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Content Marketing Specialists

The hunt for elite content marketing specialists is never easy. It’s only natural that you want to find an agency who mean what they say, and with so much variety, it can be difficult to know who your best option is. Once you find the right fit for your brand, however, you’re in for a hefty ROI. 

At VerriBerri, content marketing is what we do best. Our team have worked on hundreds of different projects, crossing paths with brands in every sector. What’s more, as a company that operates globally, we have an invaluable insight into different consumer groups, from all over the world. Looking for a team who stick to their promises? We’ve got your back!

Why Is Content Marketing Important?

On average, 84% of businesses were using content marketing in one form or another during 2020 – some without even knowing it! This statistic alone shows just how vital this area of marketing is to include in your strategy. 

Content marketing has a plethora of benefits. These include:

Creating Blogs and Landing Pages

As any content marketing specialists will tell you, blogs and landing pages are a vital part of marketing. These can be a great way to improve your SEO value, providing your materials are fully optimised. If search engine marketing isn’t something you’re familiar with, you can read more about this here.

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In order to improve your discoverability on the search engine results page (SERP), there are lots of requirements that need to be met. Firstly, the word count of your blogs and landing pages need to meet Googles preferred length. In addition, you also need to be careful of your sentence length and make sure you’re utilising formatting techniques such as headings and bullet points. Quite possibly one of the most important things to remember, however, is the use of keywords. This is how you improve the reach of your brand, and more importantly, how you generate more traffic to your site. As SEO experts, we can make sure you’re getting the most out of your content. 

Getting Your Website Copy Up to Scratch

For those of you who don’t know, website copy is the text you have featured throughout your site. For example, on your home page. This is important because it tells prospective customers more about your business such as what you offer and who you are. Not only does this help searchers to navigate your site, but it also plays a part in determining whether or not they make a purchase. It’s crucial you’re saying the right things.

At VerriBerri, we can help you create website copy that hits the spot first time. Our team is filled to the brim with excellent writers, ready to take on any task thrown their way. What’s more, should you wish to upgrade the layout of your website, we can help with this too!

Building A Lucrative Social Media Presence

As content marketing specialists, we see the real value in social media marketing that businesses often don’t. With over half (55%) of the world’s entire population making use of these platforms, this exposure isn’t something you’re going to want to miss out on. Trust us.

Contrary to popular belief, running your own social media profiles is no easy feat. Coming up with fresh ideas and shooting content takes time, skill, and real dedication. When you work with VerriBerri, however, we can help you keep your feed authentic by creating branded graphics and brainstorming with the team. What’s more, we’ll also bring our knowledge of algorithms and optimisation to the table too!

What Else Can We Help With?

When it comes to marketing, our knowledge doesn’t just stop at content creation. Additionally, we have expert departments covering the entire landscape. We offer a fully integrated service, giving our clients full flexibility to build a strategy that meets their budget and is effective for them. Should you need us too, we can even offer a complete turn-key solution to your marketing.

Particular areas we specialise in include:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC)
  • Event Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Public Relations (PR)
  • Graphic Design & Web Development 

What Makes Us Unique?

At VerriBerri, we like to think there are lots of different things that make us unique. First and foremost, our multi-award-winning status. During our 12 years, we have received multiple accolades for the work we do. To name a few, these titles include ‘Most Influential Marketing Director’ and ‘Best PR and Marketing Agency’ for two years running. 

Public Relations

In addition, unlike most other marketing agencies, we keep our entire team all under one roof. By avoiding outsourcing areas of our workload to freelancers, we are able to streamline communication for our clients. What’s more, we produce reports for the brands we work with on a monthly basis. These provide a snapshot of our results and our plans going forward. Our team are strong conversationalists, so communication is never in short supply.

We won’t lie to you, content marketing specialists can be expensive, especially if you’re looking in all the wrong places. It is for this reason exactly that we chose to make our services accessible for businesses in every stage of their lifecycle. As a firm based outside of London, we are able to offer competitive, fair pricing. What’s more, with the pandemic affecting so many organisations globally, we’re passionate about helping companies get back on their feet. We serve a range of clients, from small businesses and one-man bands, right the way through to multinational conglomerates. 

Contact Our Content Marketing Specialists

Let’s not beat around the bush, content marketing may be an investment, but it’s certainly one that you need to make. When executed correctly, this can really help improve the overall longevity of your business.

Want to speak to us directly about the work we do? Our experts are always happy to help! For more information or to get your free proposal, contact us today by clicking here!