well renowned expertise. It’s one big puzzle and all the pieces need to come together to create the bigger picture to achieve the cumulative end goal.

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