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Content Marketing In Essex

Top Tips On Content Marketing In Essex From Our Agency

Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways in which you can market your brand in today’s world. It takes many different forms and can be utilised in various ways. There’s a staggering quantity of content available online, and an even greater range in quality.

That’s what people often forget when they engage in content marketing. Many people assume it’s simply enough to be putting out content, regardless of the quality. However, to effectively do its job it still needs to be of a good standard. The team here at VerriBerri, an agency specialising in content marketing in Essex; wanted to examine some of the different forms of content marketing and how to get the most out of each of them.


The art form of blog-writing can now be considered one of the old guard when it comes to content marketing. It’s one of the most tried and trusted means of online marketing out there. The benefits of consistent blog posting present themselves in two primary ways.

Content marketing strategies for first page of Google

The first is fairly self-explanatory; blog posts enable you to show off expertise and authority in the industry/area in which your brand operates. If people are looking for a service and they see that you know what you’re talking about in your blogs; then they’re instantly more likely to utilise your brand than they would be, otherwise.

The second reason is less obvious but arguably more important. Blogs are helpful from an SEO perspective. What’s SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It’s one of the best things you can do to bump your website up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Blogs allow you to artfully place the keywords, for which you want to rank, into your copy. It’s more complex than this, of course, and you can easily go too far the other way and end up over-optimising blog posts. This ends up having a detrimental impact and your ranking may end up suffering. But with a consistent, concerted approach, blog writing can form the key of any SEO strategy. Your brand and business counts for very little without an online presence; so ensuring that you get seen is absolutely imperative. When we offer content marketing in Essex, blog writing is always one of the flagstones of our strategy.

Graphic Design & Visual Content

There are few things that scream quality like well put-together graphic design. Anybody can go online and pick out a stock image for their Instagram profile, but having a curated feed featuring custom-made graphics? That’s when people will really start to sit up and take notice of what you’re doing. Graphic design work is also beneficial in the fact that it bolsters brand awareness and brand recognition.


It does this in the following way: graphics will be made using your brand’s colours, fonts, logo and style. Subsequently, the more people see these colours and styles, the more they’ll begin to associate them with your brand. People will begin to think ‘Oh, that’s like the such and such colours!’. In short, it builds a brand. It goes towards creating a name known extraneously to the industry itself in the way that McDonald’s or Nike have.

Graphic design also helps a brand move away from the confines that traditional forms of visual marketing often have. If you want to take photographic content, for example, you’re limited to what’s around you, weather conditions, location restraints, budget for props, etc. Whereas, clichéd though it may sound, the only thing curbing or limiting the ability of graphic design work is the imagination! As part of our service offering content marketing in Essex, our firm features in-house graphic designers ready to get brand-building.


Graphic for social media

If you take blogging and graphic design and leave them in a room together for half an hour or so, what do you get? No, the answer is not nine months of stress, turmoil and weird cravings, the answer is infographics.

Presenting your factual, authority-building information in a way that’s engaging and aesthetically pleasing is a sure-fire way to build up your brand’s image. Like how we mentioned above, each infographic can be designed using your brand’s palette, so that that cumulative effect we’ve talked about – rolling that brand snowball so that it becomes increasingly large – is continually added to.

One of the missteps of many marketing strategies is that their separate threads don’t ever quite come together. Whilst they may run parallel, touching on the same ideas and topics, there’s often no binding glue. Infographics can help provide that linking factor.

Infographics have the added bonus of being tailor-made for social media platforms. A graphic designer can easily edit the final image into several variations, each for a different platform (according to size and ratio specifications). Also, most people (if you’re like me, at any rate) can’t help themselves but stop at any infographic they come across whilst trawling through social media.

Humans are inherently quizzical, curious creatures and we love a fact or two! In other words, infographics make people stop and take notice in a way that few other forms of content do.

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This is by no means an exhaustive list, and the truth is, that anything can be consumed can be classed as content. So, have a play around yourself and see what you like the feel of!

Content marketing is one of the most authentic and least intrusive forms of marketing available to a brand. Whereas paid marketing options such as PPC often feel rammed down your throat, putting out content seems more organic and genuine. It helps solidify your brand’s authority and credibility, and does so in a way that benefits your brand’s SEO value, as well.

So, if you’d like to find more about our content marketing in Essex, then get in touch! Contact VerriBerri today on 01376 386 850. We’d love to set up a meeting, get to know you and find out what your brand has to offer!